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Cop Sucker, Part 02


Written by Dick Clinton at

PART 02, “Willingly Forced” 

That night I slept very well, but when I woke the next morning, my thoughts were of my Policeman master. I had always been the dominant person in my sexual encounters, but now he had taken control over me. I had made a sudden change in my sexual attitude. When you are fond of another person, you do things you never thought of doing before. 
I could still smell the man sex and leather in the apartment from the night before. I hadn’t bothered to cleaned up the cum that was on the tile floor or the stain marks on the wall. We hadn’t even made it to the bedroom for our sexual encounter. We just did it, right there in the entrance way of my apartment. I’d never had such sizzling and demanding sex with anyone before. He was a hot stud policeman, and I was looking forward to a repeat of another session.
I went through the week in a spinning daze of my encounter with?? …Wow, I didn’t even know his name. I was determined to locate his name on the mailbox downstairs. I carefully looked over the names and found what I assumed, was his name, Bart Adams and his roommate Larry Stewart. 

I hadn’t seen or heard their motorcycles this whole week. I was anxious to see if he would show up again at my door tomorrow night for another wild and hot man-to-man encounter as he promised.

The week went slow, but I went about my regular routine as usual. Finally it was Friday night and I had worked later than usual. I stopped at a favorite place to eat then headed home. My street was well lighted and in a nice part of town so I didn’t worry about getting robbed or molested on the way home.

I was still two blocks from my apartment when I heard the sound of motorcycles. I didn’t bother to glance around until two motorcycle police bikes pulled up to the curb about twenty feet in front of me. They stopped and turned off their motors. I continued walking until I realized it was the cop, Bart from the apartment and possibly his roommate Larry. Bart got off of his motorcycle and motion for me to come to him.

Hey, cocksucker! Get the fuck over here! “He said in his rough deep demanding voice as he headed down the alley between some empty warehouses. 

I was wondering what he was up to now. I hesitated a minute then followed. I was appreciative of his manly configuration dressed in his ‘spit and polished’ cop uniform. God, he was a hot looking dude! He was so trim and handsome in his brown and black police uniform, his helmet, leather gloves and riding boots. He walked towards the edge of the nearby building next to a dimly lit alley. He didn’t say another word to me, but motioned for me to follow him down the alley. 
The alley was between two warehouses in a quiet part of town. Halfway down the alley was a doorway to one of the vacated buildings. Above the door was a dimly lit uncovered light bulb, and near by were two large trash dumpsters. I followed obediently as he stopped close to the doorway next to one of the dumpsters.
Get the fuck over here, punk ass. I need to take a piss and you are going to hold it.” He said as he undid his belt and gun holster.
I was wondering what his partner thought when he headed down this alley with me. Perhaps he had already discussed his session with me at the apartment. I assumed it was an accepted fact that I was now his cocksucker. I was ecstatic at the appearance of Bart standing in the muted light, releasing his cock from his uniform. I assumed my position next to him and unzipped his pants. I could already feel his hard bulge anxious to be released from the prison of his uniform. I clumsily dropped to my knees to get better access to his cock.

What the fuck? You want to drink my piss, cocksucker? Can’t you even wait until I take my piss before you wrap your cock sucking mouth around it? You’re sure hungry son of a bitch, anxious for my prick again, aren’t you asshole?” He said trying to humiliate me as I waited patiently for his next instructions.  

He pushed me away as he opened his pants and pulled them down past his thighs. He wore a jock strap to protect his balls and cock when he rode the bike. There he stood once again before me ready for me to respect his manly cock. I looked up at his face for his permission to proceed.
OK, fagot, now you can kiss and inhale my musky jockstrap before you release my dick. I have to take that piss before you suck the cum from my dick…if I let you. Now take out my dick and hold it while I take my piss.” He instructed.
I squatted on my knees in the dirty alley eager to serve my master. I took a deep whiff of his musky jock strap. He had been riding for several hours and now the manly musk of body sweat made his jock strap, and his body reeks with warm sensuous scent. I buried my nose between his jock halter and his legs, quickly licking the moisture from between his legs. He pushed my head into his crotch and sighed softly.
I released his cock from the jockstrap before his dick hardened; otherwise, he would have a problem urinating. I lifted one side slowly to release his hairy ball sacks, and then gently and lovingly released his hardening cock from its prison. It sprung out nudging me on the face. I wanted to make love to his cock right then but instead, I directed his cock shaft toward the wall as he gradually released his urine. The muscles in his penis expanded as he released the urine from his long and beautiful dick. It was slow to surge at first, but then his body released a firm steady stream of golden piss, splashing against the brick wall of the warehouse.

The streetlight behind us directed a soft glow on his cock while I watched his piss streaming from his piss slot. It sparkled in the soft light like golden jewels in a bracelet. He placed his hands to his hips and threw back his head to relax as he released his urine, trusting his cock worshiper to lovingly guided his man hood. Some of the warm piss splashed from the wall and onto me as I knelt before my master.  

As the last stream of piss come down his shaft, I felt his balls tighten. He squirted one more spurt then stopped. I started to milk it down and shake off the last few drops but he had other plans. Before he completely stopped pissing, he shoved my head over his dripping cock. I eagerly slurped away at his uncut cock head tasting the remaining drops and milking it down appreciating his body liquids. 

Good man! Good man! Now do your master the pleasure of sucking the cum from his cock.” Bart said to me as he spread his legs and leaned forward on the door in front of us. Just then, the door slightly opened. Bart caught his balance then he said to me.  

Stop. This door is open. Let’s go inside.”  

He gave it a slight nudge and it opened into a small hallway. A narrow stairwell leads to the floors above the warehouse. He held onto his pants and walked inside flashing his flashlight around in the darkened hall. When he decided it was safe for our continuing encounter, he said to me. 

Come in here where we can have a bit more privacy.”  

I got up from the alley floor and followed him in. He seemed to think everything was O.K. then he instructed me to take off all my clothes and threw them on the stairway. I quickly did as he said. I was anxious to suck his cock once again. Meanwhile Bart placed his flashlight on the edge of the stairs giving us indirect light.
Sit on the stairs and face me. You can continue sucking on my cock, punk. Lick those balls. They need a little loving too, cocksucker. Oh yeah, that is good. Yeah.” Bart said as I licked on his low hanging hairy balls. .
I cupped his balls in my hand as I took another deep whiff of his warm body. I licked back up his cock to his piss slot so I could unfurl his cock head from his lacy uncircumcised cock. My tongue was searching and lapping away at his pre-cum juices. I could still taste the salty piss and the sweat from his body. My master’s cock mesmerized me. It was so beautiful and tasty. I knew that if we continued at this pace he would be letting me drink his love juices very soon. I would build him up to a climax then slow down to let him relax again. He pushed me away quickly just before he was about to cum and said.
Turn your fucking ass around and let me take a good look at your man pussy. I want to ram my cock up your ass and cum in that tight ass hole of yours. You know you are such a lucky bitch, getting my cock load in that undeserving fuck hole, so turn around and let’s get started, punk. I know how much you want it.”  
I did as he said but was hoping he would be gentle with me. He had been the only one to ever fuck me. I did have a week to recover. I wanted to be prepared for his entry but I did as he said.

I positioned myself on the stairs with my butt facing him. My knees rested on one of the steps as I lay my hand on another stair. Bart placed his hand on my butt cheek and rubbed my ass as if he was inspecting my hole. He rubbed his finger up and down my ass crack a few times and close to my ass hole. He then took a whiff of his finger and said to me as I waited for his entry. 

You expect me to fuck this funky hole. Smell this finger. That is the funk and sweat from you ass.” Bart proceeded to shove his finger up to my nose and made me smell my own ass crack. 

Well Punk can you smell that? What should we do here, punk? You expect me to stick my man cock up that funky hole? I’m waiting.” Bart said as I was forced to smell his finger again and forced one finger into my mouth for me to taste.  

No sir. I don’t expect you to fuck my funky ass hole with your man cock. What do you want me to do, Sir?” I said as I wondered what he had planned next.
I did want his cock and I knew I hadn’t showered since this morning. I had a long hard day and my ass was sweaty and funky as he said.  

Well, we had better clean it up first. Isn't that right, pussy ass? You need your ass cleaned before my cock can enter.” Bart said. 

Bart quickly dropped to his knees behind me and buried his face right into my bare funky sweaty ass. His tongue immediately found my sphincter and tongue fucked me with lightning speed. I gasped, not only with pleasure, but also of the sudden and unexpected moves Bart had made on my ass. I gasped several times as my ass hole was being reamed to unbelievable delight. My master was cleaning and making love to my funky ass with his tongue. He was breathing hot and heavy as he licked and cleaned my ass crack and my ass hole. He took another deep breath then plunged in once again with another fast tongue fucking action.  

Now that is better. Your ass hole is clean enough for my cock. Push your ass back onto my cock. You deserve a rough fucking because of that, you fucking punk ass hole.” Bart said to me.
He stood up again with his cock in his hand and aimed his cock to my ass hole. It was nice and moist from his tongue fucking. The big head of his cock immediately slid into the entrance. I flinched. He pause then moved into my ass, this time shoving it all the way in. I jumped as it hit my prostate and I immediately shot my load on the stairs.

It was a fantastic feeling cumming without even touching it. He paused again for a short time while I had my orgasm then he proceeded to fuck me long and hard. He was so excited as he pumped away at my willing ass hole. I had never had such wild sex with anyone as I had with him. He would grab my ass and pump his shaft into me hard, while talking dirty to me. Yet, I could sense a kind and loving man behind his body movements and his words. 

Yeah, punk, you have a good tight man pussy. You like that man cock up your ass, don’t you, cocksucker? You like my ‘cop cock’ up you tight hole. I make you cum, don’t I? I give you pleasure. That is a nice ass hole for my cock. Yeah. Take that man cock up your fucking ass. Shit, that is good.”

Bart kept talking to me as he was enjoying my body and the tight crevices of my ass hole.I was enjoying getting fucked so much that I had forgotten about his partner waiting patiently for Bart as he was pleasuring himself in my ass hole. I heard the sound of the door open slowly as his partner spoke to Bart.

Man, haven’t you dumped your load yet? That must be a good piece of ass you have there Bart.” The other cop spoke to him as he flashed his light first into my face then at my ass to see Bart’s big cock shoving into my hole.
You don’t know how right your are, Larry, This is the best man pussy I have had in a long time. Look at that beautiful ass. That punk can take my cock without even complaining. Better than that ‘old lady’ of yours. You’ve got to try some of this man. Let me shoot my load then you can move right in. This cocksucker is totally mine. He will do anything I ask and what….and what a tight fuck. Oh, Yeah. Shitttt, man. I’m going to cum. Oh yeah! Oh yeah! Take that cock, take that cock, you fucking cock sucking punk. Oh Yeah. I’m commmmmming…awwwww, awwwww, awwwww…aww. Fuck, fuck. Man that is good stuff.”
Bart moaned out as he pumped his hot load into my ass while Larry watched. It must have triggered Bart off as his buddy watched his body spasm through a pleasurable orgasm. Larry proceeded to pull out his hard cock and started to jack off. Never once did he take the flashlight off Bart’s cumming cock or my ass. He placed his hand down to the entrance of my hole where his buddy’s cock was still emptying loads of cum. He brought his fingers up to his mouth to taste the ass juices oozing from my ass. He took the remainder of liquids and moistened his own hard cock while continuing to jack off.  

I held onto the stairs bracing myself as Bart wildly bounced against my body shoving his hard cock into me. His strong hands gripped my hips as he pulled violently on my body, impaling his manhood into me. I could feel his big hairy balls bouncing against my butt cheek and his pulsating cum emptying into my love canal. The sounds of moaning continued until Bart finally paused to enjoy one more feel of ecstasy of his orgasm.
This dude was a wild fucker. That was so good I almost came again. I relaxed on the stairs while Bart took another deep sigh and slowly pulled his cock out of my ass. I could feel his moist warm sperm and ass juices dripping out of my ass and onto my balls. He leaned over and kissed one of my ass cheeks then gave me a love slap on the other one. He turned to his cop partner Larry, and said. 
Here buddy. Fuck some good tight ass and use it well.”
Then Bart raised his voice as he spoke instructions to me. 

Now listen, ass hole, this is my best buddy so give him a good time. Whatever he wants to do with your cock sucking mouth or you cum filled ass, you let him do it. If he wants you to suck his cock, you do it. If he wants to fuck your ass, it is his, and if he wants you to drink his piss, you oblige him. If his funky ass hole needs licking, you lick it. I am loaning you out so don’t let me hear you haven’t pleased him. If I hear anything negative, I may not fuck your funky ass for another week. Do you understand, punk?

Bart said as he shook his fist at me. 

Yes sir. I understand and I will be happy to pleasure your buddy, and thank you sir for your confidence in me. I am yours to command.” I said as I lowered my head in respect.

I was really getting into this dominance and obedience thing with Bart. He just had that certain command that I liked besides I was proud to be used by him. He was so hot.  
Cop Sucker” by Dick Clinton, 
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Cop Sucker. Part 01


This is a story of a young man and his encounter with a Uniform Motorcycle City Policeman. It contains domination and male-to-male sexual encounter. No intent of any particular person or persons should be intended. No one was injured in this story and all participants were willing. If you are offended by, man-to-man sexual contact or you are under legal age in you country or state, then read no further.

Story by Dick Clinton at
Part 01, Forced Entry
I had always been attracted to a man in uniform. I surmised it was because when I was a youngster, all military men had to wear their uniforms when on leave or shore duty. I always admired the firemen and policemen as well. I assumed it was the "hero" effigy we all looked up to.
When I was living in an apartment building in Oakland there were two or more city policemen living in the same building. I would witness they trailing in or out nearly every day. They seemed friendly enough, but they always were in too much an urgency to stop and chat or not interested in conversation with me.
One day I went to our steam room to relax after a long day at work. There were two men sitting on the redwood bleachers enjoying the sauna. When I entered, one of the men left and went to the showers, leaving me alone with the other one. He looked rather familiar, but sometimes people look different when you see them without any clothes on. I spoke to him; he nodded and said "Hi".

We rested quietly for a while and then he slowly pulled his towel from his midsection exposing his firm naked body to its fullest. He looked unbelievably sexy. The sweat and steam rolled down his firm abs to his crotch area. He had a nice tan, except where his bathing suit had covered his thighs and buttocks. He had full head of black hair and a small amount of body hair running from his chest to his groin. I had observed when I came into the steam room, he look down at me and flashed a quick smiled, his teeth glimmered in the semi-dark steam room. He was a handsome stud.

I was sitting to one side, and had a good view of his big low hanging moist cock and balls. He sat back and relaxed as the steam filled the room. He adjusted his balls and cock and then withdrew his hand.
I was admiring his tasty looking orbs and perfectly shaped penis as he rested with his back against the wall He closed his eyes. He began to get a semi-hard on, and it continued to firmly develop until it was fully erect. He made no effort to cover himself, and once again adjusted his balls. I could not resist this beauty lurking before me, just ready and waiting for my attention and care.
I touched his leg with one hand and paused. He made no effort to resist so, I continued up his thigh until I was caressing his balls. His cock continued to grow and throbbed at my touch. He spread his legs giving me the definite sign that he needed more attention and gave me better access to his privates. I positioned myself between his legs, guided his hard throbbing cock to my salivating mouth, and went down on him. He gave out a deep and surprising sigh of pleasure.

I continued sucking and licking his cock and balls until I soon had him ready to have his orgasm. He grasped the back of my neck, held me down over his gushing cock releasing load after load of warm sperm into my willing mouth. I finished ingesting and savoring his cum until he relaxed and his penis got soft. He took his towel, stood and headed to the shower, without saying a word. I left soon after and returned to my apartment. I still was trying to recall his stern handsome face.
The next week I was sunning by the pool, when I saw two of the policemen that are living here, walk by the pool area as they were leaving the building. I recognized one of them as the one I had sucked off in the sauna room last week. He walked by the pool, looked over the girls, spoke and flirted with a few of them then walked on. He saw me sitting there in the sun. He looked at me, smiled and spoke.

"Hi, buddy. How’s it going today?"
I was rather surprised but pleased with the recognition. He looked impressive in his tailored policeman’s uniform; and a bit cocky and sure of himself, but I liked that too.
That same evening I was coming in from dinner at a local restaurant, when he pulled up on his motorcycle in front of the apartment building. I stopped to watch him park his hog on the sidewalk parking spot. He knew I was observing him and he slowly took off his biker glasses, helmet and his leather riding gloves. He lifted one leg over the cycle and stood up. He was a awesome looking stud and he knew it. I knew my mouth must have been open and my face flush red. I was in awe at his manly appearance. He nodded directly at me and spoke.
"Which apartment are you in buddy?"
I...I..I'm in 208.” I stuttered.

He spoke out in a deep demanding voice saying.
"Meet me there in ten minutes."

Then he turned his back to me and started locking up his hog. I was in a state of shock at his sudden demands and almost froze on the spot. He turned and looked back at me standing like an idiot and said once again in a stronger tone of voice.
I said ten minutes, fucker!” Then he went back to his bike.
I quickly opened the apartment gates and rushed up the stairs to my apartment to make sure that everything was in order. I was breathless when I arrived. I remember how beautiful he was naked and how great his cock had freely given me a wonder full load of cum. I could feel my heart beating and my face flush warm with excitement. I trembled like a young boy in heat anticipating some hot sex with this policeman.
Soon there was a knock at the door. I hesitated for a moment then I took a deep breath, composed myself and opened the door. There he stood in full uniform, leather jacket, pants, and gun…the whole nine yards. He had replaced his helmet and glasses, which made him even hotter. What a hunk, I thought to myself.
"Come in." I stuttered.
I was sweating and short of breath. He swaggered into my entrance way door. His black, highly polished boots made a tapping noise on the tile as he walked into my apartment.

"Am I under arrest?" I said trying to break the silence.
He didn't smile, but sternly looked into my face, reached around his hip to quickly obtain his handcuffs and said.
"If that’s the way you want it punk." He said firmly, as he advanced to me, and forcibly shoved my body against the wall.
He immediately began giving me a body search; roughly feeling me up and down, reaching to my crotch area and groped my hard cock. He yanked my hands down from the wall, and placed the handcuffs on my wrists.
I was excited, yet nervous about this dramatic scene. I had never been in this situation before. I have always been in control but right now, I was at this hunk’s mercy. He leaned his body towards me as he once again grabbed my hard cock.
"What’s this, cocksucker, you got a hard on? He asked.
I nodded to my dominant master. He roughly unbuttoned my jeans and yanked them down over my hips. They fell to my ankles. I wear no shorts, so there I stood with a hard on, my hands behind my back, and my ‘bowling ball butt at his exposure.
With one of his leather clad hands he roughly started caressing and pulling on my balls while the other hand he was manipulating my seven one half inch cock. He removed his helmet, dropped it on the floor, embraced me and roughly planted a deep hard kiss on my mouth. This maneuver caught me off balance and I fell against the wall. He once again, roughly turned me around, and pushed my face against the wall, leaving my bare ass at his exposure. He placed one of his fingers into my mouth forcing me to suck on it. When his finger was wet, he placed it near my asshole. I flinched. I had never been fucked before so this made me nervous.
"Oh, you still a virgin, cocksucker? Well perhaps we should change this. What do you think? Do you think I should shove my cock up your virgin asshole?"
I felt uncertain as his leather-clad hands caressed my back and buttocks. He wet his finger once again and started to explore my anus. Suddenly he positioned himself behind me and spread my buttocks. He massaged my asshole and then he lunged forward and plunged his hot wet tongue into my asshole. It felt rapturous and he was sensational. His hot moist tongue rapidly lapped my hole and I started to relax and enjoy it.

He abruptly stood again, turned me back to his face, and kissed me once more. He placed his strong hands to my shoulder and shoved me to my knees. I was still in the handcuffs as he pulled my face into his crotch. I could smell and taste the leather pants he was wearing. He held my face close to him as he unzipped his pants. I was anticipating the next move.
He opened his leather pants, and pulled out his hard cock and balls surrounded by a tight fitting silver cock ring. He pulled out his balls so I could lick them as I would his cock. He guided my face to his cock and forced me to suck him. I could not do anything except use my lips and tongue. I swirled his salty juices around in my mouth, now tasting his pre-cum and the manly sweat from his balls. I thought I was doing a good job considering, but he pulled away and pulled me back up to my feet.
I was turned around once more and placed with my head against the wall as he kicked my legs further apart. I had managed to get one leg out of my jeans so I could maneuver better. He firmly grabbed my buttocks and spread them apart once more, and then moved his finger down to my wet asshole. He placed his leather-clad finger up my ass, and after a quick massage, withdrew his finger and replaced it with the head of his wet cock.

Once he found the entry, he slowly, but forcibly entered my asshole. It hurt like hell when he first entered, but he continued until it gradually slid all the way in. I jumped and started to yell out, but he put his leather glove over my mouth. He stopped his movements for just a short time then he started to move his hot cock in my aching asshole. I was still hurting but the hurt began to subside as he moved. My asshole was becoming accustomed to his entry. I tried to relax as he kept shoving in and out. I held on for dear life. I had no choice but to let him use me. I started to feel more relaxed and began to enjoy it. I still had tears running down my face from the painful entry, but slowly I felt a good sensation and less pain. I became more excited once again, and my cock started to get hard as he manipulated my cock while he fucked and used my body for his pleasure.
He placed his leather-clad hands to each of my buttocks as he pulled me into his protruding hard cock. I could feel his big balls hitting against my asshole and occasionally the hard feel of his cock ring. Between lunges, he would slap my bare buttocks, first on one cheek, then the other. The sting of the leather against me stung at first, but after a few hits I found it stimulating. He would spit on his cock as it entered my hole to help lubricate my dry virgin hole. His breathing became heavier as he pounded away at my sensitive but willing raped ass.
He was now building up a faster rhythm as I backed in to my intruder to satisfy him. I could feel his cock starting to swell and then he lunged several times into my tender hole and started releasing his manly sperm deep into my ass. I was beginning to enjoy it now but it would soon come to an end. He held his cock in me as he jacked off my throbbing cock until I shot my load all over the wall and floor. Some of it even splattered on his boots. I almost fell on the floor in pleasure.
He pulled his wet cock out of me and rubbed it against my buttocks. He forced me around again as I fell to the floor with my legs now crossed. I was eye level with his cock. He aimed his wet cock, now dripping with his manly sperm and my body juices and forced it into my mouth.
"Clean off my cock, you cock sucking, asshole." he said to me.
I licked his cock and balls until they were clean then he forced me to take it all the way down my throat. I could not breathe too well so he released me. I came up for air and noticed his cock was ready to go again. He started to pump his cock into my mouth again and I gladly received him. Then he gasped and started to cum again. His cumming cock slipped from my mouth and his remaining cum squirted on my face and lips. I continued to lick off the remainder of his cum and milk down his cock. He stood there for a while then stepped back a couple of feet to adjust his pants and put his cock back in his leathers. He looked down at his boot where some of our cum had splattered from both our orgasms. He looked angry with me, took my head and forced it down to his boots.
"You fucking punk. You came on my boot. Now you have to lick it off and shine that boot with your tongue. Now get to work."
I started licking his boot then shined his boot with my tongue and hair. He seemed pleased as he pulled me back up again, this time reaching for his handcuff key and releasing my sore bound wrist. He leaned roughly into me as we fell against the wall. He planted a tongue sucking, lip-biting kiss on me and then he lapped at my face and mouth to clean and taste his own cum.
I stood pleasantly exhausted. He placed his sunglasses back on, then his helmet, and put his handcuffs back in the cuff pocket. Never once did he look away from my eyes. He looked as though he was in deep thought then he said to me.
"You are not through yet, punk. Get back on your knees and take my cock back into your mouth. I have to take a piss."
I did as he commanded, wondering what was in store for me next. This was another new experience for me. I wasn’t sure I was ready to do this. I placed his soft cock back into my warm mouth. He grabbed my head and held it down on him until my lips rested at the base of his cock near the cock ring.
I was well aware why he was starting to relax. He held me on his beautiful cock until I felt a warm stream of his piss entering my mouth. I gagged and immediately tried to pull away. I had never done such a thing but neither had I been fucked. He was in control of me and he knew it. I took a deep breath as his warm sweet piss was going down my throat. I started to swallow and let it trickle down my throat. It wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be. In fact, I found it quite exciting being used by this Policeman hunk. He squirted one last trickle then released my head. By this time, I was slurping away at his piss slot. I looked up at his handsome face as he looked down at me in approval.
"See, punk, that wasn’t so bad. I was just marking my territory. Now one more thing before I leave."
He slowly opened his belt and pulled down his leather pants. I was still holding on to his hairy balls and licking at his cock. He quickly turned around with his tight butt cheeks staring into my face. He held my head, guided it to his musky ass, and pulling his cheeks apart, guided my face into his ass.
His body still had the musky scent of his masculine body, mixed with the scent of leather. I was turned on to him once again. There is something about a man's body that gets your hormones stirring. I eagerly spread his buttocks, and licked my tongue up and down his hairy butt crack. He bent over to give me better access to his body.
I wanted to tongue fuck his tender tasty ass and please him. He sighed slightly and then started to masturbate his cock while I licked at his brown puckering anus. It was tight and had the scent of manly sweat and leather. I shoved my face into his butt and tongue fucked him deep and fast. I wanted him to feel as good as he had made me feel earlier, when his tongue was in my virgin ass. He smelled so hot and tasted so good. I took a deep whiff and plunged my fast moving tongue back in his warm musky crack.

I started to jack off, as my cock had once again come to full length. He was going to cum again and turned quickly around as he shot his third load of cum all over my face. I opened my mouth to lap at the stream of man sperm spattering my face. It ran down my cheeks and into my mouth. This stud cop sure could cum a lot. It was great. He paused then milked the last drops of cum from his cock and wiped it on my lips. He took a deep sigh as he quietly put his cock back into his leather pants then buckled his belt and put away his cuffs.
I sat on the floor in my own cum and his dripping from my face. I was pleasantly exhausted. I looked up at him as he dressed. He turned towards the door to leave then he turned once again to me and said.
"I will be back here again next week same day, same time. Get your asshole cleaned up and be ready for another fuck, you cocksucker." Then he left the apartment.

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Story by Dick Clinton

Upgraded- 7/16/16 , Word Count, 3,133, Pages 12



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College Newbie, Part 03

College Newbie, Part 03

Party time.

Story by Dick Clinton

I had just arrived in my dorm room when Castle returned from his last class. He looked as handsome as ever and was all smiles. He looked at me and said ,

I just talked to Mike the President at 'Alpha Beta Fraternity' and we are invited to their initiation party this next week end. I'm to bring you along to help with the ceremonial initiation. We have to think up something erotic, humiliate and sexual to do to break in the new men. Do you have any ideas?”

Wow! That's exciting. I could think of several thing we could do. First I was thinking of a Glory hole and get the men to get their cocks sucked by an anonymous person or perhaps a sling where I could take on the men one or two at a time. They could be blindfolded and guided to my ass by a member then told to fuck me. Or would that be too much?”

Oh I don't know about that. Let me think about that last one. I think there are about 20 guys that are to be in the installation. Do you think you could take on all those guys in one evening? I know you like being fucked but that many dudes might be overcoming. 'Over coming'...Get it?'. Castle said laughing.

Some of those duds might want to fuck you more than once. You are such a good fuck. You could have an open container on the floor under your ass to catch the over flowing cum oozing from you fuck hole.” Castle continued. ...and we could save the overflow from their cum, pore it in a large container and make the guys take a swig of the overflowing cum later on. How erotic is that?” Castle continued.

You are weird sometime Castle, but that might be interesting. Would you be upset knowing I would be getting fucked by all those strangers?”

Naw. Not if I could watch and know you were enjoying it. I might not be able to fuck you for a day or so after wards,or better still I could join in the line and fuck you there as well. I think that's hot. Besides Mike said we'd get paid by the head. Get it? The head.” Another pun by Castle.

I was shocked to think Castle would let these anonymous men use me as a fuck object. But...It would be exciting to take on so many strangers at one time. I might have to be high or take some sex drug to get in the mood.

I did have a good time when I was gang-banged by the visiting swimming team when I was in high school in Kansas. I came so many times I passed out and discovered later that 12 horny young high school guys and the coach had fucked me at least once and some came back for more. I masturbate sometimes just remembering how exciting it was at that time and fantasize on doing it again sometime. Now I might be used again by 20 or more young college studs. I am such a slut and would probably love it again.

I noticed Castle was getting hard as he undressed. I assumed he needed to fuck me right now or get one of my blow jobs. I automatically started undressing and joined him on the bed. He pulled me up beside him and gave me a kiss on the cheek.

Get on you back and lift you legs 'babe'. If I'm gonna let them use your body and use that sweet fuck hole, we'll need to practice more, besides I love fucking you.”

I immediately got on my backside and lifted my legs so my master could use me for his pleasure and mine. I loved being fucked by this stud. His cock seem to fit so nicely and it always touched and made love to my prostate and always made me cum too.

Castle got between my legs as I lifted my legs. He looked into my eyes as he guided his big cock to my man pussy. It twitched in anticipation for his entrance. He immediately found my hole and eased the head into me. I still had some cum remaining in my canal from my last fuck. He smiled knowing I was lubricated just for him. He went in slow but determined. Awe fuck! He was going all the way in with his first entry. I was afraid he would make me cum right away but he paused knowing of my threat to cum too soon. He waited and then pulled out almost all the way then buried his 10 inch dick all the way in again. I couldn't help my self and came. He paused and let me enjoy my first climax then he went all the way in again and started to fuck me and enjoy my tight warm male pussy. He was ready to breed me.

As he fucked me he rubbed my 'spent come' over my abs and chest. He caressed and stimulated my tits by rubbing them over and over. Then he leaned over and started kissing and licking them. This was all new to both of us. He was beginning to make love to me instead of just fucking the hell out of me. Which I still loved, but now it was a bit more personal.

He kept fucking me at a steady rhythm then laid over me and started to nibble on my ears. Then he gradually edged his way up my cheek and to my lips. He started by a gentle kiss. I responded and kissed back. Soon it was more passionate and tongue searching.

He was getting close to cumming and his kisses became more passionate. He started to pump me harder and harder. His breath was shorter. He set up and directed his dick deep in my body and gave out a sigh of pleasure as he had his organism.

I came again as he pumped me full of his love juices. He threw his head back and gave out a sigh of passion and yelled. “Fuck! Fuck! Fuck! Damn you're the best! Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!..Awww. Fuck!”

Then he sighed once again and placed his hands to my abs and rubbed my cum all over me again. He placed his fingers to his mouth and licked the cum he had gathered from my abs. “Mum. Not bad.”

Castle laid his body on mine. I could feel his heart beat. He turned his head towards mine and kiss me softly on the lips again.

I don't know if I want to share you with anyone ever again. I think I've grown accustom to you...and your body.”

I didn't know what to say so I said. “Do you want to fuck again?”

Just then there was a soft knock on the door. Castle got up, still naked and a partial hard on from our recent fuck. He opened the door.

Hey Mike. Come in. Glad your here. I want to introduce you to my fuck partner and roommate Clint. Clint meet Mike President of that Fraternity I told you about. Sorry I'm not dressed. Clint and I just had a good fuck session and my dick is still partially hard.”

Aa..Aa.Aa. Mike stuttered. .”Hello Clint. Sorry to bother you. Perhaps I should come back another time.”

Fuck no Mike. Come in and join us. Perhaps you'd like to give Clint a good work out. He all warmed up and full of my fuck juice. Nice lube for another fuck. Oh sorry Mike. I didn't mean to be so blunt but as you can see we just like to have a good time. Come closer and meet Clint.”

Hello Mike. Nice to meet you. Let me get you a beer and stay awhile. Sorry if we embarrassed you. You have to excuse Castle. He's rather open when it comes to sex.” I got off the bed, still naked and went to the refrigerator to get Mike and Castle a beer.

I was just in the neighborhood and you told me to drop by to discuss the party this week end”. Mike said as he was check out my ass as I bent over to get the beer. “ I must say Clint is a nice looking dude. Do you stick that big prick of yours in him all the time? Nice looking prick too. About the party. Have you thought of some interesting sexual things to do to humiliate the new recruits.?”

I gave Mike the beer and took a seat back on the edge of the bed. Mike was a hot looking stud. He was a Senior so he was probably about 24 or 25. Had nice hair, blue eyes, nice build like a foot ball player. He shows a nice bulge but couldn't make it out because he was probably wearing a jock strap. He seemed rather nervous but that was because we had just finished fucking and still had partial hardons. Castle's semi-hard cock was still shining from his cum after our fuck. I hadn't had time to clean his cock because of the interruption.

I notice Mike kept glancing at Castle dick. Castle was suddenly aware that I hadn't the time to clean his cock after our fuck. Just then, as I expected Castle took a hole of his semi hard dick, looked at me and said. “Hey cock sucker. Get over here and clean my cock. Sorry Mike we didn't have time to finish our session.”

I looked at Mike then at Castle. Then as a faithful servant to my roommate I got off the bed and dropped to my knees, took Castle's dick and put it in my mouth. I held on to his balls and starting serving his cock and balls. Mike must had been in shock but Castle keep on talking to Mike as if it was just a normal thing that roommates do.

Mike became silent then said that he should go but Castle insisted he stay.

Take you duds off Mike and jack off if you like. I've heard you have a monster of a cock. Let's check it out.”

Aw Fuck. You are something else Castle. I might as well get undressed. You've got me so horny now.” Mike said as he started to remove his sweats and tennis shoes . I could see him in the side mirror. First his sweat shirt then his shoes. What a fantastic body. He had tattoos from his shoulder down his arm. He kick off his shoes then pulled off his sweat pants. He stood and pulled off his white jock strap. I couldn't believe how big his dick was. I think he was even bigger than Castle. As I cleaned Castle his dick started to get hard.

Aw yes babe. Suck my dick again while my Buddy watches how talented you are. Yeah. That's it. Go all the way down on me again. Oh shit! You're so good. Turn and let Mike see how talented you are. Mum. Look at this cock sucker, Mike. He loves dick. Mike come closer and let him get a taste of that beauty! God Mike. I heard you had a big cock. Guess the guys in the locker room were right. Fuck that must me 11 inches...and so big around. Clint look at that big fucker. Go suck on it for awhile.”

I turned and took hold of Mike's big cock. I just keeled there and admired his big fuck stick. It was a beauty. I leaned in and licked the pre-cum oozing for his piss slot. Mike twitched. I put my mouth over the head of his tulip shaped cock and swirled my tongue around it several times. I pulled on his balls and gave them a good washing with my tongue and mouth. He smelled so good. Just like a man should. His balls were big to match his dick. I went back to his cock and went down on him as much as I could.

Meanwhile Castle stood by my side admiring Mikes body and huge dick. He reached over to touch and stuck his finger in my mouth as I tried to go down on Mike's cock.

Mike was enjoying the cock worship I gave him, but I was never going to get him off just by trying to suck him off. I had to get him to the bed and see if he would fuck my ass and get him off that way.

See Mike. He loves your cock. Why don't you breed him and drop a load in his ass. He loves being fucked. Just be gentle at first. I don't want you to rip him open before I use him again. Take your time. He help you get it in. Go for it Mike. Fuck his ass.”

I can't fuck him. I've tried to fuck several girls before and they complain too much and it turns me off. Never fucked a dude in the ass. I don't know if this will work but... 'hell', I willing to get it a try.”

Come on Mike. I can take your big cock if I can take Castle's cock. I can take your cock if you go slow and easy. I am already lubed by Castle's last load. Castle get that lube on the table. Get him lubed up more while I put some more lube in my ass. It's on the nightstand.”

Castle picked up the lube as I got on the bed and spread my ass cheeks for his entry. Meanwhile Castle put the lube on his hands, took Mike's big dick and started to lube his cock. I was surprised that Castle did that but he must have been really turned on seeing a cock bigger than his. Mike was enjoying the attention. I lay on my back hoping it would be the best way to take his cock, besides I wanted to watch his handsome face and admire his hunky body as he fucked me. What a hunk.

Mike got in between my legs and lifted my legs in the air. Castle held on to Mike's cock and guided it to my male pussy. Mike moved forward and found my hole. The head of his cock went in but he stopped before he moved in further.

That's it Mike. Guide that big prick into his welcome ass and fuck that ass like it is the best pussy you ever had. He loves it so don't be shy, just go easy at first. That right. Ease in slowly. Keep going. You're doing fine. Look at Clint's face. He wants it, He needs it. He wants you to plant your hot sperm deep in his body. He need to breed. Fuck him Mike, Fuck his tight pussy.” Castle kept encouraging Mike to fuck me.

I felt reached around to help him guide his cock into my hole. It started in. I could feel it going it. Then 'slam bang' it slid in almost to the hilt. I shook and grabbed his thick arms as it slowly went all the way in. The expression on his face was precious. He halfway smiled then pushed it in deeper. I could feel his big balls resting on my balls. He looked down at me.

Fuck yeah. Its in. All the way in. How does it feel on your end? This is the first ass I ever fucked and it feels so warm and exciting. I'm gonna start now. Are you okay? Are you ready? Oh Yeah that's nice. Very nice. This feels better than pussy.” Mike kept repeating.“

Oh fuck me big guy. Fuck me and enjoy my cunt. Make your cock feel good. Go slow at first then once my love canal gets use to it, you can fuck me with all your might. Fuck me sir. Please plow me. I love your cock in me. Oh fuck. It feels so damn good.”

See Mike. I knew he could take your cock. He loves it. Fuck the bitch. He loves it. Breed him Mike. Fill his ass with your cum, then I'm gonna fuck him again and blend my cum with yours. Fuck him dude. Enjoy that male cunt while I watch. It's so hot seeing your big prick in his pussy.”

Castle was on the bed watching Mike's big prick go in to my tight hole. While Mike was fucking me I felt Castle's fingers exploring his balls and touching my hole. He came up beside me to see if I was enjoying it then he bent down and gave me a quick kiss.

See how good I am to my pussy boy. I get him breed like he needs to be breed. I am so good to my boy whore. Enjoy it babe. There will be more of this fucking and sucking this week end. Mike will be your hosts for more fucking and breeding. Now enjoy.” then he kissed me again while Mike was fucking me harder and harder. I was about to cum again. I hope it didn't turn Mike off to see me shoot my cum all over my stomach. God I love this fucking. I love it.

Fuck me harder Mike!”

I watched his face as he fucked me. He looked like he was truly enjoying my ass. He closed his eyes and smiled. Then he looked down at me and over to Mike.

Fuck Castle. This is good stuff. I could go for this more often. Never found a cunt that could take my cock with out complaining. Man this is a real pleasure. I know you'll fit in at the party Clint. I have a sling that has never been used on a guy. Do you think you can take on some of the men at the party?”

Yeah. We were thinking about that. That would be cool and fun to watch. How many men do you have that will use him?”

'I don't know for sure. We'll discuss that later. Let me enjoy this dude and pop my nuts. God this is so good.” Mike said as he continued to plow his big cock deep in my hole. I was gonna cum again. He was rubbing me in just the right way. I was hoping he'd fuck me more before I came again. And he did. We fucked for about another 10 or 15 minutes before he really let loose and started to fuck he hard and fast. Then he grabbed my hips and let loose with a big grunt and a moan.

Ugh, Ugh, Oh Fuckkkkkk. I'm cumming in your hot pussy. I'm cumming, I'm cumming.” he kept repeating as he dumped a big load in me. I could feel his big cock throbbing and shooting me full of cum. I started cumming at the same time. We were both moaning and groaning with pleasure. “Damn. I like cumming.” Mike said as he continued pumping his cock in and out of my male cunt. He was a good fucker...and wild.

Meanwhile Castle was waiting patiently for his turn at my cum filled ass. Mike was still panting and enjoying the last of his orgasm. He slowly pulled out as a gush of his cum came with him. Castle couldn't wait any longer. He almost pushed Mike out of the way and rammed his hard cock into me. He only pumped for a few minutes when he started to cum. He got so hot watching Mike fuck me that he shot quicker than usual. He laid on top of me for a short time and gave me another long kiss.

Did you enjoy that hard fucking? He sure dumped a huge load in you. The bed is wet with our cum oozing out of your sweet cunt. See how good I am to you to let a big stud like that fuck you. You know he's the captain of the football team don't you? He'll tell the other players and you'll be contacted by other football players to bang your ass. If I let them. Are you willing to take on a few more players this year? After that we'll start on the basketball players. Ha. Ha. Your dance card will be full for the rest of the year.'

Oh my god. I can hardly wait but are you willing to share me this year? I know you like watching me take on a guy like Mike. You enjoy this as much as I do, don't you?”

Mike stood by the bed and guided his wet cock to my mouth. Castle was still on top of me as Mike stuck his dick to my face. “Clean my cock, cock sucker. Mike said. Castle looked at me and said. “Yeah finish your job. Make him happy and clean his cock. Its soft now so you can go all the way down on it.”

Would you like to help me? You can hold on to his balls as I clean his cock, then I'll clean his balls as well.” I looked at Mike's wet cock and took it into my mouth. It wasn't as big now so I managed to suck it all the way to his balls. Mike gave out a soft moan.

Castle held onto Mike's balls as I cleaned and sucked on his cock. I felt Castle's cock start to get hard while still in my ass. He was getting excited again watching me suck Mike's cock. He started fucking me slowly. He face was close to Mike's cock and looked tempted to take a lick or two on Mike while I sucked on him. Castle kept fucking me. He was gonna cum again. “Oh yeah babe. You're the best.

We still had to talk to Mike about the Party this Friday, but we were all enjoying ourselves so much having sex that we had almost forgot about it. I figured as soon as everyone enjoyed ourselves again we would talk about it later.

Mike's big cock started getting hard again. Castle was fucking me hard and was about to cum again. He gave out a sigh and shot another load up my cum filled ass. The he looked over at Mike's cock and it was getting hard again.

Get back on and fuck some more of that stud juice in his cunt again. I know you want to fuck him again.. Castle pulled out as Mike got back on the bed and easily stuck his big cock back into my ass hole. I was gonna enjoy this one again now that I was full of stud juice from both of my fuckers. It went in easy this time. Mike started to fuck me harder than before. I felt his big cock growing and growing inside me. He leaned over me, look me in the eyes and kissed me on the lips. His kiss was strong but sweet. It surprised me and I like it. He kept fucking me for another 30 minutes and started to cum again. I came just before he did making my love canal tighten. He scenes it and came along with me. It was as good as the first time. He leaned back with his dick still in me and rubbed my body now covered with my cum and his sweat.

Damn Castle. You've got a keeper here and if you get tired of him I take him off your hands. He's a keeper. I hope we can do this more often. I'm tired of dating some of these cunts that never put out. I like sex and need it as much or more than the next guy. Let's do this more often. Okay Castle?

Fuck yeah Mike. You can give us a call or just come over any time to get some good ass. Why waste your time with these cunts that tease you then leave you hard and ready to get your nuts. Yeah, Mike, anytime.”What do you say Clint? Can I fuck you again sometime soon?”

Yeah Mike, Want to do it again, right now? I said. Mike jokingly smiled and nodded yes.

Story by Dick Clinton,
4065 Words. 05/25/16