Tuesday, July 3, 2018

College Newbie, Part 03

College Newbie, Part 03 


Party time.

Story by Dick Clinton

I had just arrived in my dorm room when Castle returned from his last class. He looked as handsome as ever and was all smiles. He looked at me and said ,

I just talked to Mike the President at 'Alpha Beta Fraternity' and we are invited to their initiation party this next week end. I'm to bring you along to help with the ceremonial initiation. We have to think up something erotic, humiliate and sexual to do to break in the new men. Do you have any ideas?”

Wow! That's exciting. I could think of several thing we could do. First I was thinking of a Glory hole and get the men to get their cocks sucked by an anonymous person or perhaps a sling where I could take on the men one or two at a time. They could be blindfolded and guided to my ass by a member then told to fuck me. Or would that be too much?”

Oh I don't know about that. Let me think about that last one. I think there are about 20 guys that are to be in the installation. Do you think you could take on all those guys in one evening? I know you like being fucked but that many dudes might be overcoming. 'Over coming'...Get it?'. Castle said laughing.

Some of those duds might want to fuck you more than once. You are such a good fuck. You could have an open container on the floor under your ass to catch the over flowing cum oozing from you fuck hole.” Castle continued. ...and we could save the overflow from their cum, pore it in a large container and make the guys take a swig of the overflowing cum later on. How erotic is that?” Castle continued.

You are weird sometime Castle, but that might be interesting. Would you be upset knowing I would be getting fucked by all those strangers?”

Naw. Not if I could watch and know you were enjoying it. I might not be able to fuck you for a day or so after wards,or better still I could join in the line and fuck you there as well. I think that's hot. Besides Mike said we'd get paid by the head. Get it? The head.” Another pun by Castle.

I was shocked to think Castle would let these anonymous men use me as a fuck object. But...It would be exciting to take on so many strangers at one time. I might have to be high or take some sex drug to get in the mood.

I did have a good time when I was gang-banged by the visiting swimming team when I was in high school in Kansas. I came so many times I passed out and discovered later that 12 horny young high school guys and the coach had fucked me at least once and some came back for more. I masturbate sometimes just remembering how exciting it was at that time and fantasize on doing it again sometime. Now I might be used again by 20 or more young college studs. I am such a slut and would probably love it again.

I noticed Castle was getting hard as he undressed. I assumed he needed to fuck me right now or get one of my blow jobs. I automatically started undressing and joined him on the bed. He pulled me up beside him and gave me a kiss on the cheek.

Get on you back this time and lift you legs 'babe'. If I'm gonna let them use your body and use that sweet fuck hole, we'll need to practice more, besides I love fucking you.”

I immediately got on my backside and lifted my legs so my master could use me for his pleasure and mine. I loved being fucked by this stud. His cock seem to fit so nicely and it always touched and made love to my prostate and always made me cum too.

Castle got between my legs as I lifted my legs. He looked into my eyes as he guided his big cock to my man pussy. It twitched in anticipation for his entrance. He immediately found my hole and eased the head into me. I still had some cum remaining in my canal from my last fuck. He smiled knowing I was lubricated just for him. He went in slow but determined. Awe fuck! He was going all the way in with his first entry. I was afraid he would make me cum right away but he paused knowing of my threat to cum too soon. He waited and then pulled out almost all the way then buried his 10 inch dick all the way in again. I couldn't help my self and came. He paused and let me enjoy my first climax then he went all the way in again and started to fuck me and enjoy my tight warm male pussy. He was ready to breed me.

As he fucked me he rubbed my 'spent come' over my abs and chest. He caressed and stimulated my tits by rubbing them over and over. Then he leaned over and started kissing and licking them. This was all new to both of us. He was beginning to make love to me instead of just fucking the hell out of me. Which I still loved, but now it was a bit more personal.

He kept fucking me at a steady rhythm then laid over me and started to nibble on my ears. Then he gradually edged his way up my cheek and to my lips. He started by a gentle kiss. I responded and kissed back. Soon it was more passionate and tongue searching.

He was getting close to cumming and his kisses became more passionate. He started to pump me harder and harder. His breath was shorter. He set up and directed his dick deep in my body and gave out a sigh of pleasure as he had his organism.

I came again as he pumped me full of his love juices. He threw his head back and gave out a sigh of passion and yelled. “Fuck! Fuck! Fuck! Damn you're the best! Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!..Awww. Fuck!”

Then he sighed once again and placed his hands to my abs and rubbed my cum all over me again. He placed his fingers to his mouth and licked the cum he had gathered from my abs. “Mum. Not bad.”

Castle laid his body on mine. I could feel his heart beat. He turned his head towards mine and kiss me softly on the lips again.

I don't know if I want to share you with anyone ever again. I think I've grown accustom to you...and your body.”

I didn't know what to say so I said. “Do you want to fuck again?”

Just then there was a soft knock on the door. Castle got up, still naked and a partial hard on from our recent fuck. He opened the door.

Hey Mike. Come in. Glad your here. I want to introduce you to my fuck partner and roommate Clint. Clint meet Mike President of that Fraternity I told you about. Sorry I'm not dressed. Clint and I just had a good fuck session and my dick is still partially hard.”

Aa..Aa.Aa. Mike stuttered. .”Hello Clint. Sorry to bother you. Perhaps I should come back another time.”

Fuck no Mike. Come in and join us. Perhaps you'd like to give Clint a good work out. He all warmed up and full of my fuck juice. Nice lube for another fuck. Oh sorry Mike. I didn't mean to be so blunt but as you can see we just like to have a good time. Come closer and meet Clint.”

Hello Mike. Nice to meet you. Let me get you a beer and stay awhile. Sorry if we embarrassed you. You have to excuse Castle. He's rather open when it comes to sex.” I got off the bed, still naked and went to the refrigerator to get Mike and Castle a beer.

I was just in the neighborhood and you told me to drop by to discuss the party this week end”. Mike said as he was check out my ass as I bent over to get the beer. “ I must say Clint is a nice looking dude. Do you stick that big prick of yours in him all the time? Nice looking prick too. About the party. Have you thought of some interesting sexual things to do to humiliate the new recruits.?

I gave Mike the beer and took a seat back on the edge of the bed. Mike was a hot looking stud. He was a Senior so he was probably about 24 or 25. Had nice soft blond hair, blue eyes, nice build like a foot ball player. He shows a nice bulge but couldn't make it out because he was probably wearing a jock strap. He seemed rather nervous but that was because we had just finished fucking and still had partial hard on. Castle's semi-hard cock was still shining from his cum after our fuck. I hadn't had time to clean his cock because of the interruption.

I notice Mike kept glancing at Castle dick. Castle was suddenly aware that I hadn't the time to clean his cock after our fuck. Just then, as I expected Castle took a hole of his semi hard dick, looked at me and said. “Hey cock sucker. Get over here and clean my cock. Sorry Mike we didn't have time to finish our session.”

I looked at Mike then at Castle. Then as a faithful servant to my roommate I got off the bed and dropped to my knees, took Castle's dick and put it in my mouth. I held on to his balls and starting serving his cock and balls. Mike must had been in shock but Castle keep on talking to Mike as if it was just a normal thing that roommates do.

Mike became silent then said that he should go but Castle insisted he stay.

Take you duds off Mike and jack off if you like. I've heard you have a monster of a cock. Let's check it out.”

Aw Fuck. You are something else Castle. I might as well get undressed. You've got me so horny now.” Mike said as he started to remove his sweats and tennis shoes . I could see him in the side mirror. First his sweat shirt then his shoes. What a fantastic body. He had tattoos from his shoulder down his arm. He kick off his shoes then pulled off his sweat pants. He stood and pulled off his white jock strap. I couldn't believe how big his dick was. I think he was even bigger than Castle. As I cleaned Castle his dick started to get hard.

Aw yes babe. Suck my dick again while my Buddies watches how talented you are. Yeah. That's it. Go all the way down on me again. Oh shit! You're so good. Turn and let Mike see how talented you are. Mum. Look at this cock sucker, Mike. He loves dick. Mike come closer and let him get a taste of that beauty! God Mike. I heard you had a big cock. Guess the guys in the locker room were right. Fuck that must me 11 inches...and so big around. Clint look at that big fucker. Go suck on it for awhile.”

I turned and took hold of Mike's big cock. I just keeled there and admired his big fuck stick. It was a beauty. I leaned in and licked the pre-cum oozing for his piss slot. Mike twitched. I put my mouth over the head of his tulip shaped cock and swirled my tongue around it several times. I pulled on his balls and gave them a good washing with my tongue and mouth. He smelled so good. Just like a man should. His balls were big to match his dick. I went back to his cock and went down on him as much as I could.

Meanwhile Castle stood by my side admiring Mikes body and huge dick. He reached over to touch and stuck his finger in my mouth as I tried to go down on Mike's cock.

Mike was enjoying the cock worship I gave him, but I was never going to get him off just by trying to suck him off. I had to get him to the bed and see if he would fuck my ass and get him off that way.

See Mike. He loves your cock. Why don't you breed him and drop a load in his ass. He loves being fucked. Just be gentle at first. I don't want you to rip him open before I use him again. Take your time. He help you get it in. Go for it Mike. Fuck his ass.”

I can't fuck him. I've tried to fuck several girls before and they complain too much and it turns me off. Never fucked a dude in the ass. I don't know if this will work but... 'hell', I willing to get it a try.”

Come on Mike. I can take your big cock if I can take Castle's cock. I can take your cock if you go slow and easy. I am already lubed by Castle's last load. Castle get that lube on the table. Get him lubed up more while I put some more lube in my ass. It's on the nightstand.”

Castle picked up the lube as I got on the bed and spread my ass cheeks for his entry. Meanwhile Castle put the lube on his hands, took Mike's big dick and started to lube his cock. I was surprised that Castle did that but he must have been really turned on seeing a cock bigger than his. Mike was enjoying the attention. I lay on my back hoping it would be the best way to take his cock, besides I wanted to watch his handsome face and admire his hunky body as he fucked me. What a hunk.

Mike got in between my legs and lifted my legs in the air. Castle held on to Mike's cock and guided it to my male pussy. Mike moved forward and found my hole. The head of his cock went in but he stopped before he moved in further.

“That's it Mike. Guide that big prick into his welcome ass and fuck that ass like it is the best pussy you ever had. He loves it so don't be shy, just go easy at first. That right. Ease in slowly. Keep going. You're doing fine. Look at Clint's face. He wants it, He needs it. He wants you to plant your hot sperm deep in his body. He need to breed. Fuck him Mike, Fuck his tight pussy.” Castle kept encouraging Mike to fuck me.

I felt reached around to help him guide his cock into my hole. It started in. I could feel it going it. Then 'slam bang' it slid in almost to the hilt. I shook and grabbed his thick arms as it slowly went all the way in. The expression on his face was precious. He halfway smiled then pushed it in deeper. I could feel his big balls resting on my balls. He looked down at me.

Fuck yeah. Its in. All the way in. How does it feel on your end? This is the first ass I ever fucked and it feels so warm and exciting. I'm gonna start now. Are you okay? Are you ready? Oh Yeah that's nice. Very nice. This feels better than pussy.” Mike kept repeating.“

Oh fuck me big guy. Fuck me and enjoy my cunt. Make your cock feel good. Go slow at first then once my love canal gets use to it, you can fuck me with all your might. Fuck me sir. Please plow me. I love your cock in me. Oh fuck. It feels so damn good.”

See Mike. I knew he could take your cock. He loves it. Fuck the bitch. He loves it. Breed him Mike. Fill his ass with your cum, then I'm gonna fuck him again and blend my cum with yours. Fuck him dude. Enjoy that male cunt while I watch. It's so hot seeing your big prick in his pussy.”

Castle was on the bed watching Mike's big prick go in to my tight hole. While Mike was fucking me I felt Castle's fingers exploring his balls and touching my hole. He came up beside me to see if I was enjoying it then he bent down and gave me a quick kiss.

See how good I am to my pussy boy. I get him breed like he needs to be breed. I am so good to my boy whore. Enjoy it babe. There will be more of this fucking and sucking this week end. Mike will be your hosts for more fucking and breeding. Now enjoy.” then he kissed me again while Mike was fucking me harder and harder. I was about to cum again. I hope it didn't turn Mike off to see me shoot my cum all over my stomach. God I love this fucking. I love it.

Fuck me harder Mike!”

I watched his face as he fucked me. He looked like he was truly enjoying my ass. He closed his eyes and smiled. Then he looked down at me and over to Mike.

Fuck Castle. This is good stuff. I could go for this more often. Never found a cunt that could take my cock with out complaining. Man this is a real pleasure. I know you'll fit in at the party Clint. I have a sling that has never been used on a guy. Do you think you can take on some of the men at the party?”

Yeah. We were thinking about that. That would be cool and fun to watch. How many men do you have that will use him?”

'I don't know for sure. We'll discuss that later. Let me enjoy this dude and pop my nuts. God this is so good.” Mike said as he continued to plow his big cock deep in my hole. I was gonna cum again. He was rubbing me in just the right way. I was hoping he'd fuck me more before I came again. And he did. We fucked for about another 10 or 15 minutes before he really let loose and started to fuck he hard and fast. Then he grabbed my hips and let loose with a big grunt and a moan.

Ugh, Ugh, Oh Fuckkkkkk. I'm cumming in your hot pussy. I'm cumming, I'm cumming.” he kept repeating as he dumped a big load in me. I could feel his big cock throbbing and shooting me full of cum. I started cumming at the same time. We were both moaning and groaning with pleasure. “Damn. I like cumming.” Mike said as he continued pumping his cock in and out of my male cunt. He was a good fucker...and wild.

Meanwhile Castle was waiting patiently for his turn at my cum filled ass. Mike was still panting and enjoying the last of his orgasm. He slowly pulled out as a gush of his cum came with him. Castle couldn't wait any longer. He almost pushed Mike out of the way and rammed his hard cock into me. He only pumped for a few minutes when he started to cum. He got so hot watching Mike fuck me that he shot quicker than usual. He laid on top of me for a short time and gave me another long kiss.

Did you enjoy that hard fucking? He sure dumped a huge load in you. The bed is wet with our cum oozing out of your sweet cunt. See how good I am to you to let a big stud like that fuck you. You know he's the captain of the football team don't you? He'll tell the other players and you'll be contacted by other football players to bang your ass. If I let them. Are you willing to take on a few more players this year? After that we'll start on the basketball players. Ha. Ha. Your dance card will be full for the rest of the year.'

Oh my god. I can hardly wait but are you willing to share me this year? I know you like watching me take on a guy like Mike. You enjoy this as much as I do, don't you?”

Mike stood by the bed and guided his wet cock to my mouth. Castle was still on top of me as Mike stuck his dick to my face. “Clean my cock, cock sucker. Mike said. Castle looked at me and said. “Yeah finish your job. Make him happy and clean his cock. Its soft now so you can go all the way down on it.”

Would you like to help me? You can hold on to his balls as I clean his cock, then I'll clean his balls as well.” I looked at Mike's wet cock and took it into my mouth. It wasn't as big now so I managed to suck it all the way to his balls. Mike gave out a soft moan.

Castle held onto Mike's balls as I cleaned and sucked on his cock. I felt Castle's cock start to get hard while still in my ass. He was getting excited again watching me suck Mike's cock. He started fucking me slowly. He face was close to Mike's cock and looked tempted to take a lick or two on Mike while I sucked on him. Castle kept fucking me. He was gonna cum again. “Oh yeah babe. You're the best.

We still had to talk to Mike about the Party this Friday, but we were all enjoying ourselves so much having sex that we had almost forgot about it. I figured as soon as everyone enjoyed ourselves again we would talk about it later.

Mike's big cock started getting hard again. Castle was fucking me hard and was about to cum again. He gave out a sigh and shot another load up my cum filled ass. The he looked over at Mike's cock and it was getting hard again.

Get back on and fuck some more of that stud juice in his cunt again. I know you want to fuck him again.. Castle pulled out as Mike got back on the bed and easily stuck his big cock back into my ass hole. I was gonna enjoy this one again now that I was full of stud juice from both of my fuckers. It went in easy this time. Mike started to fuck me harder than before. I felt his big cock growing and growing inside me. He leaned over me, look me in the eyes and kissed me on the lips. His kiss was strong but sweet. It surprised me and I like it. He kept fucking me for another 30 minutes and started to cum again. I came just before he did making my love canal tighten. He scenes it and came along with me. It was as good as the first time. He leaned back with his dick still in me and rubbed my body now covered with my cum and his sweat.

Damn Castle. You've got a keeper here and if you get tired of him I take him off your hands. He's a keeper. I hope we can do this more often. I'm tired of dating some of these cunts that never put out. I like sex and need it as much or more than the next guy. Let's do this more often. Okay Castle?

Fuck yeah Mike. You can give us a call or just come over any time to get some good ass. Why waste your time with these cunts that tease you then leave you hard and ready to get your nuts. Yeah, Mike, anytime.”

What do you say Clint? Can I fuck you again sometime soon?”
Yeah Mike, Want to do it again, right now? I said. Mike jokingly smiled and nodded yes. 

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Story by Dick Clinton,
4065 Words.

Monday, June 4, 2018

College Newbie, Part 02

College Newbie

Part 02

When I got back to my room Castle had not arrived from his run so I took a big swig of mouth wash and reminisced on the six hot dick that I had just serviced in the men's toilet/shower room. I hope this becomes a regular routine for me and the early morning risers.

I heard Castle opening the dorm room as he was talking to another guy. “Yeah dudes, come on in. I'd like you to meet my new room mate. He's a great cocksucker and a good piece of ass.” Castle continued as he entered the room with 2 of his running buddies.

Hey their CD. I call him that because he is a good 'cum deposit slut'. I deposit my loads in him and I don't have to shoot it anywhere else. I've brought by my running buddies and thought I'd give them and you a treat. Hey guys. Strip down and let CD give you a nice tongue bath after your run in the park.”

Did you give some head to the guys on this floor? I think that Glory Hole will get more use now that we have a hot mouth to dump our loads in. Get ready to take these two studs off before I give my girl a call this morning and get one of your expert cock sucking drain jobs. Damn I'm a lucky guy to have you as my rommie.”

Meanwhile the two hot looking guys took off their running shoes, shirt and shorts. They both stood there in their sweaty jock straps. Both were about 18, 5'11 with well defined bodies. More like swimmers than anything else. As I watched them undress I was rather embarrassed at the sudden comments that Castle made to them about me. He was not tactful about me or our new relationship. I should realize by now that he was not ashamed of me or how he was using me for his pleasure and mine as well. I had to admit down deep I enjoyed his forwardness about me. It was nothing I would for myself. I was comfortable with my gay live style but I was never this open before.

Castle continued to undress as he introduce his running buddies to me.

This tall dark handsome stud is Larry and I'm not sure what his friend's name is.”

The other student spoke up. “I'm Roy”

Yeah Roy. ”Castle continued.” So relax men on the bed if you like or just stand there while my rommie drains your cocks. If you've never had a “blow Job' by a devoted cocksucker before then you're in for a treat. I gotta go take a piss.” Castle said as he left the room and I dropped to my knees to suck out some more sweet cum from these two strangers.

I am wondering if this will be a habit of my room mate. So far I was enjoying being his live-in cocksucker and cum deposit slut. I really like the way he fucked my ass last night too. I think that will be a common routine as well. I'm not sure if I can keep up with his sexual needs but it will be exciting and fun for now. I hope this will not interfere with my college studies.

I continued to suck on the 2 studs that Castle brought home from his 'run'. They were both hot dudes and had nice dicks. Larry had a nice cut 7 ½ inch cock and a nice set of hairy balls. Roy had a larger cock, about 8 inches and slightly uncut and he was delicious as well. I knew both of the guys were hot and horny and were anxious to cum, so I gave them both good head. Soon they both were ready and I took them both and swallow their hot juicy loads.

Castle had gone to the head to piss and when he returned he was naked and lying on the bed with a semi-hard dick. I discovered he like to watch me suck cock. As soon as they came they put their shorts and shoes back on and thank Castle for sharing my mouth so they could dump their loads.

Thanks Castle for sharing your cocksucker with us. I hope we can use him again, if that's all right with you. He gives good head and I was thinking we might be able to use his services at our next frat party. What do you say?”

Sure I think we might make some arrangements. If you dudes would like to get sucked off again soon you know how to contact me. You both live in this dorm don't you? I will be sending CD to the Glory Hole on this floor in the mornings for a quick morning blows if you're interested. Give me a call about the frat party and we'll discus it further. Take care guys. I've got to call my girl and get my phone call blow job. Thanks for coming by. See ya later.” then the 2 guys left without even thanking me for servicing them. I guess I got to get use to being Castle's cum dump slut.

While Castle was resting on the bed and calling his girl I went to the head to wash and gargle with mouth wash. I wanted to be clean and ready to take Castle's beautiful dick while he call his girl. I heard him talking to her on the phone as I entered the room I immediately crawled upon the bed and between his strong manly legs. I started by licking his balls and tasting him. He patted my head like I was his pet and smiled down at me as I worshiped hid big penis and balls. He got hard almost at once. I love his cock. I am hoping he will fuck me again tonight like last night.

He started chatting with his girl on he phone as I serviced his balls and cock. I usually don't listen to his conversation but he started talking louder to her but not in a sexie way. He seem to be upset about something. His dick still remained hard but he was not into it. Then suddenly he hung up the phone and threw it across the room to my bed.

Fuck that bitch. She can be such a pain in the ass... and so stubborn. Keep sucking cocksucker. I still need to get off. Fuck her. You're a better sex partner than she'll ever be. Suck me off.” he said as I continued my service to my new stud.

He really started to get into it when all of a sudden he pushed my head away from his cock and told me to get on my back. He was gonna fuck my male pussy. Wow. I had been hoping he'd fuck me again today and now he was gonna do it now. I laid on my back as he guided his body between my legs and lifted them to his shoulders. He guided his hand over his wet dick and aimed it to my tender hole. I wasn't sure if I was wet enough to take his cock just yet, but he was determined. He slowly eased his wet cock head into to my asshole then with one slow move shoved his cock deep into my body. I whimpered softly until it was all in. Then he started fucking me rough and hard.

Fuck that bitch. I'll show her a thing or two.” he said as he fucked me hard. I usually like it rough but he was really ploughing me a bit too rough. I looked up into his face and could see he was angry. I pulled his face down to mine and kissed his forehead. He paused then looked back at me and stopped fucking.

I'm sorry. I don't mean to take it out on you. Lets fuck but lets enjoy it. You a good sport about this and you feel so good and warm.” Then Castle raised up and started fucking me in a nice loving way. Now we were both feeling good. He moved firmly and went all the way in then pulled his cock almost all the way out again, then in again. We were getting into a good rhythm when the phone rang.

Yeah! What do you want cunt? No I'm busy having sex with a nice tight pussy and I'm abut to cum. Listen if you want.” Then he put the phone by the pillow so she could hear him moan and enjoy his orgasm. Then he started fucking me nice and easy and moaning with pleasure to let his girlfriend know he was enjoying himself. The phone camera was not facing us so she could see us fucking. He turned to me and starting kissing me. First on the neck then up my cheek to my lips. Once he reached my lips he wouldn't stop kissing me. He was going to cum anytime now. He pumped me good and when he started to cum he moaned and groaned just to let her know how much he was enjoying his fuck. All this time I think he wanted to let her think he was fucking a girl's pussy and not his male partner.

He shot so much cum into my hole it was running out and onto the bed sheets. I got so hot while he fucked me I came too. One of the best organism I'd had in a long time. He picked up the phone again and said. “Did you hear that cunt? I've got me some good hot pussy right here, so piss off.” Then he turned the phone off again and slowly pulled his semi-hard cock out of my well used fuck hold.

He turned onto his back as I crawled back between his legs to lick his cock and balls clean. I could taste his left over cum and cleaned him good and dried him as he rested again and fell asleep. I went to the head to drain some of his juices from my hole but keep some of it there in case he wanted to fuck me again later.

I needed to take a good shower so I grabbed my towel and headed to the shower room on this floor. When I arrived it was vacant except for one person at the urinal. As the shower flowed over my body another man came into the toilet and joined me in the shower. He was another rather hot looking athlete and had a nice size dick. Instead of taking the end shower he took the shower next to me. 

I had showered good and thought I should go back to my room before I was tempted to make a play for this man. He had a nice hairy body and a nice dark tan. As he showered his dick started to become firmer as he faced me. He was rinsing his body from the soap but gripped his cock and started jacking it.

Do you remember this cock? I recognized your sweet cock sucking mouth from the other morning when you sucked me off at the Hole. If you want it again we should go to my room and I'll give you another big load of cum. Just follow me. I right down the hall.”

Yes. I remembered that big  cock and Yes I did want it again. I finished the shower, picked up my towel and followed him to his room. When I got inside I realize he must have 2 other room mates because of the 3 beds in the room.

He took off his towel and pulled me towards him. I liked his furry body. He forcefully turned me around and gripped my ass cheeks.

You gave me a good blow job last time but I need to fuck your ass this time. You have a nice body and a nice firm ass. I bet you man pussy is good too. Get on the bed, lift you legs and let me eat your pussy.”

Naw I don't think I can let you fuck me this time. My room mate said he was the only one that could fuck me.”

Oh yeah? Did you get fucked today? If so I'd still like to eat your ass and taste your friends seed. Get on the bed and let me taste you.”

I was tempted but how far would he go once he tasted my cum filled ass. I got on my back on the bed as he took a pillow and placed it under my hips. He got between my legs, lifted my legs and ran his tongue up and down my ass crack and teased my pink tender hole. It felt good and before long he was tonguing my ass hole and sticking his tongue deep into my hole. I was going crazy with excitement. He was a good rimmer. He suddenly eased himself between my legs and aimed his hard cock to my hole. I couldn't resist. And suddenly his dick was halfway deep in my anus. I tried to push him away but he was much stronger than I besides it felt good. I relaxed and let him shove all the way into me. I was being forcibly fucked.

Oh babe. You ass hole is as nice as your mouth. You are gonna enjoy this fuck so relax while we fuck.” And fuck we did. He fucked me for about 15 minutes without stopping then slowed down for just a brief moment as the door opened and his other 2 room mates entered the room.

One of the men spoke out. “Oh my god. Jerome, looks like you got some sweet pussy there. Shall we go or can we watch? Shit you're fucking a dude. Can't say I disapprove. You've got to share that pussy with us though. Jerome you're so kinky. We'll be quiet so you can get your rocks off. Loo ken good.”

I was a little shocked seeing his 2 other room mates but now it looked like I was gonna get fucked by the other 2 guys as well. I took a glance at them in the side mirror and they didn't look too shabby. Both were tall, thin and nice looking. I guess I was in for the long hall. First gang-bang since my senior year in high school when one of the visiting basketball team got me in the locker room and forced me to suck and get fucked by most of the team. The assistant coach finally stopped the orgy but after they all left he fucked me and came in me 2 times. I really got broken in that night. Good thing because it looked like I was about to get gang-banged my these three hunky dudes.

Jerome kept fucking me and put on a show for his 2 room mates. He fucked me for another 10 minutes then dumped a big load in to me. I almost came when he did, but was holding off so I could enjoy the other two guys.

As soon as Jerome got off the bed room mate number 2 didn't waste any time. He lifted my legs and shoved his cock in with one full shove. I almost came. I think his cock was almost as big as Jerome's 10 inch cock.

Hi. I'm Jake, Jerome's younger brother. I's been a long time since I fucked a dude so be patient with me. You feel so good I almost came the minute I shoved it. You're a hot little number. I hope we can do this again sometime. Now let me fuck you and get my nuts off so my other roommate can give you his load as well. Damn. That is a nice pussy you got there dude. I guess my brother shot a big load in you. It feel so warm and nice. Mummmm. This is great. Need to fuck more male pussy at least I can't get you pregnant. Nice. Mum.” Jake said as he fucked me deep and smooth. It was kinky but I liked feeling his cock in me with a full load of his brother's cum.

Jerome had gone to the John to take another shower. Mean while Jake fucked me in several positions then started grunting and moaning until I could feel his big cock swelling and ready to cum.

Oh fuck! Oh fuck! You are so nice, so nice. I'm gonna shoot my load in you pussy. Oh Fuck. Here I cum. Aww shit.” Jake said as he dump his load in my welcome ass. I came just before he came causing me to tighten around his big pulsating cock. We lay there for a few minutes then Jake started easing his semi-hard cock out of my ass.

He leaned over and kissed my forehead. “Thanks dude. That was awesome, just awesome. We must do that again sometime. Okay?”

Sounds good to me. I just live down the hall in 201.” I said” “ I'd like a repeat too. Just be cool. I have a demanding room mate and he likes to assign me to his buddies for sex. But we'll have to do this again. You are a good fucker, but so is your brother.” As he stood by the bed I reached for his 8 in semi-hard cock and slipped it in my mouth to clean him and taste the remain cum on his nice full size cock. He started to get hard again.

Hey guys. It's my turn at that pussy. You can keep on sucking him while I put my dick in you. I'm so hot watching you two that I just might cum when I stick it in your cum fill cunt. Looks good though. Jake let him suck you again while I fuck him. Hey cum slut, lay on you stomach and put this pillow under your hips.?” My names Rob and I'm gonna slide my 8 inch in your cum filled pussy. Good thing I like sloppy seconds.” After I got positioned he got on top of me and shoved his hard cock in my wet hole. “Jesus! That is awesome. Man I love fucking cum filled holes. Damn Jake you shot a huge load. It's oozing out and round my cock. Let this cum slut lick my dick clean of your cum first then I'll fuck him good. “

I turned around and took Rob's juicy cock in my mouth and cleaned off some of Jake and Jerome's cum from his dick.

Damn dude. You're cock sucking is great. I just might let you suck me dry now and fuck you some other time. Wow. Keep sucking me like that and I will cum. Where's this dude been hiding anyway? Fuck we don't have to go hunting for pussy to fuck when we've got this cum slut here to suck us off and fuck his male pussy. Oh Yeah. Keep sucking me. Did you see that Jake? He swallowed my whole cock. God. I'm gonna come already. Shit I'm cumming. Aww suck it, Suck it. Aww”

Rob said as he shot his big load down my throat. I took it all without gagging and then pulled back on his cock and let him shoot the rest of him cum in my mouth. I love the taste of cum.

Meanwhile Jake was jacking on his cock and started shooting his load in my mouth along with Rob's big load. Most of it went in my mouth but some of it shot on my face and head. I loved it.

I saw Jerome setting on a chair jacking off while he watch us have sex.

You two fuckers go clean yourselves up while I throw another fuck to this whore. I see he loves cock. That's fantastic. Now we know who to take to our next Frat Party. Okay now it's my turn to fuck again. You two fuckers made me hard again. Now that he has a couple of loads in him I can fuck him with ease. Get out of the way and make room for a professional fucker with a man size cock. I need to breed this cum slut again.”

Oh fuck. I'm gonna get fucked by Jerome's horse size dick again....but I know I'll enjoy it again. I must admit I love having a hunky body using my mouth and ass hole to dump their delicious loads. I got on my back and raised my legs to let Jerome breed me again.

Jerome fucked me for another 15 to 20 minutes until he came again. I forgot how many times I came while he fucked me. I was going to be weak before I returned to my roommate and partner and I was afraid I would be in lots of trouble once he found out my ass had been taken by 3 other guys and I had 4 loads of man juice swimming around inside of me.

Jerome, Jake and Rob said a quick 'good bye' and Jake escorted me to the shower room again. I also need to release some of the sperm these 3 studs emptied in me. I was still nervous how Castle would react knowing I was willingly raped by 3 guys.

Here I thought my first year in college would be dull and without sex. Boy was I wrong. Now I was wonder what was in store for me this week.

Story by Dick Clinton

Wednesday, May 30, 2018

View From the Balcony

Story by Dick Clinton

One year when I was living in California, a friend of mine asked me if I would do some minor repairs on a home he and his family had purchased in the Hollywood Hills. I was working for a Contractor doing odd jobs during my college days, but at this time it was slow so I had some extra time.

My friend, Harry was on a business trip and would be gone for seven or more days. His wife, Sherry, was visiting her mother in Washington State and his athletic and handsome twenty one year old college son, Jason, would be staying at the house with me during a Spring Brake. We were close companions when he was younger and we would go biking together. He started calling me Uncle Rich and it has stuck to this day.

I was glad to take a few days off from the construction job because it had been hectic this past year after fire had devastated sections of homes along the Pacific coast. We had been busy seven days a week and ten to twelve hours a day. Even though I made a good salary working I was ready to just kick back and enjoy the California sun from the deck of my friends home.

I notice a couple of shingles that had come loose during a storm last month. I got a small ladder from the garage and my tools and proceeded to the roof top. It was a minor fix but could have caused rain leakage later. I thought while I was up here I would check out the bricks on the fireplace. Everything seemed to be in order so I set on the roof enjoying the view of the homes near by. Most were surrounded by trees and shrubbery but I could look down the hill from up here and see the swimming pool and back yard and patio of the nearby home.

I could see a Landscaping truck parked in the driveway, and a young man was trimming some bushes near the house. A Pool Cleaning Truck had just pulled up, and the man was heading for the pool where a naked man rested on a pool chair. I decided to get down from the roof and enjoy the view from the balcony. I would put away the ladder and tools later, but for now I would enjoy my cool drink and check out the man below. I picked up a pair of Harry's high powered binoculars residing on the patio table. Evidently Harry found the view interesting as well.

As I looked through the binoculars I watched the cute pool boy walk up to the naked man and started talking. The naked man on the chair set up and reached for the pool boys crotch. I was rather surprised but got interested in what was going on. The pool boy didn't flinch, but took off his shirt and pants and pulled down his bathing suite offering his cock to the naked man. I had a pretty good view of everything going on and it must have been an expected thing to happen. The naked man was blowing his young hot pool boy right there by the pool. After a few minutes of cock sucking the young man threw his head back and gave the naked man his load. I continued to watch as the boy slowly picked up his tools and went about his work cleaning the pool.

The naked man was in his thirties, had a great tanned and muscular body and moved like a swimmer. No doubt he was gay or bisexual and wasn't shy about having sex right out in the open. I though I might have the only view to his pool from my balcony. I had forgotten about the gardener, but I soon saw him heading to the pool area. Perhaps he had seen the action and wanted a blow job as well.

When the gardener approached the naked man at the pool, he took off his work-shirt and through it over his shoulder. He looked like he was a well developed Latino young man about twenty five with black hair and a firm body. He proudly strutted up to the naked man and started talking to him. The naked man got up and headed to the back patio and motioned for the Latino man to follow. I followed them with my spy glasses and saw the naked man go into the house while he Latino stood outside. Soon the naked man returned with a blanket and threw it over the air conditioning unit on the patio. I still had a good view of everything going on.

The Latino man stated unbuttoning his pants and rubbing his crouch. The naked man bent over the air conditioner and patted his butt. OMG. He wanted the Latino man to fuck his ass. Man. This was getting hotter and hotter as the day went on.

Latino man stood and briefly jacking on his cock while his boss was lubing his ass getting ready to be fucked. I did a close up zoom of the mans cock, and it was big, even at this distance. I still had a good view of the action and could see the Latino guide his cock to the ass and slowly put it in the man.

I was so hot already that I let my jeans fall to my ankles and was now jacking on my cock. I didn't care if anyone saw me. As I was slowly jacking on my cock and watching the Latino fucking his boss, the naked man. I happened to notice a telephone man working on a nearby pole. He was busy looking down at the Latino fucking the naked man and was rubbing his own cock. Then he looked over at me and gave the a high sign as if to say, “looking good. I know what you're watching too.”

As this action was going on I kept jacking on my hard cock but didn't want to shoot just yet. The Latino was really plowing it to the man and by the looks of the motions, and slapping of the butt, he was about to cum. I could hear the grunting and moaning even from my balcony. Then it happened and the Latino called out some Spanish obscene words and gave out another yell as he came. Wow. That was wild. I couldn't hold back and shot a big load of cum right off the balcony and onto the patio below.

I looked over to the telephone man to see his reactions but he was climbing down the pole. He went to his truck to place some equipment inside, then shut and locked the doors. Then he turned and looked up to me, grabbed his hard on through his jeans, then held up his thumb and headed to the house where there naked man lived.

Meanwhile the Gardner had gotten his nuts off and was dressed. The naked man handed him a check for the gardener work, or the fuck, or both. They talked for a few minutes then the Latino went around the house to his parked truck on the road.

I saw the telephone man walking around to the side of the house and down the steps to the back patio where the naked man was resting. He was carrying a phone book, what else? The naked man didn't seemed to be shocked or disturbed by his sudden unexpected visitor.

They talked for a brief time then the naked man reached for the phone mans crotch. He proceeded to unbutton his jeans and drop to his knees to suck on the phone man. The phone man knew I was watching and turned so I could see the action. He looked up and once again gave me the thumbs up, insuring me he was getting a good blow job. I started getting hard again and tuned my spy glasses to full focus. The phone man was an older man of about forty with a firm trim body. What I could see of his cock, it was bigger than average and he was sure enjoying the sucking he was getting.

The naked man had managed to pull the phone man pants down around his ankles and was now licking on his balls. After he sucked his cock and licked his balls, the phone man turned around and let the naked man eat and rim his ass while he jacked on his own cock.

The naked man stopped rimming the phone man then stood and leaned over the air conditioner offering his juicy fuck hole to the phone man. He didn't hesitate but guided his big cock to the naked man's ass hole and slam dunked him. I heard the man let out a cry of either pain or pleasure while the phone man continued to fuck him. And fuck him he did, fucked him hard and rough. He was a wild one and I wouldn't mind getting fucked by him either. Now and then he would glance my way to let me know how much pleasure he was having.

On the road near by a UPS truck pulled up to gather up some packages for delivery. He also pulled out his lunch bag and a cup of coffee. He was going to take a break. He saw me on the balcony, naked and jacking on my cock. By this time I had lost all my modesty. I was still jacking and about to cum again, but I wanted to hold off. The UPS man must have wondered what I was looking at that made me so hot. Then he looked down the hill to see the phone man and the naked man fucking up a storm. He looked back at me and smiled, then looked back at the fucking action. He put down his lunch and pulled out his cock and started jacking on himself, first looking at me, then the fucking session.

I couldn't believe all the things that were going on before me. I was in a sexual trance. I continued to watch the action below while the hot phone man was fucking the hell out of the naked man on the patio. Soon the action got harder, faster and noisier. I assumed the phone man was starting to cum, because he was fucking faster and faster. Then he threw his head back, grunted and released his load up the cum filled ass.

The UPS Man was standing at his truck door so he could watch better. He continued to jack on his cock until I though he was gonna cum, but he was holding back. I observed his trim abs as he opened his shirt and dropped his UPS brown shorts to his ankles. He was even hotter than I thought. I wanted to stand by him and let him shoot his load all over me and drink down his cum. Perhaps he had a delivery to this house and I could make it with him later.

As I continued to watch the phone man fuck and the UPS man jack off, I was about to cum for the second time. I wanted to hold off to see what the UPS man was going to do. He had put his clothes back on and pulled himself together. He was gathering up a small package, picked up his i Pad then closed and locked the door. When he got out of the truck he looked up and me and waved. He was heading down the back stairs of the naked man's house to deliver his package.

Meanwhile the phone man had a good fuck and was standing while the naked man lick and cleaned his cock. The phone man pulled up his pants and started to leave. Before he left he looked up at me standing on the balcony and wave one last time. As he left I was wondering where the UPS man was now located. I think he was making sure the phone man had left before he made his entrance at the back gate of the house.

The naked man set on the patio and lite up a joint and had a drink of something. The UPS man was at the back gate and gave out a 'hello, UPS man' I have a package for you.'The naked man casually walked to the back gate, still naked, and open the lock on the iron gates. The UPS man smile and shyly lowered his head as if he was shocked to see the naked man. The naked man motioned for him to come in and follow him to the open patio where he had just been royally fucked by the phone man.

Boy, this guy has a had a fantastic sexual day already. Wonder if this happens all the time or did I just happen to be here while this dude has all his happy and willing visitors.
I have to admit the naked man is a masculine, hot looking, well hung, talented cock sucker and good piece of ass.

I had just put down my spy glasses to light up a joint of my own and have a sip of my beer. The UPS guy was standing by the table talking then handed the naked man the iPod to sign for the package. After the naked man signed the pad, he reached out and took hold of the bulging package between his legs. The UPS man had gotten a hard on anticipating some action from the naked man. UPS man set down his pad and the UPS package while the naked man was opening his pants. He let them drop to the patio while he dropped to his knees to start sucking the UPS man. This guy is a fast worker and hard to resist. I kept my spy glasses on the action. The UPS man turned slightly towards me so I could see him getting blown.

I heard someone down below me on the patio where I had already shot two loads of cum. I had hoped I would get down there and clean it up before Jason came back from his bike run. I quickly stepped back from the balcony so he couldn't see me standing here naked, and exhibiting a big hard on again. I slipped on my jeans in case he came upstairs. There was no sound of Jason so I looked over the edge of the balcony to see him removing his helmet, knee pads and other bike equipment. As he was setting up his bike I noticed he was looking over the top of the hedge towards the naked mans pool and patio. He probably notice the UPS truck parked on the back road, then he saw the UPS man standing there getting a blow job.

I kept watching the house as the UPS man was getting sucked off. He was a faithful UPS man and got off quickly so he could continue delivering his other package. He quickly pulled up his pants, said something to the naked man and hurried up the back stairs and to his truck parked on the back road. When he started to leave, he waved at me and smiled. I was hoping I would meet him face to face sometime soon. Now that he knew he could get sucked off along his route, I might see him again.

I had almost forgot about Jason until I saw him walking down the road to the back entrance to the naked mans house. Was Jason aware what was going on and was going to get a blow job as well? Sure enough. Jason entered the back gate and went directly to the naked man. He set down and puffed on the joint offered him. He must know the naked man. I waited impatiently until I notice Jason stood and pulled down his spandex and flopped out his big cock for the naked man to suck. OMG. Here my best friends hot young son was getting a blow job right in front of me. How hot is that? I had noticed Jason since he was a hot young teenager. He had grown to a delicious hunk right before my eyes. I kicked my jeans off again, got out my spy glasses and zoomed in on his nice cock and ass as he was getting a blow job.

I watched closely for a few minutes until Jason grabbed the mans head and shot his manly load into his neighbors willing cock sucking throat. I wondered if Jason was fucking him as well. I was about to jack off again but notice Jason turned and looked up at the balcony where I stood. I stepped back thinking he didn't see me standing here naked and jacking off while he was getting blown. I set back in my chair and thought I'd wait to see if Jason saw me. This might be awkward.

I put my Jeans back on, picked up my tools and the ladder and headed back downstairs to put the items in the garage. Just as I was coming out of the garage, Jason was bringing his bike inside to hang it on the wall. I acted surprise to see Jason and said 'hi'.

Hi, Uncle Rich. How ya doing man? Nice to see you again. I heard dad telling me you were going to be here for a week or so. Nice to have you around. Perhaps we can go biking like we use to.” Then he continue to place the bike on the rack.
Has my neighbor been putting on a good show for you today?

He told me he knew you were watching, but it was okay. That dude's a real cock hound exhibitionist, and gives an awesome blow job. He's been sucking me off since I was about 15. You got to check out his mouth action. He gives a fantastic rim job and will tongue fuck your ass until you make him stop, and he likes to be fucked as well.

Have you ever fucked a dude before? He taught me how to get fucked. I'm straight you know, but I sure love having a big cock up my ass now and then. I really get off on it. Perhaps I might talk you into fucking me this week before Dad gets home.”

I stood there in a state of shock. I had just experienced watching a guy suck and get fucked by the guys Gardner, his pool boy, the telephone man, the UPS guy and suck off my friends hot college son, and now he is asking me to fuck him.

I see by the big bulge in your Jeans you have a big hard on now so, while you're in the mood, while don't you drop your jeans, lube up you cock, and fuck me right here over my Dads Harley. I've been fucked here by Dad a few times when Mom is gone. Come on. Don't be shy. I can take it and like it rough, so plow away.

Jason said as he pulled off his spandex and took my hand. I immediately dropped my jeans while being guided by Jason towards his Dad's Harley D. He bent over the machine, spread his tight buttock and offered me his ass. It was so hot that I almost came just touching his firm ass.

Come on Uncle Rich, You've never been shy around me before. Please fuck me. I haven't had a nice big cock up my buns since the swimming coach banged me in the locker room last month. I need it bad, Uncle Rich. Please fuck me.”

Needless to say I fucked Jason over his Dad's Harley D. and came 2 more times.

I stayed at my friends home for the rest of the summer. Jason took me to visit the naked man. We took turns fucking the naked man. One time I looked up at the balcony and saw Harry viewing us with his high powered binoculars.

Story By Dick Clinton eyeMrich1@msn.com

Word Count 3385