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School Days, Under the Baseball Stadium

School Days
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Under the Football Stadium Bleachers

Story by Dick Clinton,

I was soon known as the school cock sucker and willing pussy boy from a number of guys at school that wanted to be serviced by me. My brothers, Carl and Roy and their best buddies, Jake and Larry, kept close watch over me so I never got in a difficult situation. I decided to venture out on my own now to find even more hot action.

One day when we were having a home football game, I went to check out the men's room and take a piss. One of the guys from the swim team, Paul, spotted me, and nodded.

Hey I know you. You’re Corey. Jake told me all about you.” he said with a mischievous twinkle in his eye. He looked me up and down as we stood at the urinals. He dropped his sweats below his firm round buttock and whipped out his soft six inch uncut cock, snuggled in a thick blond pubic nest. He took a short piss and then started jacking his cock.

You like what you see, Corey?“

I nodded and walked over to the end booth thinking he would follow me, but instead he motioned for me to follow him. We went outside and behind the restroom building and under the bleachers to a semi dark area. I followed until we came to a quiet out of the way spot. He stood, pulled down his sweats, and started playing with his cock again.

Come here dude and swing on my cock. I’m hot to shoot a quick load. I've heard you were a slutty cock sucking punk. Makes no difference to me who sucks my cock. My girl won’t suck me off. I’m horned up tonight and need a blow job real bad, but don’t rush it. I'll get back to that bitch later.”

I proceed to drop to my knees and caressed his hairless balls and guided his oozing lengthy cock into my mouth. For a small-framed swimmer, he had an exceptionally long and beautiful uncut cock. I placed my tongue inside the silky opening and tasted his salty oozing juices. As I situated my mouth over his cock, he uttered a soft moan.

Oh yeah. That’s just the way I like it. Take your time punk. No one can see us here. I like it slow and easy. Suck my cock and make me feel good, cocksucker. Make me cum.

I continued to gratify this sizzling swimmer. I held his balls in one hand and sucked his cock into my mouth and swallowed him all the way down my throat. He was shaking with excitement and anticipation. Just when I thought he was going to shoot his load, I would swallowed his cock again and hold it there. He was going wild.

Oh fuck dude, that's so Fucken hot. I’ve never had anyone swallow my cock like that before. Damn that is so wild. You're a Fucken good cocksucker. Lick my nuts some more. I liked that part too. Lick em good.”

After a few minutes of sucking his cock and licking on his balls, I eased one finger into his tight asshole. He let out another moan and turned his firm buttocks to my face, spread his cheeks, and offered me his asshole to rim.

Eat my asshole, cocksucker. Lick my tasty virgin asshole, slut. You like eating ass too? My kind of cock sucking ass licking bitch. Fuck I love my fag boys slutty. Eat me. Eat me. Damn that’s hot. Keep it up, bitch. Eat my ass. Oh Yeah.”

Drink it all cocksucker, Swallow my dick. Oh yeah. Fuck. Oh yeah.” He said as he continued to deposit his load into me.

I got him so hot that after a few minutes of eating his sweet hole, he abruptly turned around and pushed his cock back into my mouth. I swallowed his hard cock again. He grabbed the back of my head, forcing me to hold his cock in my throat while he released load after load of sweet cum. I managed to breath thru my nose while his pulsating meat throbbed and deposited his load. I swallowed him all the way to his pubic hairs. When he pulled out I let the remaining juices relish in my mouth to taste his remaining tasty cum.

I was so engrossed in sucking the swimmers cock that I was unaware that two male students had walked behind the building to take a piss. They continued to piss as they watched.

Hey Ray, look-e here! A cocksucker giving some head to Ron. Let’s see if we can get some of that action? Nothing I like more than getting some good head from a fag.”

Yeah guys, come on over. I finished dropping a big load in this fucker’s mouth. He’s good at eating ass too. Have fun. I’ve got to get back to my date. Thanks fag boy. I’ll see you around. I want more of that action.”

The two guys still had their cocks out from pissing and walked right up to my face. I started to get up but one of the guys pushed me back to my knees.

Stay down on your knees, cocksucker. We’ve got a couple more dicks for you to suck. Here suck on this one for a while.“He said as he rubbed his hard wet cock against my face. He grabbed my head as I guided his cock into my mouth. It still had small remains of his piss, but I had no choice. He started face fucking me read hard. So hard and fast I could hardly breathe.

Hold it man.” I pleaded. ‘‘Let me do it my way! You'll like it better the way I get you off. Don’t rush it.” He stopped and released my head.

Okay, Fag boy. Give me some good head. My last fag boy moved out of town and I need a good replacement for my blow jobs. Let’s see how good you are and I might let you blow me again sometime. Suck on my buddy here too. I don’t think he’s ever had a cocksucker blow him.”

I took a deep breath and started giving him some good long strokes on his average size seven inch cock. I held on to his low hanging hairy balls and continued to suck him until he started to cum. I swallow all his cum and clean off his cock, then he pulled away, and stepped back so his buddy could get his chance to cum in my mouth.

Pretty good blow, cocksucker. I’ll have to look you up again. Give my buddy some good head. He’s still virgin.”

His young buddy was a bit shyer and never said anything until I went down on his large cock. Now and then I heard a moan of delight. His cock was a bit thicker and longer than his buddies. It was cut cock with a nicely formed cock head and a soft set of balls. He never touched me during the session, and placed his hands on his hips until he was ready to cum. Only then did he lean back, gasped and emptied a nice load in my mouth. After he finished he patted my head and joined his friend by the wall of the men’s room.

Before I could get up another guy, walked up to me and stuck his cock into my used mouth. I realized that when the men’s room was full, some of the students and men would come behind the building to take a piss. They hadn’t planned on getting their nuts off, but why not let a cocksucker drain your load before return to the game?

Several other men were pissing and watching as I serviced cock after cock. Some of the younger students would watch then start to jack off. When they walked over to get their cocks sucked, they were already pumped up and ready to cum. Some quickly shot a warm load on my face as I blew another guys cock. I lost count of the cocks I’d sucked or the loads I’d swallowed, but I was pleased to take them all. I was a dedicated and perverted cocksucker.

The football game was still going and most had of the men had gone back to their families or friends in the stands. I stood to rest my knees and get my composure before I left. One more guy came around the building and offered me a cool bottle of water.

You’ve had a very busy evening. How many men did you 'get off' tonight? Unfortunately I didn’t get the opportunity to get taken care of because you were so much in demand. Perhaps we could have a go at it now, unless you are not in the mood to satisfy me?”

In the dim illuminated area I observed the stranger more closely. He was a tall rough, good looking man about 35 with a stern face and deep set eyes. He was wearing a dark western cowboy hat, a button down shirt and tight fitting western pants. He had a nicely formed body with broad shoulders and trim waist. He looked a bit familiar but couldn’t figure out where I might have seen him before. He was definitely not one of the guys or teachers at school. I nodded thanks for the water and looked him over more closely.

Sure. I’m always ready to entertain a hot sexy looking man like you. I just love sucking a man’s cock and drinking down his nectar. The excitement of his tasty man seed being offered to me is an unmanageable passion. I’m just a cum whore. I also like to take a man’s cock into my ass and have him use me as his slut, and a place to deposit more of his manly nectar.

I’m just a slave to satisfying men and letting them enjoy life by using my body to pleasure themselves. Perhaps this shocks you or turns you off, because you’re the type of man I would like to fuck me without mercy.”

I looked into his eyes waiting for him to turn around and leave. I was surprisingly very blunt with him, but I was still horny and ready for a good fuck from a good man, and he looked like a good man.

I’ve never fucked a dude’s ass before, but I’ve thought about it quite often. Would you be willing to let me ‘use you’ and penetrate your ass hole? This is not a very private place and my time’s limited. I have friends waiting for me at a party, but you have made me want to make love to you and fuck you.

I’d like for you to suck me first. I have an unusually large penis and most women have a difficult time taking me. I wouldn’t want to disappoint you or hurt you if you let me try to put it in. Are you willing to try or maybe you could just suck me or jack me off. My nuts hurt from watching you suck cock earlier, and I need to get off one way or the other.”

This hot looking man was challenging me to take his big cock. Little did he know I was an expert at taking big cocks. I’d enough practice with my dad’s eleven inches and my coach’s big cock I was ready to try an even bigger cock.

I looked for a place we could relax and not be interrupted by more guys that wanted me to suck them off. I saw a spot against the wall of the building. It had a small wooden bench where I might lean over and try to take his big cock.

I motioned for him to follow. When we had found a good spot, I stated to unbutton his 501 jeans. He already was showing a solid bulge down the right side of his jeans. After I undid his pants I pulled them down to discover he had on white boxer shorts. He got impatient and pulled down his boxers and jeans and let them drop to his knees.

Low and behold his very large eleven inches or more cock sprang out like a swinging ball bat. It was not only long but thick as a beer can. Oh man! This might be a bit of a challenge but I was confident I could manage this one. I wish I had him in the privacy of my bedroom where I could work him over from head to toe.

He had unbuttoned his shirt which revealed his firm rippling stomach muscles and a small amount of chest hair and nice protruding nipples. This man was hot! I reverently dropped to my knees to worship this god given cock on this hunk of a man. I reached around his firm muscular buttocks and pulled him toward me.

I began by holding and observing this beauty. I wanted to make love to it and treat it like a precious treasure. I kissed his cock as it began to harden and enlarge even more than before. Sweet clear precum oozed from a large tulip shaped cock head. A thick covering of skin surrounded the firm rising penis. Heavy veins ran up and down his shaft. I had to lick and taste more of his seeping precum, and when I ran my tongue around the sensitive glands he gasped. I covered his cock head with my mouth and tried to engulf as much as I could. I continued to get him moist with my spittle so it would be easier for him to penetrate my orifice. I didn’t want to stop sucking on him, but I had to attempt to get his cock in my ass so he could relish a great fuck. I desired to satisfy this man.

I gathered as much precum from his piss slit and some saliva from my mouth to wet my muscle spasm fuck hole. It was now or never. I turned around and bent over the bench while he moved forward to place his cock to my ass crack. I grabbed the large man cock, and ran it up and down my crack, and then to the edge of my wanting hole. He moved towards me again and put one of his fingers to my hole and pushed it in, then another, and then a 3rd finger. He pulled out slowly and guided his cock head to my hole then pushed it in a few inches. His cock was expansion my hole but I wanted it as much as he wanted to 'get off'. He tried again and a few more centimeters went in. It kept stretching and moving until about half of it was in me. I made an abrupt move and back directly into him and engulfed his complete giant cock. I saw stars, but I was still determined. He paused then put his hands on my hips and grasped on to me.

Wow! You did take the whole thing. Now let’s get it real hard and see if you can still endure my fuck rod sliding in and out of you. Are you ready my friend?”

You mean it gets bigger?” I said to myself. Oh God! What a cock and what a good feeling. I can feel it pushing against my stomach. I know my prostate is ready to explode but, I want to give him a good fuck before I shoot my load. He was now moving slowly and it still felt good. He was touching spots I'd never felt before. Even when the coach fucks me, it never felt this great.

Please take it easy at first, but once I get use to it, you can bang away as hard as you please. I like it rough.”

He breathed deep, then continued to move slowly at first, but then he started going faster and harder until he was plowing my butt and shoving his dick in my ass so hard I had to brace myself against the wall.

Oh Damn. You have a good ass for fucking. I never through a boys ass could feel better than a pussy, but you’ve got them all beat. Your 'boy pussy' is so tight and the muscles are squeezing my cock as though it was sucking me off. You’re great! I feel my cock swelling, my balls are tightening. I’m gonna breed you, boy. I’m planting my seed deep in you 'boy pussy'. Damn! I'm gonna cum already. I’m cumming in your pussy. Ohhhhh Fuuucccckkkk. Aw!”

He pounded away at my ass, filling every crevice and lining of my fuck passageway. He massaged my prostate and I shot one of the best loads of the day. My cum shot up the wall and the bench. It was an outstanding fuck and, a satisfying orgasm for both of us.

We panted for air and breathed deeply. He rubbed my well used buttocks and slowly released his oozing cock from my 'boy pussy'. I was full of his cum. So much that it was leaking out of my ass hole and down my leg. I turned to look into his eyes, but they were still closed like he was in a dream state. He stepped back while I set on the bench and licked his sensitive cock. I milked down the remaining cum and cleaned him well.

When the session was over, he pulled up his shorts and pulled a business card from his polo shirt pocket and handed it to me and smiled. “Call me son. We need to do this again real soon. I hate to rush off but I have to find some people I left in the stands. I mean it now, Call me.” He rubbed my head and put his fingers to my mouth and left.

When I looked around me I saw Jake, one of my brothers friends, standing near by. He evidently had watched me getting fucked by that hot dude with the huge cock. He sat beside me.

Hey Corey. Do you know who that was? That dude is a ‘look a like’ extra in that movie ‘Raiders of the Lost Ark’. You know, the Indiana Jones guy. He’s a professor at the university and has been in several movies as a stand in. Wow. Dude. You got fucked by a movie star, or at least a double. Wow Dude! That is so cool. He sure had a big cock didn’t he. Almost as big as your dad's.

Stand up and bend over. I wanna see if any of his cum is still dripping out of your ass. I’d like to even taste it if you don’t object. Man, better still, let me fuck you and plant my seed in there with his. Wow Dude. That’s so hot. Corey, let me fuck you. I’m so hot. Stand up Corey. Let me fuck you now!”

Jake was so excited he was almost whining as he begged me to let him fuck me. I stood and he grabbed my arm, turned me around, and leaned me over. He got on his knees to inspect my cum filled asshole. His hands roughly parted my butt cheeks for inspection.

He rubbed his finger over my butt hole and put one finger inside the opening. I felt his hot breath on my buttocks. He put his tongue to the opening and licked me several times to taste the oozing cum. He stood, dropped his jeans, took out his hard cock, and shoved it into the opening of my ass. He roughly pulled my buttocks to his cock, plugged me hard a few times, gasped, and came. He mingled his seed with my recent fucker’s seed. He was wringing wet from the excitement and the wild fucking he gave me.

Corey. I’m sorry for the sudden intrusion, dude, but the idea of that dude's cum dripping from your tasty hole just drove me wild. I hope I didn’t hurt you. Please don’t let your brothers know how I practically raped you. Damn you are so hot and such a slutty 'pussy boy' when you perform. I love fucking your wet cum filled hole. Can we do this sometime after your dad has planted a big load in you. I think your ‘ole mans’ so hot. He is a dude’s dude.”

Jake don’t worry about it. Fuck, I enjoyed it. You know I’m always ready for you to use me. You’ve never fucked me like that before and I liked it….Dude, I’ll let you fuck me some morning in the gym after Dad has planed his load in my slutty pussy. You’re really a good fucker when you let loose. Don’t hold back on me the next time we have sex. It was great.”

I think we better break this up before some other guys want to use my ass. I hear they are having a party at one of the college dorms and I was hoping either you or Larry could get me in without my brothers knowing. You know how possessive and protective they can be. I was hoping I could get some hot college cock up my 'pussy boy' ass tonight. I hear they have a secluded room downstairs that might be interesting. What do ya say. Jake?”

Yeah I think I might arrange that. I have a good buddy that asked if I knew any dudes that like to take it up the ass and I told him about you. He’s anxious to meet you. I might warn you some of the college studs can be rough and harsh when it comes to fagot sex.”

Wow that sounds hot. Let go. I’m rested and ready to get a few hot college studs to deposit a few load in my slutty 'boy pussy'.”

Story By, Richard Barber at

Word Count, 3673

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College Dorm Slut, Part 04 visit from a Father.

College Dorm Slut, Part 04
Use me some more.  I am your cum dump.

Visit From a Students Fathers

Every one seemed to be busy at school today or in training somewhere on campus, and the Spartacus House dorm was empty except for me. This was a good time for me to gathering up used and dirty clothing from the dorm students rooms and do some minor cleaning. This was one of my other jobs besides being the Dorm Cum dump for 12 hot, horny and hung athletic students at the college and their coach. I was in a constant aspiration world of servicing these men and their equally hot Coach. I loved this job.

I was on the first floor dusting and cleaning when the door opened and in walked an adult stranger. He seemed to be lost or looking for something.

"Hello. Is anyone here?

"Yes sir. May I help you? I'm the house manager."

"Oh hi. I'm Bill Adam and I'm looking for the coach or my son, Bill, Junior. I know I'm not expected but I was in the area and thought I'd drop by to see how my son is doing. "

"Oh sure. Please come in. You caught the place at a slow time. All of the students are busy else were doing other activity...even the coach is gone. Won't you come in and  make yourself comfortable ? It's hard telling when Bill will return but I think he's in training and should be home about 4pm or so. Would you like some coffee? I just made some fresh."

"No but since it is quiet around here would you mind showing me around? I've only been here once and it was packed with students and their fathers. I didn't see much of the living quarters where the students live..and whatever. My Plane had to stop here for some minor repairs and fuel fill up. I thought it would be nice to see Bill. I know we have a "House Gathering" next week but a quick "hello" would be nice too."

Mr Adam was a nice looking man about 35, nice build and pleasant smile. He probably had a nice build under those clothes. He was still a hot looking man. I was wondering if Bill, Junior took his looks and Big cock after his father's side of the family.

" I would be happy to show your around Sir. Come with me and we'll go upstairs first. I just threw a few clothes in the washer so their rooms will be pretty well in order. Bill's room is this way. He is a good student I understand and a fantastic Ball Player. I've had the chance to watch him in one of the local games. Great body too."
"Yeah my boy is something else. He keeps me informed about his grades and games and some of his personal activities around the Dorm. I think he mentioned your name several times."

"I hope it was good. I like Bill very much. He is the one that introduced me to the Spartacus House as a House Boy and"....I paused wondering what other things he told him about me. Some sons are very close and open to their fathers. I was wondering if Bill, Junior was one of those boys.

"He said he discovered you this past summer while he was working as a contractor, and said you gave him an outstanding blow job and piece of ass.
Is that true?"

I suddenly froze in my tracks.

"Don't be shocked. Bill and I are very close and tell each other some of our most pleasant experiences."

"I trust this was  a good experience for him!"

"Oh yes indeed and I was wondering if you could show his 'old man' some of the pleasant things he was talking about?


"Well if you're serious I think we should go to my room where it is more private and we can see what happens."

I was still in minor shock when we reached my room. 'Oh my gawd! This handsome hunky stud and father of one of my favorite students was asking me to have sex with him. I felt faint. Oh my gawd! Oh my gawd! I kept repeating to myself.

He looked around the room and took off his jacket and kicked off his shoes.
He was serious and I was almost trembling at the thought of having intimate sex with this stud.

I started taking off my shirt and dropped to my knees to open Mr Adam's belt and undo his dress pants. I could see a hard-on had developing under his boxer shorts. He carefully placed his jacket and shirt on the nearby chair. I slowly pulled his pants down. He placed them on the chair with his other clothes and tie. I ran my hand up his body's rippling stomach muscles. He was really build solid and firm. I pulled down his white boxer shorts and out jumped a cock as big as his son, if not bigger. ' Like father, like son.' I thought to myself. Oh my Gawd! Another big beautiful cock to service.

I set there admiring his beautiful manly cock and balls. A small amount of clear pre-cum was developing at this piss slot. I immediately place my tongue over his dick opening and did a slow lick and caressed his low hanging balls in my left hand and gripped his manhood and place my mouth around the big cock head. I looked up and he was carefully watching me and smiled.

" It gets bigger when it's hard" he said. 

"I can see by your movements that you are a well trained cock sucker. I'm looking forward to this blow job and then perhaps a jaunt at that hot looking ass of yours. If you can take my son's big cock in your 'poop shoot' I know you can handle mine. I may have another inch or half more cock, but I think you can do it. Keep at it cock sucker. I like it so far, now get me off then we'll fuck!"

I liked this Alpha stud. Oh man! This dads gonna fuck me, just like his son does almost every day. Wow! Another father and son. Maybe we could have a 3 way sometime and a 'round robin' to see how many times they can cum in my ass. I now had another pleasant cock to suck off. 

I did everything I could do to please this stud until he gave me a fantastic load of sperm...So much I had to take a breath and kept swallowing until he unloaded. He was resting on my bed when I took his big load. Then he set up and said.

"Wow! That was one of the best blow jobs I've had since I was in New Orleans last year. I had this drag queen blowing me right on the street while I was watching the Parade. Let me rest and then we'll see if your ass is as warm and sweet as your mouth.. Come over here cock sucker and let  your 'daddy' give you a kiss. Not into kissing but that was hot."

I heard some noise downstairs like someone opening the front door. I think some of the boys are returning home or the Coach had arrived. Shoot! I was looking forward to have Mr Adam fuck me but now I wasn't so sure. Then the coach's door was being unlock so I knew it was him, I looked at Mr Adam.

"I think the coach has arrived. Do you want to continue or do you want to go see the Coach?"

"Damn it. I was looking forward to a nice long fuck, but perhaps I should get dressed and go see the coach. I would like to continue but this may not be the time to continue a fuck session."

Mr Adam reluctantly started to dress once again. I hated to see that big cock go neglected even though I gave him a great blow job. I was really looking forward to a good fucking from this well hung hunk.

Mr. Adam was fully dressed and was checking himself out in the mirror. He saw me standing behind him and turned and smiled. 
"That was a good start son, but next time I'm gonna fuck your ass until you cry uncle...or should I say "Daddy"? Then he leaned in and kissed my cheek.

"Now you take care of that son of mine. I know he's in good hands or should I say mouth and ass?" Then he laughed and opened the door and when downstairs to talk to the coach.

I was so disappointed that Mr Adam didn't get to use my ass for his Cum dump like his son has done several time, and I wonder if I should ever tell him about sucking off his hot father?

I continued to do my chores around the dorm. I took out the clothes from the dryer, folded them and put each and every bit of clothes in each of the designated boy's room. The jock straps were starting to get me hard again and was looking forward to servicing my athletes again this week.

I soon heard the men returning to the dorm with the usual chatting and slap assing again. I really like each and every man here. There were very good to me and now and then I'd receive an envelope with a few extra dollars in it for my services rendered.

One of the twins was walking down the hall when he saw me.

"Hi Dick, Coach told me to tell you to come down to the office as soon as you can. He want's to introduce to someone, I think."

Oh my gawd. I was wonder why I was to come downstairs to meet someone. Perhaps Mr Adam was still here.

I knocked once at the coach's offices.
    "Hey there Dick, Come on in. I want to introduce you to someone special. This is Mr Adam, Bill Adams Father. He's one of our special donors and has come to see Bill while he's here. I've been telling him how special you were to his son Bill and thought you two might want to get more acquainted. I know the men are all coming back to the dorm soon but thought you might want to use my bedroom to get more comfortable. I have to run to the main office and won't be back for about an hour. Have fun and I'll see you for lunch. Perhaps you'd like to join us later? I think your son will be glad to see you."

After the coach left we both looked at each other and laughed.

"The coach is very wise and an accommodating man. Do you think that he realize that you and I have already been together and you gave me a blow job?"

"Yes! I told him but told him I never got to fuck your sweet ass. I think he wanted to join us in a 3 way sometime, but now this will give us some time before we might be interrupted again." Bill said.

"Well what the hell are we wasting our time in here when we could be in the bedroom fucking up a storm? We have 1 hour. How many times do you think you can cum using my ass as you cum dump?"

    When we arrived in the Bedroom coach had laid our some clean towels and lubrication. We both undressed. I went down of his 'already hard' cock and started sucking. He reached down, pick me up and literally thru me on the bed, grabbed the lube, and lifted my legs to his shoulders in one minute flat.
    He took a small bit of lube and eased some of his cock head into my welcome ass hole, then put some on the head of his big hard cock and directed it to my hole. 
    He looked into my eyes and smiled as he forced some of his cock into the opening of my love canal, then a bit more then I felt the head ease in. He waited and pushed in an inch or two more. It felt great and I was so determined to take that big cock.  I forgot about some of the pain I was receiving. Pain of pleasure.
He bottomed out! I could feel his big balls touching my balls. He waited until I got use to it then he pull almost all the way out. (12 inches) Then went all the way back in again. He hit my prostate and I started cumming all over the place. He waited, smiled and started to fuck me slow but ease. We fucked for about 30 minutes. He came in me at least 2 or maybe 3 times. Mr Adam was a true fucking stud.

We got out of the coach's bed, dressed and went back into the living area. A few minutes later the Coach arrived.

"Well. Did you two get well acquainted."

"O yes in fact we did...and my next donation to the Spartacus House has increased 25% and an extra donation to help the House Director with his education next year. But I must insist he continued to guide my son during the next year of sports and other activities."

The front door opened and Mr Adams son, Bill, Junior entered. He quickly came to the coach's office and greeted his dad. They both embraced.

"This is why I left you here to pick up your son! I knew you'd be excited to see him before you left."

'Oh yes I am so happy to see my son but I have to go to the airport to get back on my plane. Son, drive me to the airport and we can catch up on the way there. Thanks again Coach for picking him up at school and thanks for the introduction to Dick, your House Man. He is a good man and a keeper. "

The men left and headed to the airport. I looked at the coach and he gave me a mischievous grin. He motioned for me to head to the bed room so he could fuck me before the evening was over. He knew right away that my ass was full of Mr Adam's cum and wanted to add more sperm to my love canal.

" I'm gonna eat that ass of yours this evening before Bill, Jr returns. I know he's gonna want to fuck you again now that his Father has added a load or 2 to you, but I want to taste you first. Kind of kinky aren't I? I bet your ass is tender after being fucked by his monster. I've only see him in the locker room when he was soft, but it looked big even then. Wow! You took it all."

"Yes sir. Just doing my duty for the Spartacus House. Now let's get going so you can savor some of that man juice in my boy pussy. "

The coach and I undressed and when to his bedroom. I laid on my back with my legs lifted so coach can suck and lick on my ass hole. I didn't know the Coach was so kinky. I loved it. 
He not only licked, sucked and kissed my ass but threw a good fucking to my tender hole. I love this coach. He almost passed out after giving me a hard fucking and used me as his cum dump.

After a good session with the coach I went back upstairs to my room to clean up, but kept the 3 or 4 loads of sperm deep in my body and hoped Bill, Jr. was rearing to saddle me again and add his sperm to his Father's loads.

About 2 hours later Bill returned from the airport and came rushing into my room. He didn't even knock but looked at me and stated stripping his clothes off. I was laying face down on the bed with pillow under my hips waiting for bill to mount me.

"My father and I talked and when he told me you sucked his cock and got fucked 3 times in the coach's bed room I almost came right there in my car. I figured my dad would like you but didn't think he would have all that great sex with the dude I've been fucking for weeks. I assume you enjoyed his huge dick. I was surprised you could even take it. You can see where I get my big dick, from our genes. He's a hot looking man too. I'll bet he'll want to use you again for his cum dump. Huh?" 

"Now spread those legs and let me add my sperm to my dad's load. This is so hot! I may want to fuck you several times tonight if you can handle it. What do you say by fuck buddy friend.?"

We fucked most of the night and he came in me 2 times. I was now loaded with the biggest load of man cum for a long time, and it was great. I was looking forward to meeting more of the fathers at our Yearly House Meeting with the fathers. .

(Next week Party for More Fathers)

01/09/18 Word Count. 2888.

Story By Dick Clinton,

Saturday, November 18, 2017

View from the Balcony

Story by Dick Clinton

One year when I was living in California, a friend of mine asked me if I would do some minor repairs on a home he and his family had purchased in the Hollywood Hills. I was working for a Contractor doing odd jobs during my college days, but at this time it was slow so I had some extra time.

My friend, Harry was on a business trip and would be gone for seven or more days. His wife, Sherry, was visiting her mother in Washington State and his athletic and handsome twenty one year old college son, Jason, would be staying at the house with me during a Spring Brake. We were close companions when he was younger and we would go biking together. He started calling me Uncle Rich and it has stuck to this day.

I was glad to take a few days off from the construction job because it had been hectic this past year after fire had devastated sections of homes along the Pacific coast. We had been busy seven days a week and ten to twelve hours a day. Even though I made a good salary working I was ready to just kick back and enjoy the California sun from the deck of my friends home.

I notice a couple of shingles that had come loose during a storm last month. I got a small ladder from the garage and my tools and proceeded to the roof top. It was a minor fix but could have caused rain leakage later. I thought while I was up here I would check out the bricks on the fireplace. Everything seemed to be in order so I set on the roof enjoying the view of the homes near by. Most were surrounded by trees and shrubbery but I could look down the hill from up here and see the swimming pool and back yard and patio of the nearby home.

I could see a Landscaping truck parked in the driveway, and a young man was trimming some bushes near the house. A Pool Cleaning Truck had just pulled up, and the man was heading for the pool where a naked man rested on a pool chair. I decided to get down from the roof and enjoy the view from the balcony. I would put away the ladder and tools later, but for now I would enjoy my cool drink and check out the man below. I picked up a pair of Harry's high powered binoculars residing on the patio table. Evidently Harry found the view interesting as well.

As I looked through the binoculars I watched the cute pool boy walk up to the naked man and started talking. The naked man on the chair set up and reached for the pool boys crotch. I was rather surprised but got interested in what was going on. The pool boy didn't flinch, but took off his shirt and pants and pulled down his bathing suite offering his cock to the naked man. I had a pretty good view of everything going on and it must have been an expected thing to happen. The naked man was blowing his young hot pool boy right there by the pool. After a few minutes of cock sucking the young man threw his head back and gave the naked man his load. I continued to watch as the boy slowly picked up his tools and went about his work cleaning the pool.

The naked man was in his thirties, had a great tanned and muscular body and moved like a swimmer. No doubt he was gay or bisexual and wasn't shy about having sex right out in the open. I though I might have the only view to his pool from my balcony. I had forgotten about the gardener, but I soon saw him heading to the pool area. Perhaps he had seen the action and wanted a blow job as well.

When the gardener approached the naked man at the pool, he took off his work-shirt and through it over his shoulder. He looked like he was a well developed Latino young man about twenty five with black hair and a firm body. He proudly strutted up to the naked man and started talking to him. The naked man got up and headed to the back patio and motioned for the Latino man to follow. I followed them with my spy glasses and saw the naked man go into the house while he Latino stood outside. Soon the naked man returned with a blanket and threw it over the air conditioning unit on the patio. I still had a good view of everything going on.

The Latino man stated unbuttoning his pants and rubbing his crouch. The naked man bent over the air conditioner and patted his butt. OMG. He wanted the Latino man to fuck his ass. Man. This was getting hotter and hotter as the day went on.

Latino man stood and briefly jacking on his cock while his boss was lubing his ass getting ready to be fucked. I did a close up zoom of the mans cock, and it was big, even at this distance. I still had a good view of the action and could see the Latino guide his cock to the ass and slowly put it in the man.

I was so hot already that I let my jeans fall to my ankles and was now jacking on my cock. I didn't care if anyone saw me. As I was slowly jacking on my cock and watching the Latino fucking his boss, the naked man. I happened to notice a telephone man working on a nearby pole. He was busy looking down at the Latino fucking the naked man and was rubbing his own cock. Then he looked over at me and gave the a high sign as if to say, “looking good. I know what you're watching too.”

As this action was going on I kept jacking on my hard cock but didn't want to shoot just yet. The Latino was really plowing it to the man and by the looks of the motions, and slapping of the butt, he was about to cum. I could hear the grunting and moaning even from my balcony. Then it happened and the Latino called out some Spanish obscene words and gave out another yell as he came. Wow. That was wild. I couldn't hold back and shot a big load of cum right off the balcony and onto the patio below.

I looked over to the telephone man to see his reactions but he was climbing down the pole. He went to his truck to place some equipment inside, then shut and locked the doors. Then he turned and looked up to me, grabbed his hard on through his jeans, then held up his thumb and headed to the house where there naked man lived.

Meanwhile the Gardner had gotten his nuts off and was dressed. The naked man handed him a check for the gardener work, or the fuck, or both. They talked for a few minutes then the Latino went around the house to his parked truck on the road.

I saw the telephone man walking around to the side of the house and down the steps to the back patio where the naked man was resting. He was carrying a phone book, what else? The naked man didn't seemed to be shocked or disturbed by his sudden unexpected visitor.

They talked for a brief time then the naked man reached for the phone mans crotch. He proceeded to unbutton his jeans and drop to his knees to suck on the phone man. The phone man knew I was watching and turned so I could see the action. He looked up and once again gave me the thumbs up, insuring me he was getting a good blow job. I started getting hard again and tuned my spy glasses to full focus. The phone man was an older man of about forty with a firm trim body. What I could see of his cock, it was bigger than average and he was sure enjoying the sucking he was getting.

The naked man had managed to pull the phone man pants down around his ankles and was now licking on his balls. After he sucked his cock and licked his balls, the phone man turned around and let the naked man eat and rim his ass while he jacked on his own cock.

The naked man stopped rimming the phone man then stood and leaned over the air conditioner offering his juicy fuck hole to the phone man. He didn't hesitate but guided his big cock to the naked man's ass hole and slam dunked him. I heard the man let out a cry of either pain or pleasure while the phone man continued to fuck him. And fuck him he did, fucked him hard and rough. He was a wild one and I wouldn't mind getting fucked by him either. Now and then he would glance my way to let me know how much pleasure he was having.

On the road near by a UPS truck pulled up to gather up some packages for delivery. He also pulled out his lunch bag and a cup of coffee. He was going to take a break. He saw me on the balcony, naked and jacking on my cock. By this time I had lost all my modesty. I was still jacking and about to cum again, but I wanted to hold off. The UPS man must have wondered what I was looking at that made me so hot. Then he looked down the hill to see the phone man and the naked man fucking up a storm. He looked back at me and smiled, then looked back at the fucking action. He put down his lunch and pulled out his cock and started jacking on himself, first looking at me, then the fucking session.

I couldn't believe all the things that were going on before me. I was in a sexual trance. I continued to watch the action below while the hot phone man was fucking the hell out of the naked man on the patio. Soon the action got harder, faster and noisier. I assumed the phone man was starting to cum, because he was fucking faster and faster. Then he threw his head back, grunted and released his load up the cum filled ass.

The UPS Man was standing at his truck door so he could watch better. He continued to jack on his cock until I though he was gonna cum, but he was holding back. I observed his trim abs as he opened his shirt and dropped his UPS brown shorts to his ankles. He was even hotter than I thought. I wanted to stand by him and let him shoot his load all over me and drink down his cum. Perhaps he had a delivery to this house and I could make it with him later.

As I continued to watch the phone man fuck and the UPS man jack off, I was about to cum for the second time. I wanted to hold off to see what the UPS man was going to do. He had put his clothes back on and pulled himself together. He was gathering up a small package, picked up his i Pad then closed and locked the door. When he got out of the truck he looked up and me and waved. He was heading down the back stairs of the naked man's house to deliver his package.

Meanwhile the phone man had a good fuck and was standing while the naked man lick and cleaned his cock. The phone man pulled up his pants and started to leave. Before he left he looked up at me standing on the balcony and wave one last time. As he left I was wondering where the UPS man was now located. I think he was making sure the phone man had left before he made his entrance at the back gate of the house.

The naked man set on the patio and lite up a joint and had a drink of something. The UPS man was at the back gate and gave out a 'hello, UPS man' I have a package for you.'The naked man casually walked to the back gate, still naked, and open the lock on the iron gates. The UPS man smile and shyly lowered his head as if he was shocked to see the naked man. The naked man motioned for him to come in and follow him to the open patio where he had just been royally fucked by the phone man.

Boy, this guy has a had a fantastic sexual day already. Wonder if this happens all the time or did I just happen to be here while this dude has all his happy and willing visitors.
I have to admit the naked man is a masculine, hot looking, well hung, talented cock sucker and good piece of ass.

I had just put down my spy glasses to light up a joint of my own and have a sip of my beer. The UPS guy was standing by the table talking then handed the naked man the iPod to sign for the package. After the naked man signed the pad, he reached out and took hold of the bulging package between his legs. The UPS man had gotten a hard on anticipating some action from the naked man. UPS man set down his pad and the UPS package while the naked man was opening his pants. He let them drop to the patio while he dropped to his knees to start sucking the UPS man. This guy is a fast worker and hard to resist. I kept my spy glasses on the action. The UPS man turned slightly towards me so I could see him getting blown.

I heard someone down below me on the patio where I had already shot two loads of cum. I had hoped I would get down there and clean it up before Jason came back from his bike run. I quickly stepped back from the balcony so he couldn't see me standing here naked, and exhibiting a big hard on again. I slipped on my jeans in case he came upstairs. There was no sound of Jason so I looked over the edge of the balcony to see him removing his helmet, knee pads and other bike equipment. As he was setting up his bike I noticed he was looking over the top of the hedge towards the naked mans pool and patio. He probably notice the UPS truck parked on the back road, then he saw the UPS man standing there getting a blow job.

I kept watching the house as the UPS man was getting sucked off. He was a faithful UPS man and got off quickly so he could continue delivering his other package. He quickly pulled up his pants, said something to the naked man and hurried up the back stairs and to his truck parked on the back road. When he started to leave, he waved at me and smiled. I was hoping I would meet him face to face sometime soon. Now that he knew he could get sucked off along his route, I might see him again.

I had almost forgot about Jason until I saw him walking down the road to the back entrance to the naked mans house. Was Jason aware what was going on and was going to get a blow job as well? Sure enough. Jason entered the back gate and went directly to the naked man. He set down and puffed on the joint offered him. He must know the naked man. I waited impatiently until I notice Jason stood and pulled down his spandex and flopped out his big cock for the naked man to suck. OMG. Here my best friends hot young son was getting a blow job right in front of me. How hot is that? I had noticed Jason since he was a hot young teenager. He had grown to a delicious hunk right before my eyes. I kicked my jeans off again, got out my spy glasses and zoomed in on his nice cock and ass as he was getting a blow job.

I watched closely for a few minutes until Jason grabbed the mans head and shot his manly load into his neighbors willing cock sucking throat. I wondered if Jason was fucking him as well. I was about to jack off again but notice Jason turned and looked up at the balcony where I stood. I stepped back thinking he didn't see me standing here naked and jacking off while he was getting blown. I set back in my chair and thought I'd wait to see if Jason saw me. This might be awkward.

I put my Jeans back on, picked up my tools and the ladder and headed back downstairs to put the items in the garage. Just as I was coming out of the garage, Jason was bringing his bike inside to hang it on the wall. I acted surprise to see Jason and said 'hi'.

Hi, Uncle Rich. How ya doing man? Nice to see you again. I heard dad telling me you were going to be here for a week or so. Nice to have you around. Perhaps we can go biking like we use to.” Then he continue to place the bike on the rack.

Has my neighbor been putting on a good show for you today?

He told me he knew you were watching, but it was okay. That dude's a real cock hound exhibitionist, and gives an awesome blow job. He's been sucking me off since I was about 15. You got to check out his mouth action. He gives a fantastic rim job and will tongue fuck your ass until you make him stop, and he likes to be fucked as well.

Have you ever fucked a dude before? He taught me how to get fucked. I'm straight you know, but I sure love having a big cock up my ass now and then. I really get off on it. Perhaps I might talk you into fucking me this week before Dad gets home.”

I stood there in a state of shock. I had just experienced watching a guy suck and get fucked by the guys Gardner, his pool boy, the telephone man, the UPS guy and suck off my friends hot college son, and now he is asking me to fuck him.

I see by the big bulge in your Jeans you have a big hard on now so, while you're in the mood, while don't you drop your jeans, lube up you cock, and fuck me right here over my Dads Harley. I've been fucked here by Dad a few times when Mom is gone. Come on. Don't be shy. I can take it and like it rough, so plow away.

Jason said as he pulled off his spandex and took my hand. I immediately dropped my jeans while being guided by Jason towards his Dad's Harley D. He bent over the machine, spread his tight buttock and offered me his ass. It was so hot that I almost came just touching his firm ass.

Come on Uncle Rich, You've never been shy around me before. Please fuck me. I haven't had a nice big cock up my buns since the swimming coach banged me in the locker room last month. I need it bad, Uncle Rich. Please fuck me.”

Needless to say I fucked Jason over his Dad's Harley D. and came 2 more times.

I stayed at my friends home for the rest of the summer. Jason took me to visit the naked man. We took turns fucking the naked man. One time I looked up at the balcony and saw Harry viewing us with his high powered binoculars.

Story By Dick Clinton

Word Count 3385