Suck a Policeman and more.

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 Suck a policeman. 

Take my load, cock sucker.  You are damn good at this. I'll need this every morning before I go to work at the firehouse.  
How did you know I needed a blow job today?  Did you know I am a cop, but I love the way you suck.  Better than any of my girlfriends. Mummm Yeah. 

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See if the fag will suck the nightstick after it’s been up his fanny…

At the cops gym.  I usually suck off 6 to 10 guys during my weekly visit. This is one of my favorite cops. 

Firehouse gym.

At the Gym restroom Glory Hole. I sucked off 10 guys today.

Me getting fucked by a stranger cop or trucker. I love to be used by these hot police men.
GH sucking a big college dick


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