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Prison Guard, Part 01

Prison Guard

 If you are offended by man-to-man sexual contact or you are under legal age in your country or state, then read no further, and if you are looking for role models or standards of acceptable of safe behaviour, you shouldn’t be reading Erotic stories.
Story by Dick Clinton

Learning the Rules, Part 01

Without putting a whole lot of thought into it, I decided to go to police academy right out of college. I was a young adventurous man and thought I could always change my profession later if it didn’t work out. I was single and had no thoughts about getting married. After the academy, I had an opportunity to take a job at the local state prison and I jumped at the chance. The hours weren’t too good, but the fringe benefits and pay weren’t bad for a beginning job.
I trained with an older, more experienced cop who showed me the ropes, and taught me how to keep out of trouble. His name was Maxwell Barr, a handsome man about 40. He was built like a rock, and was constantly working out to keep in shape. He had served in the Marine Corps for 8 years. Max wore a wedding band, but he never talked much about his personal life and I never asked.
My first few weeks were mostly spent learning all the rules and regulations of prison life. After our 8 to 10 hour shift we would go to the gym to work out, or to the firing range to practice my marksmanship or go sit in the TV lounge to watch a ball game or movie. The prison had become like a home for many of the guards. They found it easier to stick around for the next shift than to go home between shifts.
I was friendly and had become accepted by the men. I had always been sexually attracted to masculine men and found several of these men to be very desirable. It wasn’t that I flaunted my sexuality, but I sensed magnetism between several of the men and myself. I was about to discover a surprising degree of sensitivity and understanding in the midst of all these macho surroundings.
I had been on a late shift and had just completed a good work out in the gym. As I headed for the showers to clean up and relax before taking a quick nap while it was still quiet. Most of the men were either on duty or resting. I had seen my partner, Max, around earlier but lost track of him while I was in the gym. I like the showers because they are large enough for several men to shower at the same time. This usually gave me an opportunity to check out the other men when we showered together, but this particular time I had the showers all to myself.
I finished showering when I heard a strange sound in the gym storage room. I thought I would check it out, so I looked through the small window in one of the doors. I could barely make out some figures in the dimly lit room. I was still naked, but cautiously went inside, thinking it might be some escaped prisoner. Instead I saw Max getting his cock sucked by a young prisoner. I was surprised at first but, felt a sexual urge and crept closer to the action. Max saw me as I came through the door, but kept mouth fucking the young man. He nodded and motioned for me to come over.
I was still separated from the men by a chain link fence. I started jacking my cock as I watched the action. Max had a rather large fat cock surrounded by mass of dark hair. His well-developed chest and legs were covered with hair. He was a sexy-looking man who seemed to have no qualms about me seeing him with his big cock down the throat of this young man. I really wanted to get to the other side of the fence but the door to the cage was outside and down the hall. I would have to enjoy the show from here.
Yeah, cocksucker. Keep sucking on my salami. Good boy. Yeah, that’s good.” Max was saying.
Max was obviously enjoying getting sucked. I think he enjoyed it even more now that I was watching. Max motioned his head for me to come closer.
Brian, come over closer. I want to watch you jack off while this hot little dude here sucks me. Stand up punk. I want to ram my cock up your boy pussy. Turn that ass around! Let me get a good taste of your sweet pussy before I fuck you. Get your hands on that bench and bend over. Yeah that’s it baby. Oh yes. Pretty little ass there, punk.” Max said as he fondled the boy’s ass.
Max placed his hands on the boy’s firm buttocks and spread his cheeks. The young man looked up at me for the first time, and then shyly lowered his eyes. He grabbed his hard cock and started to jack himself off as Max was fingering his ass. Max dropped to his knees, and spreading the young man’s buttocks licked his butt crack. He leaned back and gazed lustfully at his boy toy’s butt, then he buried his face directly into the ass. The young man sighed with pleasure as Max tongue fucked his hole.
I was getting very excited watching Max. I had seen this young man in one of the offices as a trustee. I thought at the time how young he looked and how he probably needed protection from some of his fellow prisoners. Now perhaps he needed protected from us guards as well, I thought to myself.
He had to be over 18 to be in this state prison, but I doubt if he was much older than that. I particular noticed his curly blond hair and sparkling blue eyes when I first saw him. He had a well-developed body and was surprisingly well hung. I envied Max at this moment, but perhaps I would have the opportunity to plant my cock up his ass at another time. What a hot little number.
Max continued eating the boy’s ass for a few minutes then stood behind him. He spit on his hand and lubricated his cock. He guided his cock to the ass hole and pulled the firm buttocks toward his cock. Max made his entry as the boy started to moan out. Max quickly placed his hand over the boy’s mouth to muffle the sound. I watched the boy’s face as the pain gradually subsided. His eyes were tearing but he backed into Max as he buried the thick cock into his ass. I was getting so hot watching, but didn’t want to cum until Max was ready to shoot his load into the boy. I got as close to the fence as I could. The boy reached through the open fence to touch my cock. I managed to squeeze my hard cock though the fence opening. Max saw what was going on and moved the boy closer to the fence so he could suck on my cock. I got my dick into the opening but my balls remained on my side of the fence.
Max started fucking in and out of the boy’s ass as the boy placed his lips to my cock head. The boy was doing a good job considering the position he was in. I was so hot that I knew he would not have to work very hard at getting me off. Max continued to fuck him as I was getting sucked. Max seemed to enjoy watching my cock move in and out of the boy’s mouth as he began talking to him.
Hey baby! You have such a tight ass. I sure like to plough your punk ass. Oh Yeah. This is good stuff. I could use this everyday. Oh yes. What a nice fuck. I’m going to give you a good fucking tonight. I’m gonna to share you with my partner some other time. You like sucking that cock, don’t you, Mike. You like Brian’s big cock? He’s gonna fuck the hell out of you tomorrow. Oh, yeah. Baby. Oh, yeah. I’m gonna cum. Oh yeah.”
I could feel the cum building in my balls. I could not hold out much longer. I wished I could shove his head down on it but the fence kept us separated. I clinched and held tightly on the fence as he serviced me. He would lick around my cock head then pull my foreskin up and down and twirl his tongue around the head again. I was going to cum.
Oh, Oh.Oh. I’m going to cum. Ooooooohhhhhh fuck, fuck. Drink my cum, drink it. Oh shit. Ooooohhh yeah.” I said as the whole fence shook.
He slurped away at my juices letting most of it hit his face and run down his chin. He licked every drop he could get from my dick and his hand. He seem to be turned on by my eating my cum.
Meanwhile Max was frantically fucking the boy’s ass and pumping his cum into the tight hole of his young blond boy. He let out a moan, shook and pumped his cock in and out a few more times. Sweat dripped down his face and onto the boy’s back. Max reached to the boy’s face and rubbed my cum all over his face, then placed his hand up to his own lips to taste my cum.
My cock was still throbbing as Max emptied his sperm in the boy’s ass, and the boy shot his load all over the bench in front of him. Max leaned over the boy while his cock was still in his ass and took hold of my throbbing cock. Then Max looked up at me still hanging onto the fence and gave my cock a squeeze.
Brian. I knew you had a big cock but never saw it hard. Shit. Mike is sure going to get a treat with both of us fucking him each night, assuming you want to share him. Mike is a trustee in our quarters. He’ll be under our care and protection. He’s too damn cute to let him mingle with the other prisoners so he will be staying in that spare cell in the back by us. I wanted to sample him tonight before he got stretched out of shape, but I can see after he takes those 9 inches of your cock, he might get use to it. What do you say Brian?” Then Max laughed as he pulled his semi-hard cock out of Mike’s ass.
I was intrigued by the idea of having our own private punk to use as we wished. I heard that some of the other bulls had their own boys, but never dreamed this was now happening to me. I liked the idea and was anxious to throw a hot fuck to our new toy. Mike was a hot little number. I was contented with this deal.
Sure, Max. I’ll be happy to help you keep him safe. I’m a horny fucker. I love sex, and this is sure better than beating my meat every day. Fuck yeah. I’m in! When does our puppy move in?” I said as I slowly pulled my cock out of the fence.

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