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Prison Guard, Part 04


Part 4, 

More to come.
I had been so engrossed watching Joe enjoy his first boy fuck, that I hadn’t noticed one of the men from the night crew standing quietly inside the cell, cock in hand, and obviously ready for some action.
Joe withdrew his cock, sat back and rubbed Mike’s ass once more, before he got off the cot. It wasn’t until then that he noticed the other guard standing by. Joe picked his towel up off the floor, looked over at me, sheepishly nodded and left the cell.

The guard was an older man about 45 years old, toting a big thick cock and an extremely large set of low hanging balls. I was getting hard again, as I gazed at his thick cock. He told Mike to turn over on his back. The guard lifted Mike’s firm legs and slowly put the tulip shaped head of his cock into his hole. This cock was thicker than either Joe’s or mine, and it took a bit of manoeuvring until it started to slide in. Even though Mike was filled with lubricating cum, he had to take him slowly. Finally the huge cock eased into Mike’s fuck hole. I had to get closer to watch.

The cum juices were oozing out from around the big cock. I could not resist putting my face right at the base of his ass where the cock was sliding in and out. I started licking the tasty juices of 3 loads of cum. I licked his big hairy balls savouring all the juices and body sweat. He started pumping faster and faster. He started cumming and more cum juices were oozing out of Mike’s hole like a leaky faucet.

Mike moaned as he starting shooting his cum between their bodies. There were the sounds of heavy breathing and passionate kissing between the guard and Mike. I got excited while jacking my cock and squirted my cum on the guard’s back. It streamed down his back to mingle with his own cum around Mike’s ass hole.

After a brief pause and a deep breathing from both, the guard slowly withdrew his monstrous cock from Mike’s love canal. I reached for my nearby towel to wipe some of the cum and sweat from their bodies. The guard got up from the cot, kissed Mike on his forehead and headed for the showers. I took another look as the guard’s thick uncut cock as he was about to pass me. He squeezed out some of his remaining cum from his cock, rubbed his wet member on my face, winked and left the cell.

I crawled up next to Mike on the cot as he curled up next to me. I kissed him on the cheek as he drew me closer to his lips for a soft sweet kiss. 

Thank you for bringing your friends over. I love to get fucked and never seem to get tired of men plowing my ass. That last guy reminded me of one of my uncles, and the fuck sessions we use to have together. What a fantastic thick cock. I loved the hairy chest and the feel of his big balls as they hit my ass. I hope you can arrange for him to come back again.”
You’re a damn good fucker, too. I love the feel of your cock in my body. You know when you were fucking me I came without touching myself. Your cock hits my prostate just in the right places and causes me to come. I hope we can do this more often. Man, you’re a hot dude. I want more of you and Max,” Mike said, smiling contentedly.

I was tempted to stay curled up next to Mike and go to sleep, but knew I would be in deep shit if I were found in bed with an inmate. I reluctantly put on my shorts and headed back to the showers. Mike had fallen asleep and looked so great laying there in the nude. I knew I’d be back for more of that ass later.

I had to get ready for my shift. Max had gone home for the night, but would be back later for the day shift. Joe had finished showering and was in his uniform making some coffee in the lounge. He looked as hot in his uniform as he did out of it. Well, maybe not quite, but he did look sexy. When he saw me, he nodded as though nothing had happened.

As I sat in the locker room putting on my uniform I overheard a couple of the men talking about some special session that was planned this next week. Apparently like the Warden was going for a trip and the Assistant Warden would be taking charge while he was away. I understood there was to be a special drill in one section of the jail, and only a few inmates and guards would be participating. The guards didn’t appear to know anyone else was in the locker room, and they were speaking in hushed tones. I couldn’t hear all that they were saying but it must have been something really special. I would have to remember to ask Max about it when I saw him this morning.

I finished dressing and was having some breakfast in the guard’s mess when I saw Max coming into the room. He went through the breakfast line and came over to my table to join me.

Hey, Partner. Ready to knock a few heads today or shall we just take it easy and spend some quality time in the storage room?” Max quietly said, watching for my response.

What ever you say. You’re the boss, but the quality time sounds pretty good. Who did you have in mind? By the way, I went to visit Mike during the night. He’s a damn good fuck. Sorry your weren’t there.”

Yeah, isn’t he though? So, you like that little dude huh? Well there’s more where that one came from. We’ll have to try a few more as the new ones arrive. I have scheduled us to check in some of the new arrivals this week, so we can get us some fresh boys before they get ruined by some of these fucken bruisers in here. I like to make them bend over so I can check out some of their virgin ass holes, but some of the used ones aren’t too bad either. It’s good to humiliate some of the smart-ass punks when they first arrive. I can be a real bastard at times,” Max grinned.

We sat in the mess hall and sipped our coffee before taking our run for the day. Max wasn’t hard to get along with and was very open about his sexual desires. He liked to pretend that he was a bastard but that was all an act. I liked Max. He was as considerate as he was hot. I was not usually one to get my ass fucked but if Max told me to bend over, I wouldn’t hesitate for a minute.

I asked Max what was brewing this week while the warden was out of town. He looked at me in surprise, and asked how I knew about that. I told him about the conversation I overheard, but that I didn’t understand everything they were talking about. He looked at me very seriously and said I was not to speak of it to anyone and he would let me in on what was happening later on.  We finished our coffee and headed out to work our assigned duties.

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Story By Dick Clinton
10/24/2005.  Word Count 1,272

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Prison Guard, Part 03


Part 03, Sharing
Another guard happened to be showering at the same time I was. We briefly spoke, and then I dried myself off, went to my locker, and put on a pair of boxer shorts. I headed to the TV room where I had planned to watch a bit of television before taking a nap, when the same dude that shared the shower with me earlier came into the room. He only had a towel around his waist, as he sat next to me on the couch in the back of the room.

Hey, my name is Brian. I’m training with Max.” I said as I offered my hand to him.

Yeah. Nice to meet yea. The name’s Joe. I’m usually on the day shift, but I’m filling in for one of the graveyard shift bulls while he’s on vacation. It’s my first time on this shift and I thought it might be a good chance for me to get more experience. I think there’s more going on in the daytime, so this will probably be a rest for me. 

I just split with my girl last week after I caught her screwing another dude. The bitch was getting boring anyway.” Then Joe laughed and scratched his crotch.

She’ll miss my 8 inch cock after a while. I felt like shoving it right up his ass, but he might have enjoyed it too much.” Then we both laughed.

He might have. Nothing like a good tight ass even if it is a dude.” I said without thinking.

Joe laughed and scratched his nuts again. We sat quietly for a brief moment then Joe said.

Never fucked a man’s ass before. Heard some of the guys talking about it in the locker room one day, but never actually tried it. Have you ever done it?”

Wow! I thought to myself”, this seemed almost too easy. Joe was really a hot, macho-looking guy, probably about 26 or 27. He had a great tan, and his body was well developed with solid looking abs. His hair was a dark blond and had sparkling greenish blue eyes. His tan made his white teeth really show up. I had noticed his larger-than-normal uncut cock and his firm hairy balls when we were in the shower. He rubbed his cock again through the white towel wrapped snugly around his 32-inch waist. I thought I could see a slight movement from the mound at his crotch.

Yeah,” I finally replied. “I fucked my younger brother’s ass when I was a teenager. It was pretty good too. Came in handy when I couldn’t get any pussy.”
You actually fucked your brother’s ass? Shit that would come in handy. How old were you?”

Oh, it started when I was just a fucking horny teenager. I got stoned one night during a party, and when I came home he was fast asleep on the bed. It was a warm night and he was sleeping naked. His sweet bare ass was looking so good that my dick automatically sprung into action. He looked better than the chick I had been fucking at the time. I lay down next to him, and began rubbing his soft round buns. He awoke, but didn’t push me away. I quickly stripped down and mounted his pretty little ass, and fucked the hell out of him. Whoopee! It was so good that we did it regularly after that. I don’t know how many times we’ve done it over the years, but we still get together when he comes home from college. He’s a hot little piece of ass, I tell yea.”

Fucken hot, man. I have to admit I have seen some hot looking young men in the cell blocks that I wouldn’t mind plugging.” He laughed nervously as he readjusted his obviously growing dick.

Looks like we both could use some ass tonight from the looks of that hard cock.” I said as I freed my erect cock from the confines of my boxer shorts.

Joe’s eyes quickly darted from my eyes to my cock and back to my eyes again.

I reached over and gave his hard cock a squeeze. He didn’t seem to mind, or at least he didn’t push my hand away.

You know what Joe? I think I know a way we might be able to take care of both our problems tonight.

I think there might be some hot ass we could both enjoy. That is, if you’re willing to have some fun so we can get our ‘nut’. What do you say? Want to come along with me and check something out?” I said as I slowly stood up, trying not to scare him off with my cock sticking out practically in his face.

Come on Joe. Let’s have some fun. I know where we can get some action, and not have to worry about anyone knowing. Follow me!”

I headed down the hall towards Mike’s cell, as Joe slowly got up from the couch and sheepishly followed me. When we got to Mike’s cell, there lay this beautiful blond boy on the cot just as I had seen him earlier. His round firm buttocks were so inviting. The soft light beamed across his perfect young body making him look almost angelic. My mouth started to water as I thought of sticking my tongue into his boyish ass hole to taste some of Max’s remaining cum, but I decided to go slow before I became too kinky in front of Joe. I knew once he got over his fear of this being a ‘queer thing,’ he was going to get some of the best pleasure of his straight life.

Joe looked at Mike’s desirable young body and then backs at me.

I don’t know about this,” he whispered. “Do you really think it’s ok? He might yell out.”
No, it’s ok. He is my partner’s boy toy. Max said I could use him any time I wanted and tonight, I want to.” I said as I quietly opened the cell door. Joe followed me in.

I reached my hand down to touch Mike on the shoulder so not to frighten him from his sleep. Mike turned quickly at my touch, but when he recognized me, he looked around and smiled and then he looked over at Joe and nodded.

Hi Mike. I’ve brought along a friend.

Joe stood by the bed. His towel had fallen from his waist to the floor, and his 8-inch cock stood straight out. I sat on the bed and motioned for Joe to come closer. First he nervously placed his hand on Mike’s back and then moved down to his round firm buttocks. His eyes hungrily explored Mike’s firm body. Joe’s strong hands gently stroked Mike’s buttocks then his finger went for Mike’s butt crack.

I put my hands on Mike’s buttocks and gently parted his ass cheeks. Mike moved his legs farther apart. I wet my fingers and moved them farther down the crevice, until one finger eased into the tight brown anus. Mike moaned slightly. Joe was trembling with excitement as he placed his finger to Mike’s butt hole next to mine.

Oh my god,” Joe whispered. “This is so hot. Man my cock is hard as a rock. Shit. I hope I don’t cum too quickly. What do we do now? Are you going to stick that big cock of yours into that tight little hole? Fuck man. He’ll never be able to take this cock,” he said as he surprisingly took hold of my cock. I leaned forward to kiss Mike’s ass and licked his butt crack. Joe watched carefully as my tongue slowly licked up and down the butt crack then deeper into the fuck hole.

Mike spread his legs further and sighed softly. Then I went for it, and buried my face right into Mike’s waiting ass. I was hoping to find some of Max’s cum he had deposited in Mike’s ass earlier tonight when he fucked him in the storage room. There it was. I pushed my face and tongue in as deep as I could, then sucked a small bit of the juices from Mike. It was warm and sweet. 

Oh yeah.” Mike softy moaned out. “Eat my ass. Get it nice and wet so you can fuck me. I need your cock up my ass, Daddy. Eat my ass. Ummm. That’s so good.” Mike continued to enjoy my tongue fucking as Joe watched me rimming this hot young man.

Joe was so hot now that he was wildly pounding away at his dick. One hand was rubbing Mike’s buttock as I tongue fucked the sweet ass hole. I pulled my face from Mike’s sweet tasting hole to crawl between his legs and positioned my cock at the entrance to Mike’s moist wanting ass hole. Joe reached over and grasped my hard cock.

I need more lube, Joe. Wet me down.” I said as I pulled Joe’s head closer to my cock. Joe resisted as I forced his head to my cock. I rubbed my dick head to his lips until he finally gave in. Joe wrapped his soft moist lips on the head of my cock and went down on me, wetting and sucking on my cock. He pulled my moistened cock from his mouth and guided it to Mike’s ass crack.

He guided my cock close to the moist ass hole and slowly placed my cock head into Mike. It was still so warm and moist, making it easier for me to slide right into him. Mike sighed with pleasure as I buried my cock all the way to my balls on the first try. Joe moved around behind me for a better view, and caressed my balls while my cock plunged in and out of Mike’s hole.
I spread my legs so that Joe had a perfect view of my cock sliding in and out of Mike’s ass. His hands held onto my balls as he cautiously placed his finger along side my cock and slid it into Mike’s ass hole along with my cock. This made me even hotter knowing Joe was enjoying his first man-to-man encounter.

Mike’s body moved in rhythm with mine. I felt my balls tighten with pleasure, and I released an incredible load. It made it even more exciting knowing Joe was watching me empty my cum into Mike’s sweet ass. I gasped a few times with pleasure then leaned into Mike to gush out my last few squirts of cum. Joe was going crazy beating his cock. He moved closer, ready to use Mike’s ass for his own pleasure. I slowly pulled my wet cum slick cock out of Mike to give Joe room. He immediately mounted his butt and put his cock deep into Mike and moaned with pleasure.

Ohhhhh fuck. This is so fucking hot. I can feel your warm sperm gushing around my cock. It feels so good. Man, you shot a big load. I can feel it oozing out onto my balls.” Joe said as he frantically pumped away.

Oh fuck. I think I’m going to cum. Oh fuck! Fuck! Take that cock baby; take my hot fucking load, Oh fuck! This is the best. Ohhhh Yeah.”

Joe continued to rough fuck at Mike’s ass. Each time he would pull all the way out, then ram it all the way in with deep hard plunges. Mike was backing into his cock just as hard. This wild plunging kept up for a few minutes until Joe had emptied his load into Mike. Then he leaned over the boy almost falling on him. He placed his head near Mike’s face and gasped for air.

Story by  Dick Clinton at
Edited by Dale M. 10/24/2005, Word Count, 1,975.

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Prison Guard, Part 02

Prison Guard

The Nightstick, Part 02

Max caressed Mike’s firm, “bowling ball” butt then wiped his thick moist semi-hard cock on it. He gave Mike a slap on the ass and motioned for him to go back to his quarters. I headed back to the lockers to pick up my clothes and get ready for the next shift, while Max headed out the other door toward the shower area. His cock was still dripping juices from his recent fuck as he walked down the short hallway to the showers. He passed me as I sat on the bench next to the lockers and playfully punched me on my shoulder.

Whoopee ! ! I’ve been looking forward to fucking that pup since I spotted him outside the warden’s office. I’m glad I got to him before some of those ass holes in lock-up stretched his man pussy. Hey, Brian, you’ve got a good size hunk of meat there. I know he will enjoy your stud cock up his sweet hole. Whoopee ! !” Max called out once again as he turned on the showers.

I had to laugh at his ranting. Max seemed like a pretty decent guard, and I just assumed that he messed around, but it took me by surprise that he was so open about it. He was the last person I’d expected to find fucking a guy. I knew he was married and had a couple of kids, but I guess you can’t always assume because a man is married that he doesn’t like a good piece of young male ass now and then. I think this job is going to have its rewards after all. I felt like I could now relax more around Max and be more open about my sexual desires. Hopefully, sometime Max and I would have a more intimate sexual contact.

The night went smoothly in the control room where we gathered after making our rounds. The room was above the cell blocks where we could keep watch on the prisoners during lock-up. After ‘lights out’ the place quieted down, and there were only a few moans and suggestive calls before everyone fell asleep. You could see a few men moving around in their cells, either using the ‘shitter’, reading with a small flash light or joining their cell buddy for a satisfying fuck, blow job, or jack off session. Everyone knew what was going on but we looked the other way, as long as there wasn’t any real danger developing. The men needed to relieve their tension and this was a good way as any to do it.

Max had made arrangements for our new punk boy, Mike, to have a private cell close to our area. Mike had a job in the prison office so the idea of him having this cell was not even questioned. Most of the other guards knew what Max was arranging, but didn’t know I was being included as well. I was just getting horny thinking about it and thought I would check on Mike right after I got off my shift tonight. I was looking forward to fucking his young hot ass.

I was about to take another quick check around the cell block before I got off, when I saw Larry, one of the other guards, on one of the TV monitors as I left the control room. I think he was heading for the prison hospital, and since I was heading the same way, I would check him out and get acquainted.

Larry was one of the newer guards, hired just a few weeks before I came aboard. He was a well-built man, who appeared to be about 30. I hadn’t had much personal contact with him because we always seemed to be working different hours. We had worked out at the gym together and although I hadn’t yet seen him naked, I had already checked out his firm ass and the large package beneath his workouts. He had a nice face with a square jaws, semi-wavy blond streaked hair, deep brown eyes, and a straight set of pearly whites. I never saw him smile much and he always presented himself as a serious man who was in control.

I took my time checking out each door on the way toward the hospital wing when I passed by the doctor’s office. I was surprised at what I saw. Leaning over one of the steel operating tables was Larry, with his uniform pants down past his buttocks and one of the other guards was pounding the hell out of his ass. He was showing no mercy to Larry as he shoved his cock in him. I couldn’t tell right away if the guard fucking him had a large cock or not. Larry was grimacing as he held onto the opposite side of the steel table. Whether it was hurting him or he was just enjoying it he was taking it like a man. The other guard plunged in hard pulling his cock almost all the way out then ramming it back in. He would slap Larry’s ass cheeks repeatedly until they were rosy red.

My cock quickly got hard watching the action-taking place before me. I had placed myself close enough to see them, yet they could not see me. A wall mirror gave me a good view of the other side of the action. I didn’t want to interrupt them, nor did I want to embarrass Larry, so I remained quietly in the hallway. My balls ached with excitement, and I could not resist pulling my cock out of my uniform to masturbate. I was so engrossed in watching the hot man sex that I was unaware of being observed by someone in the shadows. He quietly entered the hallway and reached for my hard cock. I nearly jumped out of my skin and instinctively reached for my club.
What the fuck?” I thought, as this man quickly dropped to his knees with his hand circling my cock.

Then he quietly said to me. “Don’t panic! Don’t panic! I am just going to help you out here Sir.”

He went down on my cock, causing me to gasps with sudden pleasure.
I grabbed his head so he would not get away but gave him enough room to manipulate my cock and continued giving me a great blow job. I hadn’t had a chance to see his face but at this point I didn’t even care who he was. He was a great cocksucker and I was horny so I could care less. I immediately started to fuck his face. He had managed to release my big hairy balls from my uniform pants and was holding them in one hand as his hot mouth was servicing my juicy cock.

I turned once more to give my attention to the action in the office as my unknown cocksucker was pleasing me. I was still so hot watching Larry get his firm muscular ass fucked. By this time Larry’s ass fucker had pulled his cock out of him and was jacking himself off. He had a good size cock and I knew why Larry was making such a face as he was getting fucked.

The guard had taken Larry’s nightstick from his holder and was rubbing it up and down Larry’s butt crack. After a few swipes up and down his ass, he proceeded to place the end of the stick into Larry’s mouth forcing him to suck on it. The guard then slowly started to put the nightstick into Larry’s ass, forcing him to take it until several inches disappeared up his hole. Larry remained on the table cringing as if in pain. Tears began to roll down his face. I could not understand why Larry put up with this. He was a big strong man and could surely have knocked the hell out of the other guard. I was about to burst open the door and stop the onslaught but Larry gasped with pleasure then started to back into it. He was obviously enjoying the abuse the man was inflicting on him. Once the other guard had the stick in Larry, he started to move it in and out as he continued to jack himself off.

Larry continued to let his ass be used and the expressions of pain turned into pleasure. The other guard was ready to shoot his load as his stroking became faster. He threw his head back and his cock shot load after load of cum on Larry’s back. As his orgasm subsided, he slowly pulled his nightstick out of Larry’s ass. He wiped the soiled nightstick on Larry’s butt, and then wiped the remaining juices from his semi-hard cock on Larry as well. He quickly put his cock back into his pants and slapped Larry one more time on the butt, muttered some obscene words then left the room.

I had become so excited at the exhibit of the ‘man fucking’, that I shot one of the biggest loads of the day into my unknown cock sucker's mouth. I gasped and held his head down on me until he was gagging and gasping for air. I released him as he eagerly took my juices gulping down as much as he could. Not one drop hit his face or the floor. He slurped down my cock and licked some remaining cum from the pubic hair at the base of my cock. He continued to clean my remaining juices and milk down the last drops of sweet cum. He wiped my balls dry with a cloth and quietly left my dick hanging out of my uniform. I was so engrossed with the fucking of Larry and his guard friend, that I hadn’t bothered to see who had just drained the cum from my cock. My unknown friend slipped out of the hall and back into a room just as quietly as he had approached me, took control of my hard cock, to drain me dry, and satisfy my passion.

I looked back into the room to see how Larry was managing his rough ‘man fuck’. Larry was now standing beside the steel table and was pulling up his pants. I saw several clear white puddles of cum on the table where Larry had shot off during the time he had been fucked by his friend. I quickly put my cock back into my pants and placed my nightstick into its halter. I quietly left the area and headed back to the control room to check in before I went back to my bunk. Now I knew more what to expect from Larry and to avoid his guard friend. I wasn’t about to be fucked by a nightstick.

I arrived back to the control room, signed out, and headed back to my area to shower and rest before my next shift. I considered using my new punk boy, Mike, but when I walked by his cell he was fast asleep. Like many of the men, he slept nude. He was on his stomach and his hot round butt was spread out before me just asking for a good fucking. Somehow, I still felt horny. Maybe after a quick shower I would be ready to at least eat some ass hole. Maybe Mike still had some of Max’s cum remaining deep in that sweet ass hole. If so I could get a nice taste of Max as well as some boy juices.

Word count. 1,937 ,- 10/20/2005

Story by Dick Clinton at

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Prison Guard, Part 01

Prison Guard

 If you are offended by man-to-man sexual contact or you are under legal age in your country or state, then read no further, and if you are looking for role models or standards of acceptable of safe behaviour, you shouldn’t be reading Erotic stories.
Story by Dick Clinton

Learning the Rules, Part 01

Without putting a whole lot of thought into it, I decided to go to police academy right out of college. I was a young adventurous man and thought I could always change my profession later if it didn’t work out. I was single and had no thoughts about getting married. After the academy, I had an opportunity to take a job at the local state prison and I jumped at the chance. The hours weren’t too good, but the fringe benefits and pay weren’t bad for a beginning job.
I trained with an older, more experienced cop who showed me the ropes, and taught me how to keep out of trouble. His name was Maxwell Barr, a handsome man about 40. He was built like a rock, and was constantly working out to keep in shape. He had served in the Marine Corps for 8 years. Max wore a wedding band, but he never talked much about his personal life and I never asked.
My first few weeks were mostly spent learning all the rules and regulations of prison life. After our 8 to 10 hour shift we would go to the gym to work out, or to the firing range to practice my marksmanship or go sit in the TV lounge to watch a ball game or movie. The prison had become like a home for many of the guards. They found it easier to stick around for the next shift than to go home between shifts.
I was friendly and had become accepted by the men. I had always been sexually attracted to masculine men and found several of these men to be very desirable. It wasn’t that I flaunted my sexuality, but I sensed magnetism between several of the men and myself. I was about to discover a surprising degree of sensitivity and understanding in the midst of all these macho surroundings.
I had been on a late shift and had just completed a good work out in the gym. As I headed for the showers to clean up and relax before taking a quick nap while it was still quiet. Most of the men were either on duty or resting. I had seen my partner, Max, around earlier but lost track of him while I was in the gym. I like the showers because they are large enough for several men to shower at the same time. This usually gave me an opportunity to check out the other men when we showered together, but this particular time I had the showers all to myself.
I finished showering when I heard a strange sound in the gym storage room. I thought I would check it out, so I looked through the small window in one of the doors. I could barely make out some figures in the dimly lit room. I was still naked, but cautiously went inside, thinking it might be some escaped prisoner. Instead I saw Max getting his cock sucked by a young prisoner. I was surprised at first but, felt a sexual urge and crept closer to the action. Max saw me as I came through the door, but kept mouth fucking the young man. He nodded and motioned for me to come over.
I was still separated from the men by a chain link fence. I started jacking my cock as I watched the action. Max had a rather large fat cock surrounded by mass of dark hair. His well-developed chest and legs were covered with hair. He was a sexy-looking man who seemed to have no qualms about me seeing him with his big cock down the throat of this young man. I really wanted to get to the other side of the fence but the door to the cage was outside and down the hall. I would have to enjoy the show from here.
Yeah, cocksucker. Keep sucking on my salami. Good boy. Yeah, that’s good.” Max was saying.
Max was obviously enjoying getting sucked. I think he enjoyed it even more now that I was watching. Max motioned his head for me to come closer.
Brian, come over closer. I want to watch you jack off while this hot little dude here sucks me. Stand up punk. I want to ram my cock up your boy pussy. Turn that ass around! Let me get a good taste of your sweet pussy before I fuck you. Get your hands on that bench and bend over. Yeah that’s it baby. Oh yes. Pretty little ass there, punk.” Max said as he fondled the boy’s ass.
Max placed his hands on the boy’s firm buttocks and spread his cheeks. The young man looked up at me for the first time, and then shyly lowered his eyes. He grabbed his hard cock and started to jack himself off as Max was fingering his ass. Max dropped to his knees, and spreading the young man’s buttocks licked his butt crack. He leaned back and gazed lustfully at his boy toy’s butt, then he buried his face directly into the ass. The young man sighed with pleasure as Max tongue fucked his hole.
I was getting very excited watching Max. I had seen this young man in one of the offices as a trustee. I thought at the time how young he looked and how he probably needed protection from some of his fellow prisoners. Now perhaps he needed protected from us guards as well, I thought to myself.
He had to be over 18 to be in this state prison, but I doubt if he was much older than that. I particular noticed his curly blond hair and sparkling blue eyes when I first saw him. He had a well-developed body and was surprisingly well hung. I envied Max at this moment, but perhaps I would have the opportunity to plant my cock up his ass at another time. What a hot little number.
Max continued eating the boy’s ass for a few minutes then stood behind him. He spit on his hand and lubricated his cock. He guided his cock to the ass hole and pulled the firm buttocks toward his cock. Max made his entry as the boy started to moan out. Max quickly placed his hand over the boy’s mouth to muffle the sound. I watched the boy’s face as the pain gradually subsided. His eyes were tearing but he backed into Max as he buried the thick cock into his ass. I was getting so hot watching, but didn’t want to cum until Max was ready to shoot his load into the boy. I got as close to the fence as I could. The boy reached through the open fence to touch my cock. I managed to squeeze my hard cock though the fence opening. Max saw what was going on and moved the boy closer to the fence so he could suck on my cock. I got my dick into the opening but my balls remained on my side of the fence.
Max started fucking in and out of the boy’s ass as the boy placed his lips to my cock head. The boy was doing a good job considering the position he was in. I was so hot that I knew he would not have to work very hard at getting me off. Max continued to fuck him as I was getting sucked. Max seemed to enjoy watching my cock move in and out of the boy’s mouth as he began talking to him.
Hey baby! You have such a tight ass. I sure like to plough your punk ass. Oh Yeah. This is good stuff. I could use this everyday. Oh yes. What a nice fuck. I’m going to give you a good fucking tonight. I’m gonna to share you with my partner some other time. You like sucking that cock, don’t you, Mike. You like Brian’s big cock? He’s gonna fuck the hell out of you tomorrow. Oh, yeah. Baby. Oh, yeah. I’m gonna cum. Oh yeah.”
I could feel the cum building in my balls. I could not hold out much longer. I wished I could shove his head down on it but the fence kept us separated. I clinched and held tightly on the fence as he serviced me. He would lick around my cock head then pull my foreskin up and down and twirl his tongue around the head again. I was going to cum.
Oh, Oh.Oh. I’m going to cum. Ooooooohhhhhh fuck, fuck. Drink my cum, drink it. Oh shit. Ooooohhh yeah.” I said as the whole fence shook.
He slurped away at my juices letting most of it hit his face and run down his chin. He licked every drop he could get from my dick and his hand. He seem to be turned on by my eating my cum.
Meanwhile Max was frantically fucking the boy’s ass and pumping his cum into the tight hole of his young blond boy. He let out a moan, shook and pumped his cock in and out a few more times. Sweat dripped down his face and onto the boy’s back. Max reached to the boy’s face and rubbed my cum all over his face, then placed his hand up to his own lips to taste my cum.
My cock was still throbbing as Max emptied his sperm in the boy’s ass, and the boy shot his load all over the bench in front of him. Max leaned over the boy while his cock was still in his ass and took hold of my throbbing cock. Then Max looked up at me still hanging onto the fence and gave my cock a squeeze.
Brian. I knew you had a big cock but never saw it hard. Shit. Mike is sure going to get a treat with both of us fucking him each night, assuming you want to share him. Mike is a trustee in our quarters. He’ll be under our care and protection. He’s too damn cute to let him mingle with the other prisoners so he will be staying in that spare cell in the back by us. I wanted to sample him tonight before he got stretched out of shape, but I can see after he takes those 9 inches of your cock, he might get use to it. What do you say Brian?” Then Max laughed as he pulled his semi-hard cock out of Mike’s ass.
I was intrigued by the idea of having our own private punk to use as we wished. I heard that some of the other bulls had their own boys, but never dreamed this was now happening to me. I liked the idea and was anxious to throw a hot fuck to our new toy. Mike was a hot little number. I was contented with this deal.
Sure, Max. I’ll be happy to help you keep him safe. I’m a horny fucker. I love sex, and this is sure better than beating my meat every day. Fuck yeah. I’m in! When does our puppy move in?” I said as I slowly pulled my cock out of the fence.

Saturday, January 21, 2017

Firehouse Blows


Story by Dick Clinton

I was invited to a party in the city with about 25 other people. Most of them strangers and older than I. It was a gay party with mostly men. Most were drinking and seeming to have a good time but since I did not drink nor did I know too many people there, I was getting bored. That is until I met another man about 40 that seemed to take an interest in me and noticed I was bored too. He talked to me for a short time then asked me if I wanted to go visit a firehouse nearby where he knew the night fire chief and most of the staff. I thought that might be interesting so I agreed and we left together.
We took his car and drove only a few short blocks to a local fire department. It was going on 12 midnight and most everyone was bedded down except for the cook and the night fireman on watch duty.
John walked right into the office and started to talk with the young fireman on duty and introduced me as his friend. He had explained to me earlier, that he had visited this firehouse several times, and had sucked off a few of the men. It was an accepted thing for a cocksucker to come around and offer the men a blow job, but this was the first time I had been invited to participate. I was excited yet nervous about the whole thing.

My friend, John told me he would be right back while he and the young firemen went into a back recreational room. I waited quietly and went into the kitchen to get some coffee. I started to talk with the kitchen cook while waiting for John. The cook was aware of the situation and sat down to talk with me. He questioned me about the same old chitchat and myself. As we chatted John returned and asked me if I wanted to suck off a few firemen. I was embarrassed with him talking this way in front of the cook and hesitated.

The cook looked at me and said.
"I would like to be your first fireman." He stood up and motioned for me to come to the back room. I followed him almost falling over my own feet.
The cook had introduced himself as Mike and was a local boy. He was still new at this ‘fireman thing’ and had two older brothers that were firemen at another station. Mike was about 21 with dark trim hair and a trim youthful body. His dark eyes penetrated you as he spoke in his mid-western twang. We were about the same age, so we quickly got acquainted. He seemed shy when I first met him, and I was surprised when he said he wanted to ‘be my first fireman.’ He was hot and I was anxious to suck his cock.
We went to the semi-darkened room where he leaned against the counter and proceeded to unzip his pants. I walked towards him while he took out his semi-hard cock from his blue firemen pants. He immediately pulled my head down on his cock and started to pump my mouth. I took command right away as he leaned back against the table; I dropped to my knees to give him a good slow and sensuous blown job. It was my first ‘fireman suck job’ and I wanted to remember this later. It didn’t take long for him to realize I wanted to be in control. He relaxed and gave out a sigh as I started to do what I was here for. He had a larger than average cut cock and a nice set of hairy balls. I could tell he had been sucked off before. He rested his hands on the table as he spread his legs. I unbuckled his belt and pulled his white boxer shorts over his hard cock. I cupped my hands around his tight youthful buttocks and pulled him towards me as I took his hard manhood all the way down to his balls. He moaned out in pleasure and said.
"Oh yes! That’s hot! Never had anyone ‘deep throat’ me like that. Wow! That is a good feeling. Oh, yeah! Do that again." Mike commanded as I continued to deep throat him. I knew he was going to cum soon. He suddenly held the back of my head and released his hot load down my throat.
"Aaawww, shit, aww shit." Mike said as he found pleasure using my mouth to release his hot watery cum.

I drank down his hot cum while he shook and sighed once more with pleasure. I knew his cock head would be sensitive, so I just held it in my mouth until he relaxed. I gently licked away the remaining cum from his cock. He relaxed as I reluctantly released his semi-hard penis from my mouth and quickly licked the remaining juices from his balls. He handed me a napkin from the table as I gently dried his flaccid manhood and licked his piss slot one last time, to savor the remaining juices. He slowly pulled his shorts and pants up, and put his dick back into his pants. He didn’t look directly at me, but as we walked back into the other room, he hit me on the shoulder and said.
"Thanks buddy. I’ll remember that for a long time. You really know how to handle a man’s meat". Then he said, "Anytime you want a repeat on me, let me know. That was awesome buddy."
I hardly had a chance to get my composure when another fireman entered the room. He was dressed only in his boxer shorts, T-shirt and work boots. He must have just awaken, because his eyes still had a drowsy sleepy look. He was a tall man about 30 years old, good solid build, and a small mustache on his upper lip. His arms and legs were covered with dark hair, and a small tattoo of a Marine emblem was on one arm. He nodded as he went into the room then motioned for me to follow him.
He stood briefly in front of a kitchen chair, pulled down his white boxers and waited for me to come to him. I immediately stood in front of him and dropped to my knees to present my appreciation to his pliable cock and low hanging balls. His firm handsome body was covered with sexy downy hair. I gently caressed his manhood and brought my mouth to taste his piss slit. His partially cut cock head was steadily moving from beneath his lacy foreskin as his penis muscle continued to harden. He kicked his boxers off one leg, spread his legs, and adjusted his balls before he comfortably settled.
I was admiring his manhood while moving my hand up his rippling hairy abdomen to his pectoral. He pulled his T-shirt up and about, to give me easier admission to his protruding nipples obscured in his hairy chest. I sucked his semi-hard cock deep into my mouth. He signed with pleasure as I proceeded to service this hunk. He closed his eyes and soared into a sexual fantasy world, while I engulfed his generous erection. It had grown larger than I anticipated it would, and I was more than pleased. I sucked his member into my mouth and slowly moved downward to his wiry pubic hairs. I moved off his manhood and proceeded to gently suck one ball into my mouth. His rough masculine hands caressed his pectoral muscles, encircling and fondling his sensitive nipples, buried in his thick hairy torso.
I took a deep whiff of his manly scented balls, as I inched one hand around his hairy buttocks and caressed his firm ass cheeks. My other hand moved to his balls, and then up to his anus. He slightly spread his legs to give me better access. I wanted to taste his ass and give it a good rimming, but our time was limited. He was just here to get his ‘nuts off’. I managed to position myself under his balls, and tongue lick the perineum area under his balls and near his ass hole. He extended his legs further apart for more enjoyment. Soon I was under his scrotum licking and savoring the musky manly sweat from his perineum.
After a few moments of enjoyment, he softly pushed me away, and positioned himself on the chair behind him. He spread his hairy legs, adjusted his balls, and then pulled me back to his bulbous cock. I continued to service and make love to his tasty manhood. My tongue would lap around his large cock head, and then I would go down on him as far as I could. He would occasionally moan with satisfying pleasure. I placed one hand on his balls and slid one finger towards his moist sphincter. As he spread his legs, he placed his booted feet on my legs as I knelt on the tile floor before him. He raised his legs a sufficient amount, so I was able lick the outer edge of his sphincter. I caressed his black fireman work boots and ‘tongue licked’ my way down his hairy leg until I reached his work boots. I started kissing and licking his boots as he jacked on his big hard cock. I moved back up his leg once more, licking and kissing him all the way, until I reached his wet low hanging balls.
He lifted one leg and put it over my shoulder. My mouth went to his balls, as my tongue lapped its way to his warm, musky, hairy ass hole. He gave out another soft moan, as my ‘tongued fucked’ his anus and inhaled the pheromones of his manly body. He constantly flicked his nipples with one hand, and masturbated passionately with the other. Then he suddenly spoke out in a profound tone of voice.
"Eat my ass hole, cock sucker! Aaaww. Lick it clean. Put your tongue in my ass hole, cocksucker. Oh, yes. That’s it. Lick that punk hole. Eat me, cocksucker, eat me! Make your man feel good! Oh yeah, that’s good. Fuck! I’m going to cum. Get your cock sucking mouth over my big prick. I’m going to give you my load. Oh, Yes! Oh, Yes! Fuck, Fucking yeah. Drink my spunk cocksucker. Drink my love juices. Oh, sssshhhhiiiittt. Here it comes! Aaaawwwww." He moaned out so loud that it must have echoed throughout the station. Surely someone would hear us, but at this moment I didn’t care.
I almost came in my shorts while I was serving this hot stud fireman. He was a wild one, after he got going. “I would like to include this one again. What a stud!” I thought to myself. I continued to lick the remainder of cum juices from his dick. His hand still contained gobs of man sperm on several of his fingers. I hungrily licked his digits savoring every tasty drop. He stretched out his hand for me to clean, then placed one finger into my mouth. I eagerly sucked off the cum. He looked down at me in the dimly lit room as I clean his hand, cock and balls. I took the cloth napkin from my last fireman’s session, dried and cleaned him, wiping and kissing his balls as I showed my appreciation to service him. He once again spoke softly to me.
Good performance, young man. Hope to see you around here again some time soon. Ask for Harry, when you return.”
Thank you Sir.” I was pleased and told him my name as I placed his shorts back over his boot.
He stood as I remained at his feet looking up at this hairy stud fireman. He reached his hand down to help me up from the floor. Just as he pulled me up, we heard another man’s voice talking to Mike in the kitchen. Harry seemed to know the voice and rubbed my head and left by the rear door.
I was reminiscing on the contentment of my last fireman, and wondered if I should return to the kitchen. I dusted off my pants and sat down on the chair to rest as another man entered the room. He didn’t seem timid as he walked over to me where I rested on the chair. He unzipped his pants and maneuvered himself directly into my face. I glanced up at him briefly and dropped to my knees to suck on his cock. His cock seemed average size at first, but as I continued sucking his prick and licked on his balls, it grew to be rather large. I continued sucking on him and with out a word to me, he let loose with a moan and dropped a big load into me. He sighed and after he was satisfied he walked away from me and put his semi-hard member back in his pants and left the room. He spoke to someone in the other room after he left.
I wiped my lips and chin just as another fireman entered the room. This one was taller, wide shoulders and very masculine. He was fully attired in full dress uniform: a jacket, tie, white shirt, pants and cap as if he had just come on duty or from a meeting. As he walked towards me I stood. He immediately looked at me and said in a deep questionable voice.
"Are you the new cock sucker?"
Before I had a chance to answer, he took off his cap and jacket and placed it on a near by chair. He was wearing red suspenders under his jacket, and as he undid his pants he motioned for me to come to him. He sat down to take off his boots. I immediately dropped to the floor at his feet and proceeded to remove his firemen black boots. He seemed surprised but delighted at my gesture. I removed both boots and continued to remove his musky work socks. I wiped his damp feet with one sock and then leaned over to lick the apex of his long manly foot. The crest of his foot was sparsely covered with soft bristles of hair. I licked first one foot then the other. He stood as I removed his neatly pressed, blue fireman’s slacks from his long sturdy legs, and then I placed them on the near by chair with his coat, hat and other clothing.
I looked up at his towering manly form; I was pleasantly surprise, to discover he was wearing a black netted Jock Strap instead of the traditional white boxers. The impression of his large bulge behind the cup of the netting was exciting. I arose from the floor and positioned myself to a kneeling position to respect and provide pleasure to my new master. I lean forward to breathe in his alluring masculine body. I inhaled another deep whiff of his moist jock strap to engulf his body sweat, a hint of urine, and possibly dried pre-cum. I began to kiss and caress his jock region, and the incredible bulge hidden within the halter. I could not contain my lust. My curiosity was getting the best of me. I had to touch and make love to his prized manly equipment. I tugged slowly at the side of the Jock Strap to release my prize. I managed to energize him during his undressing and foot worship procedures. He was very hard and ready for sexual love and release.
I tugged one side of the strap to release his huge balls and hefty uncircumcised cock. His member was already fully erect and I assumed to measure to be about 8 or 9 inches long and 6 inches around. I respectfully guided his cock to my mouth, to taste the piss head and to tongue underneath his long hooded foreskin. I could taste the sweet previous pre-cum smegma: perhaps the residue of a previous orgasm. It had the alluring aroma of sperm from his manly cock. Gently I caressed his balls and released them from the netted cup and then I inhaled another whiff of the moist musky man sweat on his balls. I licked and kissed them to show admiration to his sperm producing ball sacks.
He was getting so aroused, that his large crimson cock head was beginning to crest from the long lacy foreskin that sheltered his manhood. I knew he desired me to begin to suck the burning love juices from his big cock before he burst into spasms of sexual fantasy. I positioned my lips once again on the cock head and moved my tongue into the caverns of his foreskin. He sounded out a sigh of pleasure.
He had such a beautiful large cock that I lustfully desired to give pleasure to him. I began my practice of cock sucking, going up one side and down the other side, licking and loving a well-deserved cock. It was magnificent as it jetted out from his solid frame. It was truly the essence of fireman masculinity resembling a fireman’s hose.
I continued to make love to the cock and balls. He stood there like a towering tree with his hands on his hips and his legs spread. I went under his balls to lick and savor his manly body musk. I was in a heavenly location of pleasure. I sensed his passionate desire to release his load. I immediately went back to his manly cock to drain and savor his love juices. He thrust his body forward as I continued my cock sucking motions. I first tasted his sweet pre-cum before he let loose with a long deep vocal moan, shooting a gusher of hot delicious cum into my welcome mouth. I could not swallow fast enough. He kept cumming and cumming until his love sperm was running from my mouth, down my hand, and onto his feet.

I was thinking to myself how I would like to suck this one off more than once and could feel him charging up for a nice long sensual orgasm. He began to moan, and then he pushed my head down on his big cock as he released his cum. He shot several loads as I pulled back so I could taste his sweet cum. I continued to swallow every warm drop of his manly sperm as he filled my mouth with his loads.
I drank his cum as fast and as much as I could. I licked off his cock head and tweaked down his big cock as the juices dripped from his piss slit. I remembered some cum had dripped on his feet, so I dropped to his feet to lick off the remaining cum. He flinched as my tongue licked the very last of the cum. He was sensitive and ticklish. I set back on my hind legs and looked up at this towering stud as he looked down at me and said.
"You’ll do, cocksucker! Very good young man. You can come back anytime you have the need to drain some more dicks. Just see me first, Captain Larry, and I line up a few men for you to service. See you another time. I have some sleep to catch up on."
Then he walked out of the room leaving me filled with 4 nice loads of hot firemen cum. I thought I had done my good deed for the day and began looking for John. I went back to the kitchen where he was playing cards with the young cook. He looked up at me and said.
"Ready to go? Did you get enough man cum for tonight?" Then he smiles as I nodded my head with satisfaction.
We left the fire station and went back to the party where I got a lift home with a friend. He asked me if I had enjoyed the party and I said I had a very good time. He never discovered where I had gone that evening or of the pleasure I had given our well-deserved public servants. Needless to say, I returned to the firehouse several times that year, and had a nice fill of firemen cum each and every time.

Word Count, 3505 01/27/2005

Story written by Dick Clinton