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View from the Balcony

Story by Dick Clinton

One year when I was living in California, a friend of mine asked me if I would do some minor repairs on a home he and his family had purchased in the Hollywood Hills. I was working for a Contractor doing odd jobs during my college days, but at this time it was slow so I had some extra time.

My friend, Harry was on a business trip and would be gone for seven or more days. His wife, Sherry, was visiting her mother in Washington State and his athletic and handsome twenty one year old college son, Jason, would be staying at the house with me during a Spring Brake. We were close companions when he was younger and we would go biking together. He started calling me Uncle Rich and it has stuck to this day.

I was glad to take a few days off from the construction job because it had been hectic this past year after fire had devastated sections of homes along the Pacific coast. We had been busy seven days a week and ten to twelve hours a day. Even though I made a good salary working I was ready to just kick back and enjoy the California sun from the deck of my friends home.

I notice a couple of shingles that had come loose during a storm last month. I got a small ladder from the garage and my tools and proceeded to the roof top. It was a minor fix but could have caused rain leakage later. I thought while I was up here I would check out the bricks on the fireplace. Everything seemed to be in order so I set on the roof enjoying the view of the homes near by. Most were surrounded by trees and shrubbery but I could look down the hill from up here and see the swimming pool and back yard and patio of the nearby home.

I could see a Landscaping truck parked in the driveway, and a young man was trimming some bushes near the house. A Pool Cleaning Truck had just pulled up, and the man was heading for the pool where a naked man rested on a pool chair. I decided to get down from the roof and enjoy the view from the balcony. I would put away the ladder and tools later, but for now I would enjoy my cool drink and check out the man below. I picked up a pair of Harry's high powered binoculars residing on the patio table. Evidently Harry found the view interesting as well.

As I looked through the binoculars I watched the cute pool boy walk up to the naked man and started talking. The naked man on the chair set up and reached for the pool boys crotch. I was rather surprised but got interested in what was going on. The pool boy didn't flinch, but took off his shirt and pants and pulled down his bathing suite offering his cock to the naked man. I had a pretty good view of everything going on and it must have been an expected thing to happen. The naked man was blowing his young hot pool boy right there by the pool. After a few minutes of cock sucking the young man threw his head back and gave the naked man his load. I continued to watch as the boy slowly picked up his tools and went about his work cleaning the pool.

The naked man was in his thirties, had a great tanned and muscular body and moved like a swimmer. No doubt he was gay or bisexual and wasn't shy about having sex right out in the open. I though I might have the only view to his pool from my balcony. I had forgotten about the gardener, but I soon saw him heading to the pool area. Perhaps he had seen the action and wanted a blow job as well.

When the gardener approached the naked man at the pool, he took off his work-shirt and through it over his shoulder. He looked like he was a well developed Latino young man about twenty five with black hair and a firm body. He proudly strutted up to the naked man and started talking to him. The naked man got up and headed to the back patio and motioned for the Latino man to follow. I followed them with my spy glasses and saw the naked man go into the house while he Latino stood outside. Soon the naked man returned with a blanket and threw it over the air conditioning unit on the patio. I still had a good view of everything going on.

The Latino man stated unbuttoning his pants and rubbing his crouch. The naked man bent over the air conditioner and patted his butt. OMG. He wanted the Latino man to fuck his ass. Man. This was getting hotter and hotter as the day went on.

Latino man stood and briefly jacking on his cock while his boss was lubing his ass getting ready to be fucked. I did a close up zoom of the mans cock, and it was big, even at this distance. I still had a good view of the action and could see the Latino guide his cock to the ass and slowly put it in the man.

I was so hot already that I let my jeans fall to my ankles and was now jacking on my cock. I didn't care if anyone saw me. As I was slowly jacking on my cock and watching the Latino fucking his boss, the naked man. I happened to notice a telephone man working on a nearby pole. He was busy looking down at the Latino fucking the naked man and was rubbing his own cock. Then he looked over at me and gave the a high sign as if to say, “looking good. I know what you're watching too.”

As this action was going on I kept jacking on my hard cock but didn't want to shoot just yet. The Latino was really plowing it to the man and by the looks of the motions, and slapping of the butt, he was about to cum. I could hear the grunting and moaning even from my balcony. Then it happened and the Latino called out some Spanish obscene words and gave out another yell as he came. Wow. That was wild. I couldn't hold back and shot a big load of cum right off the balcony and onto the patio below.

I looked over to the telephone man to see his reactions but he was climbing down the pole. He went to his truck to place some equipment inside, then shut and locked the doors. Then he turned and looked up to me, grabbed his hard on through his jeans, then held up his thumb and headed to the house where there naked man lived.

Meanwhile the Gardner had gotten his nuts off and was dressed. The naked man handed him a check for the gardener work, or the fuck, or both. They talked for a few minutes then the Latino went around the house to his parked truck on the road.

I saw the telephone man walking around to the side of the house and down the steps to the back patio where the naked man was resting. He was carrying a phone book, what else? The naked man didn't seemed to be shocked or disturbed by his sudden unexpected visitor.

They talked for a brief time then the naked man reached for the phone mans crotch. He proceeded to unbutton his jeans and drop to his knees to suck on the phone man. The phone man knew I was watching and turned so I could see the action. He looked up and once again gave me the thumbs up, insuring me he was getting a good blow job. I started getting hard again and tuned my spy glasses to full focus. The phone man was an older man of about forty with a firm trim body. What I could see of his cock, it was bigger than average and he was sure enjoying the sucking he was getting.

The naked man had managed to pull the phone man pants down around his ankles and was now licking on his balls. After he sucked his cock and licked his balls, the phone man turned around and let the naked man eat and rim his ass while he jacked on his own cock.

The naked man stopped rimming the phone man then stood and leaned over the air conditioner offering his juicy fuck hole to the phone man. He didn't hesitate but guided his big cock to the naked man's ass hole and slam dunked him. I heard the man let out a cry of either pain or pleasure while the phone man continued to fuck him. And fuck him he did, fucked him hard and rough. He was a wild one and I wouldn't mind getting fucked by him either. Now and then he would glance my way to let me know how much pleasure he was having.

On the road near by a UPS truck pulled up to gather up some packages for delivery. He also pulled out his lunch bag and a cup of coffee. He was going to take a break. He saw me on the balcony, naked and jacking on my cock. By this time I had lost all my modesty. I was still jacking and about to cum again, but I wanted to hold off. The UPS man must have wondered what I was looking at that made me so hot. Then he looked down the hill to see the phone man and the naked man fucking up a storm. He looked back at me and smiled, then looked back at the fucking action. He put down his lunch and pulled out his cock and started jacking on himself, first looking at me, then the fucking session.

I couldn't believe all the things that were going on before me. I was in a sexual trance. I continued to watch the action below while the hot phone man was fucking the hell out of the naked man on the patio. Soon the action got harder, faster and noisier. I assumed the phone man was starting to cum, because he was fucking faster and faster. Then he threw his head back, grunted and released his load up the cum filled ass.

The UPS Man was standing at his truck door so he could watch better. He continued to jack on his cock until I though he was gonna cum, but he was holding back. I observed his trim abs as he opened his shirt and dropped his UPS brown shorts to his ankles. He was even hotter than I thought. I wanted to stand by him and let him shoot his load all over me and drink down his cum. Perhaps he had a delivery to this house and I could make it with him later.

As I continued to watch the phone man fuck and the UPS man jack off, I was about to cum for the second time. I wanted to hold off to see what the UPS man was going to do. He had put his clothes back on and pulled himself together. He was gathering up a small package, picked up his i Pad then closed and locked the door. When he got out of the truck he looked up and me and waved. He was heading down the back stairs of the naked man's house to deliver his package.

Meanwhile the phone man had a good fuck and was standing while the naked man lick and cleaned his cock. The phone man pulled up his pants and started to leave. Before he left he looked up at me standing on the balcony and wave one last time. As he left I was wondering where the UPS man was now located. I think he was making sure the phone man had left before he made his entrance at the back gate of the house.

The naked man set on the patio and lite up a joint and had a drink of something. The UPS man was at the back gate and gave out a 'hello, UPS man' I have a package for you.'The naked man casually walked to the back gate, still naked, and open the lock on the iron gates. The UPS man smile and shyly lowered his head as if he was shocked to see the naked man. The naked man motioned for him to come in and follow him to the open patio where he had just been royally fucked by the phone man.

Boy, this guy has a had a fantastic sexual day already. Wonder if this happens all the time or did I just happen to be here while this dude has all his happy and willing visitors.
I have to admit the naked man is a masculine, hot looking, well hung, talented cock sucker and good piece of ass.

I had just put down my spy glasses to light up a joint of my own and have a sip of my beer. The UPS guy was standing by the table talking then handed the naked man the iPod to sign for the package. After the naked man signed the pad, he reached out and took hold of the bulging package between his legs. The UPS man had gotten a hard on anticipating some action from the naked man. UPS man set down his pad and the UPS package while the naked man was opening his pants. He let them drop to the patio while he dropped to his knees to start sucking the UPS man. This guy is a fast worker and hard to resist. I kept my spy glasses on the action. The UPS man turned slightly towards me so I could see him getting blown.

I heard someone down below me on the patio where I had already shot two loads of cum. I had hoped I would get down there and clean it up before Jason came back from his bike run. I quickly stepped back from the balcony so he couldn't see me standing here naked, and exhibiting a big hard on again. I slipped on my jeans in case he came upstairs. There was no sound of Jason so I looked over the edge of the balcony to see him removing his helmet, knee pads and other bike equipment. As he was setting up his bike I noticed he was looking over the top of the hedge towards the naked mans pool and patio. He probably notice the UPS truck parked on the back road, then he saw the UPS man standing there getting a blow job.

I kept watching the house as the UPS man was getting sucked off. He was a faithful UPS man and got off quickly so he could continue delivering his other package. He quickly pulled up his pants, said something to the naked man and hurried up the back stairs and to his truck parked on the back road. When he started to leave, he waved at me and smiled. I was hoping I would meet him face to face sometime soon. Now that he knew he could get sucked off along his route, I might see him again.

I had almost forgot about Jason until I saw him walking down the road to the back entrance to the naked mans house. Was Jason aware what was going on and was going to get a blow job as well? Sure enough. Jason entered the back gate and went directly to the naked man. He set down and puffed on the joint offered him. He must know the naked man. I waited impatiently until I notice Jason stood and pulled down his spandex and flopped out his big cock for the naked man to suck. OMG. Here my best friends hot young son was getting a blow job right in front of me. How hot is that? I had noticed Jason since he was a hot young teenager. He had grown to a delicious hunk right before my eyes. I kicked my jeans off again, got out my spy glasses and zoomed in on his nice cock and ass as he was getting a blow job.

I watched closely for a few minutes until Jason grabbed the mans head and shot his manly load into his neighbors willing cock sucking throat. I wondered if Jason was fucking him as well. I was about to jack off again but notice Jason turned and looked up at the balcony where I stood. I stepped back thinking he didn't see me standing here naked and jacking off while he was getting blown. I set back in my chair and thought I'd wait to see if Jason saw me. This might be awkward.

I put my Jeans back on, picked up my tools and the ladder and headed back downstairs to put the items in the garage. Just as I was coming out of the garage, Jason was bringing his bike inside to hang it on the wall. I acted surprise to see Jason and said 'hi'.

Hi, Uncle Rich. How ya doing man? Nice to see you again. I heard dad telling me you were going to be here for a week or so. Nice to have you around. Perhaps we can go biking like we use to.” Then he continue to place the bike on the rack.

Has my neighbor been putting on a good show for you today?

He told me he knew you were watching, but it was okay. That dude's a real cock hound exhibitionist, and gives an awesome blow job. He's been sucking me off since I was about 15. You got to check out his mouth action. He gives a fantastic rim job and will tongue fuck your ass until you make him stop, and he likes to be fucked as well.

Have you ever fucked a dude before? He taught me how to get fucked. I'm straight you know, but I sure love having a big cock up my ass now and then. I really get off on it. Perhaps I might talk you into fucking me this week before Dad gets home.”

I stood there in a state of shock. I had just experienced watching a guy suck and get fucked by the guys Gardner, his pool boy, the telephone man, the UPS guy and suck off my friends hot college son, and now he is asking me to fuck him.

I see by the big bulge in your Jeans you have a big hard on now so, while you're in the mood, while don't you drop your jeans, lube up you cock, and fuck me right here over my Dads Harley. I've been fucked here by Dad a few times when Mom is gone. Come on. Don't be shy. I can take it and like it rough, so plow away.

Jason said as he pulled off his spandex and took my hand. I immediately dropped my jeans while being guided by Jason towards his Dad's Harley D. He bent over the machine, spread his tight buttock and offered me his ass. It was so hot that I almost came just touching his firm ass.

Come on Uncle Rich, You've never been shy around me before. Please fuck me. I haven't had a nice big cock up my buns since the swimming coach banged me in the locker room last month. I need it bad, Uncle Rich. Please fuck me.”

Needless to say I fucked Jason over his Dad's Harley D. and came 2 more times.

I stayed at my friends home for the rest of the summer. Jason took me to visit the naked man. We took turns fucking the naked man. One time I looked up at the balcony and saw Harry viewing us with his high powered binoculars.

Story By Dick Clinton

Word Count 3385


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Prison Guard, Part 06, The Final Chapter

Prison Guard, Part 6

Cell Block 11, The Pleasure Continues.
Some noise was heard and metal cell doors opened and in walked two guards and our sub Warden, Mr. Black. He was dressed in Marine dungarees and boots. He was looking hotter than ever. He took a slow walk around the room looking into each cell then stood in the center of the room at parade rest. He made a motion towards the gate and two more guards brought in a young man in his prison uniform. He was reluctant to enter by himself so the guards roughly escorted him into the center of the room and almost threw him to the mat directly in front of the warden.  
Come in closer men. I want you to see this asshole punk. He needs discipline because he is out of control. He thinks this prison is for him to rule and has been giving some of the other men a hard time. So now it is my turn to show him who is the master here. Guards, rip his clothes off, tie him to the bench and hand me his belt.”
 The boy immediately started to fight back but the two guards held him on the bench with his knees on the floor. His shirt was ripped off his back, and his pants were pulled down to his knees. His round firm buttocks were totally exposed. The two guards held his arms tightly and waited for the next command. Without warning, Mr. Black swung the belt hard against his buttocks causing the boy to cry out. He started to curse and call out names to Black. This was a mistake and Black hit him again even harder. Once again, the boy cried out but didn’t curse his master.  
Someone give me a dirty jockstrap to put in his dirty mouth. There is no need for this obscene yelling. If anyone talks dirty around here, it will be me.” One of the prisoners threw him one of his jock straps and told him to use his. One of the guards quickly shoved it into the boy’s mouth.  
.“That is such a pretty ass to be on such a smart ass punk. I bet it is still cherry. Well it won’t be much longer. I’m going to put a man size dick up your ass, boy.”  

.The boy started to struggle and yelled thru the muffled jockstrap in his mouth. Warden Black looked around the room at the guards and when he spotted me, he motioned me to come to him. I jumped at the chance but wondered why he called me over. He handed me a tube of lubrication and said. 
.“Get my cock hard. Put some lubrication on me so I will be able to fuck.” He said. 
.I almost tripped over the mat but managed to take the lube from his hand while he unbuckled his Marine belt. I thought this might be a good opportunity to help him out. I put the lube on the floor, dropped to my knees before my new god and unzipped his Marine pants. He looked down at me with his stern face, but said nothing. He knew I had desired him and now he was giving me the chance to touch his magnificent cock. I continued to nervously unzip his pants and pull them down past his strong firm hips and to his knees. His huge member was semi hard and looked tremendous. I heard one of the prisoners shout out.
Oh my god.” Then another one said. .
He IS god. Look at that man meat. Enough for 4 of us.”  

.The boy now stretched out on the bench, looked around in a sudden realization that he was going to get that cock up his virgin ass. He struggled, kicking trying to get free. One of the guards took some rope and tied the boy to the bench and another pulled off his shoes and pants leaving his ass fully exposed and ready for the onslaught.
. I was so excited and honored to be the one to caress this man’s huge and beautiful manhood. I had seen many a cock in my day, but this was the largest and most perfect cock I had ever seen up close. He was partially circumcised but still had a portion of foreskin covering his penis. The blood veins seemed to be hugging the outer lining of his cock. A small amount of clear pre-cum oozed from the large opening of his cock head and was forming a large clear pearl of cum. I was tempted to lick off the sweet juices but didn’t want to do anything to displease this man. I felt him staring down at me as I pulled his pants down over his firm hips. I cautiously let my hand touch his firm smooth muscular buttocks and slowly positioned my hands to his front side, and then reached for the lube sitting on the floor. Black looked down and said softly to me. .
You make a good slave. I know you'd like to touch your warm tongue to my dick head and taste my juices. I thought you were going to be a good man to have around. Gently caress my balls, lean over, lick them, and breathe in my manly body scents. Lick under my balls and make them feel good, you pig. I want you to show the other guards who your master is. Soon you're going to kiss and worship my dick, then you are going to suck it down until I have had enough of your cock sucking mouth, then you are going to put some of the lube on me so I can teach this young punk who is the master of the prisoners and the guards. Now do your job, asshole.” Black said to me in an almost hypnotic demanding voice. 
.I'd forgotten I was now the center of attention. I found myself caressing and worshiping the most awesome dick on a man that I had ever seen. I knew everyone was watching us, but I didn’t give a damn. I found it rather stimulating and exciting being able to serve my master. I did his every command like I was in some sort of trance or on some drug. My body was so stimulated by his demands and presence it was like I was before a living, breathing god of ancient Rome.  
.I gladly did my duties of my master god, licked his low hanging balls inhaling his musky body, licked my way back to his cock and did the best I could trying to please him, using the best cock sucking techniques I could maneuver on such an awesome huge cock. I knew I was pleasing him because I felt his big semi soft cock get almost as hard as it could and tasted some of his tasty cum juices before he slowly pulled my head from his shaft. I reluctantly moved away from him but milked down more of the tasty oozing juices before I put some lubricant on his now hard cock.
.“Brian, I want you to lick his ass crack and ass hole clean, before you put any lube in him.” Black said to me as I knelt on the floor before his boy’s ass.

. “I don’t want to fuck some dirty asshole, so do a good job or you might be next on that rack.” 
. I was shocked at his demands but was so turned on by the whole scene. I didn’t hesitate. I wanted to please my master, but I secretly wanted to lick this young mans sweet ass for my own pleasure as well as the boy’s pleasure. I touched the boy trying to relax him and prepare him for the pleasure of my warm tongue. I started licking his ass crack and found my way to his tense pink anus. It was tight but tasted nice even with the slight scent of nervous sweat that appeared on his body.
.Don’t put on too much lube, cause I want this 'boy cunt' to feel the full shaft of cock going into his small virgin asshole. I want him to scream out for mercy and for him to know whom his master is before I give him the pleasure and honor of taking my sperm deep into his body. I’m going to breed him, and breed him well. He will beg for forgiveness and then he will beg me to fuck him.” Black said in a most sarcastic and bitter way.

. I saw a deep masterful, sadistic tread come over him as I put lube on his cock. He motioned me to put some on the boy’s ass too. I did his commands and moved over to the boy's beautiful firm buttocks, squeezed out more lube on my finger and placed it on the boy’s anus. The boy jumped and once again tried to get free from his binding. The two guards had moved him on his back and now pulleys attached to nearby barbell racks were lifting his legs. His ass was ready for the penetration and impaling of his masters cock, but the boy was not. He tried to yell out but the jockstrap stifled his shouts. Tears were starting to form in his fearful eyes as I neared him.
.Master Black stood behind the young boy, looking down into the fearful eyes of his subject before him. He paused as if to give the boy more fearful anticipation of what he was about to receive. He grinned as he took hold of both of the boy's legs now spread out likes a wishbone. You could almost read his mind as if he was saying,” anyone want to make a wish?” One more step closer to the asshole then he looked back at me again and said.
.“Get over here and guide my cock into the depths of this lucky young man. He don’t realize what pleasure this will give him, once it is in.” 
.I was already on my knees watching the procedure so I quickly and gladly took hold of Master Black’s huge hard cock, and directed it to the waiting asshole of the boy. The intense excitement of the scene had everyone so enthralled and sexually aroused, that there wasn’t a soft dick in the place.
.Even most of the prisoners and their guests had stopped to watch the onslaught of their Prison Boss, Mr. Black as he continued to put on a good presentation and warning to other unruly prisoners. His purpose was to show them who was the boss and Master while they were under his jurisdiction. He also just liked to fuck this little punk to get his nuts off.
.The room was silent except for a few gasps and slurping of some continued cock sucking in the cells. Every eye was now on the center of the cell block as Black moved forward. I continued to guide Black’s dick into the moist lubricated hole of the boy. Only the sounds of the boys muffled sounds desperation and fear where heard as Black inched his huge dick into the boys anus, slowly but determined to bury his full 14 inches of cock into the tight virgin canal. First the head slid in a few inches, causing the boy to yell out in pain.

. Black waited until the ass adjusted to its first entry then he moved in a few more inches until he had about six inches in the ass. Again the boy moaned out in pain, but not as loud or as painful as the first entry. The boy started to realize he had no choice but to try desperately to relax and let his body receive the Master’s rod. Then without warning the lubricated cock slid all the way into the boy causing him to explode out in a sudden fantastic orgasm. Four or five gushes of his cum shot out of his cock and into his face. He seemed startled at first then gasped for air as his body was now filled with 14 inches of hard thick cock. One of the guards removed the jockstrap from the boy’s mouth so he could breathe better. He licked his own cum from his lips, then looked up at Black with a blank stare then closed his eyes once more as if to know he was without power to do anything but to try to relax and let his Master use his body until he fulfilled his desires and satisfaction.
.Now, Master Black had the boy where he wanted him. He started to move his large cock out slowly, and then back in. The boy gasped again but not in pain, but in a more satisfied and less fearful sound. Soon Master Black continued a rhythm of fucking. A long pull out, then a slow move in until he had the boy relaxed enough to enjoy the fucking and rape of his ass. Black continued to move faster and faster, then he would slow his movements, then grind around and around as if to touch every inch of internal lining of his new fuck hole. Master Black knew how to touch the boy’s prostate and the boy came off again, but Black would only stop to let the boy enjoy the sensation of cumming without touching himself.
. Master Black would wait patiently only long enough for the boy to relax again then he started fucking him again only this time he was determined to empty his own built-up tension. The sound of his balls slapping on the boy's ass sounded throughout the room. He fucked harder and deeper against the boy’s wet ass and balls.
. The room was once again filled with the sounds of men in the cell using and abusing their own 'pleasure toys'. A few of the guards were jacking themselves off or shoving their cocks into the cells to get sucked off by the guest. Master Black motioned for the guards holding the boy, to cut loose the bindings so the boy could be free and enjoy the full benefit of the Master’s body slamming against his. The boy reached for his Master as he lay on the boy, and started kissing in wild passionate desperation and desire. The boy was lost up in the fantastic sensation of being used by his new master.

.“This is awesome.” He called out between kisses.
. “Oh my god! Fuck me! Fuck me! I’m yours to use forever. Oh please fuck me harder, harder. Please Master Black. Please use me. Cum in my asshole. Oh god. This is awesome.” The boy cried out in ecstasy as he was being fucked for the first time.
.Then Master Black started to fuck hard and wild. His cock was like a piston. Faster and faster he fucked until he suddenly stopped and gave out a loud cry of absolute pleasure; like the sound of a wild animal, deep and long, or more like the cry of a werewolf in one of those horror films. It was spectacular and chilling.
.The four guards standing around Master Black and the boy had been jacking off and the wild fucking scene before them caused them to ejaculate on the bodies lying out before them. There own cum was running over the boy and their Master as they lay on the bench gasping for air and enjoying the last of their orgasms. The boy had released another load of cum between their wet sweaty bodies and then he seemed to pass into a deep sleep with a smile on his face. After a short pause, Master Black positioned his feet back on the floor. His cock still buried in the boy’s cum filled hole.

.Master Black looked down at me still obediently kneeling before him on the floor. He touched my head as if to bless me, and then he motioned for me to watch him as he pulled his semi soft cock out of the boy’s hole. His long thick cock glistened with his cum and the body juices of the young man he had just penetrated. I reverently caressed his cock shaft as it slid from the moist anus. It was followed by even more cum and body juices. I gently wiped clean my masters cock with a soft cotton towel and milked down the last few drops of his precious sperm. I quickly placed my mouth over the cock slit to savor the last few drops of cum, then I licked and cleaned the large cock before me. I was surprised at my respect for this manly cock and realized I was worshiping this Master and his cock. I shyly looked up to see a smile on Master Blacks face.
.“You have done well, my son. You can follow instructions without question and did okay on your first visit to our monthly ritual. You will be asked to serve here again during our games, and will share in our pleasures as well as financial rewards. I will recommend you at the next prison board meeting for promotion as well, and give you a raise in your salary. Now help clean this boy up. Take him to the showers, then let the doctor check him out for any undue strain. Assign him a clean cell next to your boy and we’ll decide what we will do with him later. He was broken in very well, and he'll think twice before he gets out of hand again. I know he'll need to be fucked more now that he has tasted the pleasures of manhood.” Master Black instructed me as the other two guards were cleaning up the area and towel drying Mr. Black’s body sweat. I nodded understandingly and would follow his instructions.
.In the background, I could hear the noise of the other prisoners, and their cell guests going at it again, fucking and sucking at their hearts content. Before early morning the guests would be taken out of the prison cells, out of the Cell Bock 11, placed in the bus that transported them here and back to their daily routines of a normal life.

.Next month most of these same men and a few other selected men, would join in the prison game. They would be here to be used and abused until they were content. The prisoners in Cell Block 11 would rest up, eat well, pampered and be ready again in a few weeks for another session of these freemen, outsiders who would pay for wild sex again and again. This was the only way they were content and everyone was sexually happy again.
. Strange world we live in but “Variety was the spice of life.”
.Story written by Dick Clinton at

Friday, September 15, 2017

Prison Guard, Part 05, Movie included,

Prison Guard, Part 05.

Drill in Cell Block 11 
I was still a rookie as far as the other prison guards were concerned, but Max, my immediate supervisor, had shared with me many of the 'ins and outs' of prison life. He had also shared a special young man and prisoner, Mike. Mike was a hot and sensitive young prisoner that loved his body to be used for sexual purposes. Max and I used him whenever we could, and on occasion, I would take Joe, my buddy whom I met in the showers, and Ralph, the older man with the thick cock to fuck Mike. Mike especially liked the way Ralph fucked him and treated him like a son. 
Joe was always ready for sex and I felt one day I would fuck him as well. Max would let us do our thing with his pussy boy but left me in charge. He said I had good judgment and a sensible attitude and could choose who I thought would be good to Mike. Max was always horny and had a few men on the side that he was either fucking or getting blow jobs from. I still wanted Max to fuck me, but we never seemed to be in the position to perform together.  
Mike did pretty well by the men and was given special privileges for his services. He always had plenty to eat and his clothes were given special care by some of the other prisoners. He still worked in the warden's office doing minor things and could always be excused for one of his special sessions of sex. I always thought that Warden Kaiser knew what was going on, but as long as he didn’t know all the details, he left us alone. The sub warden Black knew of our special treatment to Mike, and why, but he had his own special things going on and couldn’t be bothered. Once Warden Kaiser was gone, the Sub Warden Black and his men did play.
Sub Warden, Mr. Newman Black was a handsome, well built man about 50. He was previously a Marine before he was hired for this job a few years ago. He was stern, well disciplined and was never known to smile. He often instructed the guards in drills and conducted instruction in the shooting gallery. I was fascinated by his body structure and well developed arms. He was an all around man’s man.  

I would sometimes work out with him in the prison guards gym and was amazed at his endurance and strength, especially for his age. I just hoped I could be that hot looking and healthy at his age. He always dressed in Marine cutoffs during workout and always showed a huge bulge. I got a glimpse of him in the showers one time, and his cock was overwhelming. I never saw it hard, but soft, it looked to be a good 10 inches long and as big around as a beer can. I hoped he never tried to fuck me because I would be ruined for life, but then…. it might be interesting to try.
Max called me into the back room and said he wanted to tell me something about the Drill in cell block 11. It was to take place that weekend as soon as the Warden was out of town. Max was chosen to help and he got special permission to have me go along but I had to promise to keep my mouth shut and not interfere with any of the things that were about to happen. I made the promise then Max told me to be ready that night at 11 PM and we were going to go to the cell block at 12 midnight. I tried to ask Max what was so special about that night and he said.
You'll be surprised at what you are about to take part in and perhaps shocked, but all in all I would get my ‘nut’ by just participating in the action.” Max told me.
Now I was more curious than ever what was in store for me. We headed downstairs to the lower level, down some long halls, out of the main building and into another older part of the prison. The lights were dim which made it hard for us to focus and then we came to another jail door where one of the guards stood at the door, checked us out carefully and then opened the cell doors to cell block 11.  
Each of the locked cells was occupied with men of all kinds. I didn’t know this area even existed much less was occupied. I saw several guards wandering around checking out things and Max told me to stand in the entrance behind he block gate. He walked inside and joined the other men. They quietly talked to each other as they gathered in an open area of the cell block. There were the sounds of more jail doors opening and men’s voices.  

One at a time, men were brought into the large part of the cell. Their heads were covered with either eye masks or complete leather head masks. The men were dressed in various street clothing or military camouflaged clothing and gear. As each man arrived, he was roughly escorted by one of the guards to one of the cells occupied by one of the prisoners and forcefully shoved into one of the cells. They looked like food being tossed to an animal cage in a zoo. Then the cell door was slammed shut, another man was brought to another cell, and the same thing happened again. This went on until two men occupied each of 10 cells on the lower floor of the cell block. One prisoner and one other person from the outside.
I was still curious what was happening. Someone entered my area of the room. I had seen this prisoner before but couldn’t remember where.
Have you come to watch the fun?” he said to me as we both looked thru the bars.
Tell me. What the fuck is going on?” I came along with my partner and he didn’t explain what was going to happen here.” 
You have never been to this part of the Prison before huh? This is where the games are played. Once a month a few men pay the prison sub warden to be submitted to some of the prisoners for fun and games. They participate in various perversions of sexual masochistic and bondage pleasures. Here they seek the pleasures of being roughly man handled, and mastered, by some of the prison's meanest and roughest bruisers. They seek out the men with the biggest cocks, tie them up, whip and fuck them, use their body for any pleasure they so desire, fucking and sucking to each man's content. Sometimes to the point of exhaustion and collapse. Anything goes, as long as they don’t cut, drug them or kill them. Each of the guards makes sure they are not harmed and that they come out alive to return again next month for the same treatment. I am here as the medical attendant to attend any mishap.  
It was like a dungeon in some medieval castle during the Spanish Inquisition. I could hear the sounds of men yelling out in pain, sighs and moans of pleasure, the cracking of belts slapping against bare bodies. Men were yelling out sounds of commands to their subjects and then more sounds of pleasure and pleading. I found it disturbing at first but then I realized it was all for their pleasure. I found myself getting hard and wanting to observe some of the pleasure that was being given to these men. I wanted to actually see what was happening.
I caught Max's attention and he came over to the locked door.  
Max. Is there any reason I can’t watch some of the happenings in the cells. I have never seen anything like this before. What do you say? Can you let me in? I will behave, I promise.” I pleaded with Max. 
I'll have to ask one of the guards first but I don’t think there would be any harm. I told him about you already and said that perhaps you might even help. I will be responsible for your actions, so follow the rules; otherwise, they might throw you into one of the cells with one of the prisoners. You know what they think of us guards anyway. They would fuck you to death.” Max said as he went over to a guard and then came back to me to open the gate. He told the medical attendant to stay put until they needed him, then he locked the gate again and brought me inside. 
He walked with me as I cautiously looked into the first cell. Inside was this handsome stud of a prisoner. He was attired in nothing but a leather halter. His big cock was flopping around freely as he was putting clamps on his slave’s nipples. The man was tied against a rack on one wall. His hands and feet were tied and his mouth was stuffed with a jockstrap. He seemed to be enjoying the clamps because his dick was hard as a rock.
We walked on by this cell to the next one where the prisoner had bound his slave's hands and feet together and was bending over taking a big 10-inch dildo up his ass. The prisoner was slapping his slave’s bare ass with a wide belt while jacking himself off. 

In the next cell, the prisoner was holding his slave on the bed and fucking the hell out of him with his big 10-inch cock. I assumed this was just a preliminary fuck before he got serious.
On and on we walked by the 10 occupied cells where all kinds of sexual perversion were taking place. Each prisoner and his slave seemed to find something interesting to do with each other. Everyone was having a good pleasurable time. Some of the sex seemed normal and some seemed a bit bizarre for most people's taste. I had not tried all of them so I was taking notes for later partners.  
Any questions, Brian? Looks like mating season at the zoo.” Max said and softly laughed so as not to disturb the mood.  
Yes, I have several questions. First, how long has this sort of thing been going on here? Is this a monthly session? The medic said these men are from the outside and actually pay to have sex with these animals. Is that true, and who is in charge of the games?” I questioned. 
Whoa there stud. I will answer most of your questions but you have to swear you will never speak of this outside of this cell block. This has been going on for several years since Newton Black started to work here as sub warden. He hired some of his old Marine buddies to help at first but then as it grew, he started to hire some of his trusted guards. We all get a cut of the profit, no one is harmed, and everyone has a good time and gets their nuts off one way or another. The men from outside are paying a damn good price to get their satisfaction just like they would if they went to a whorehouse. Only here they get what they need that only other men can give them. The prisoners are satisfied and get a cut of the profit plus some hot wild sex. The warden says it also relieves them from tension and keeps down riots.
Most of these prisoners in cell block 11 are hardened criminals, rapists, sex addicts, and masochists or just hot horny men. Almost all of them have unusually large dicks and can’t get satisfaction from any of the other prisoners without injuring them, so this is their way of relief. They have permission to be unusually rough with their slaves, because that is why they pay to get in here. It sounds strange but it works and everyone is happy.
 Stick around with me and find one that really interests you. Some of the guards get so hot watching the action that they just jack off between the bars and shoot their cum on either the prisoners or their guest. You have plenty of time to get off several times if you want. These games last for hours.  
Sometimes one of the prisoners takes his slave and shoves his asshole to the open bars and lets the guards fuck his slave until a few of us get off. At other times, the prisoner lets his slave suck us off as he fucks him on the other side of the bars. 
Like I said, Brian, you will find a way to get your nuts off tonight. If you should have to take a piss, the end cell is reserved for a piss slave. You can go inside the cell and he will drink your piss or you can just piss on him to humiliate him. He loves it and sometimes I find it exciting.”
The night continued with the sounds of sexual pleasure and pain. I don’t know how some of them did it but I watched one man fuck his partners for over 30 minutes and must have cum 5 times without ever pulling his cock from the other man's ass. No wonder these men were locked up here instead of being in society. They were at sex continuously. After about 2 hours, they were told to finish up their session. All of the outsiders were moved to a different cell and given a different master to use their body. Another round of sex began as a new prisoner seduced the new partners.  
The medical attendant was called over to inspect someone's bleeding but it wasn’t anything serious. I placed the man back into the waiting area and was locking him up when he said to me.  
I remember you now. You were the guard that was watching the two guards getting it on. I came out into the hallway and sucked you off. Remember me? You sure seemed to enjoy my blow job so how about you let me suck you off while we are waiting for the games to be over.” He said as he reached thru the bars and rubbed my cock. 

I did remember him now that he reminded me. It was a fantastic blow too and I could use some good head while I’m waiting. I let him continue to massage my crotch, and then I unzipped my pants and released my cock from my pants. I held onto the bars as he dropped to his knees and proceeded to suck me off. I was so hot from watching all the action. He seemed to sense when I was about to cum and would change his method or slow down so I wouldn't cum too quickly. He was a good cocksucker and knew just how I liked it. One of the other guards saw me standing with my hands on the bars and came over to watch me get sucked off. He moved his arms around my body and reached into my shirt and started caressing and massaging my hard nipples. I groaned as I shot my load into the attendant's mouth. After I let out my sigh of pleasure, be began kissing me on the neck than on my lips. This sent me over, and I came passionately. After my cocksucker drained me, my kissing partner unzipped his pants and stuck it thru the bars to get sucked off too.  

I stayed around kissing and caressing his firm buttocks until he shot his load and released his tension. I told the attendant I wanted to see him again and to report to me sometime that week. He didn’t look like he was a cocksucker at all. I wondered if he was as good a fuck as he was a cocksucker.  
The night continued with the wild sex in the cells. A few of us had some coffee then we were told our boss had a special showing for us. In the center of the cell block was an area reserved for working out. A large padding was on the floor and in the center of the padded area was a padded workout bench. A light spotted the area.

More to cum in Part 6
Story by Richard Barber
Some revision done 02/24/11 and divided into 2 parts for the weak at heart.

PRISON SEX With Al Parker
Movie with Chain Gang.
Classic, 2  Blow jobs  and one ass fucking.