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Cops Sucking and fucking in the locker room.

“Fuck me ‘big daddy’! I need your big prick in my boy pussy. We won’t need any lube because I still have a fresh load of stud juice in my boy-pussy from my last fuck. Now breed me Gary. Fuck me hard and give me your hot fucken load.”
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My cherished young virgin brother. You’ve given me a part of your body and life that can only be taken once. Enjoy. For we are now as one. I love ya Clint. I’m gonna fuck the hell out of you until you come and come again.”

 Good way to keep warm at my cabin.

“Ride me cowboy. Fuck my ass all night long if you wish. I have never felt anything so thrilling. Oh man this is so good.”
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I positioned myself comfortably between his powerful legs. With one hand I guided his growing cock in my mouth and with the other I caressed his big low hanging balls. I moved down his firm warm cock to his testicles and inhaled the scent of his masculine aroma while kissing and licking the soft skin covering the two firm lobes.

“Gawd, you are a cock pig aren’tyou? Tell me how much you like my nasty cock, cock sucking slut. You really like that cock don’t you. Go ahead, worship my trucker dick, and make me feel good. Take your time and lick all that left over ‘cock cheese’. Damn. I’m fucken delighted I came back.I’ve been looking for a cock sucking pig for a long time. Lovethat cock, cocksucker. Drain my nuts, pig. Get me off.”

“Oh my gawd. I’ve never had anyone suck on me like this. Damn. That feels so fucking good. If you keep that up, I’ll cum right away, but don’t worry;I can cum several times in one session. Just go ahead and take myfirst load then we can take our time fucking your boy-cunt later. Ohyeah. That’s so good.”

Matt set back on the edge of the table while I licked and inhaled his body musk. I spread by blanket over the table and had him lay on it. I began by licking his balls, dick, and armpits. He was enjoying having his body being licked and worshiped. He was getting very hot and wanted to cum.

This became a weekly procedure and soon I had several other dock men and a few truckers I was serving on a regular basis. Most of the time, no one spoke to me, except for a moan or grunt during my cock sucking or their orgasm. They’d just came into the room one at a time to use my expert cock sucking mouth to get off and use me as their cum dump. I loved being submissive to all these hunky straight men.

I was really enjoying the attention they were giving my body by rubbing my chest and chewing on my nipples. They each kissed and made love to my body while caressing my cock and balls.  They took turns licking and sucking my cock going first up one side and then down the other.  One boy sucked my balls while the other sucked and licked my hard dick.  I was in heaven.

"Come into my bedroom and I'll show you how serious I am.  You don't have to do anything but 'lay back and enjoy'. I've some hot sex DVDs for you to watch: besides, it's not like you're cheating on your wife.  It just one of the guys helping you get off.  Come on.  I know you'll enjoy it."

I took his cock in my mouth and went all the way down on it before
it got completely hard. The sudden pleasure caused him to let out a soft moan. He placed his hands on his hips and watched us in the mirror. I turned so he could see my every move over his big cock and balls

I saved my load for you after I fucked a girl tonight.  Pull off my rubber and drink my cum...and don't waste any of it. 

I went over to Roy, dropped to my knees on the carpet, took his delicious cock, put it to my lips, ran my tongue around his wet cock head, and then went down on him.He gasps with pleasure. Jake was watching very closely and said.

"Oh my god! You have your little brother sucking your dicks? Shit, I love to get head, but every time one of my chicks tries to blow me, they gag. Not that I am that well hung, but girls get weird when I try to put it in their mouth. They don't mind jacking me off, but I need some head. Man, this is cool. You have your own `live in' cock sucker. Why the fuck haven't you shared this with us before?I thought we were your good buds."Jake continued.

He watched the fuck DVD while I ravished his nuts and cock. His thick cock had a big round head with clear sweet precum

I'm coach to several of the Neighbors teenagers.
They love my mouth action...and so do some of their dads.

Now that Don't Ask Don't Tell bill has passed, I was inspired to write a story about how a Recruiting Officer should respond to this action.  Go to this story and enjoy. DON'T ASK, DON'T TELL. 

Clean my cock off buddy. 
 I just came and need it cleaned off before I fuck the next guy.

Would you like to practice on my cock?
I've been instructed to brake-in a few of you young studs

Fuck Yeah!  I'm glad they changed the rules on DODT
 Now I can get my cock sucked every day.

You really want to set on my cock? 
 That sounds cool.

I continued sucking my Master’s cock hoping to please him once more. He stopped me for a moment and then instructed me to take the used rubber and place my tongue into the open end and taste his cum. I did as he instructed. I leaned my head back and sucked the cum from the condom and drank it down. It was just a sweet as his other cum, except for a slight taste of the condom. He was very aware of my actions and seemed awed at the way I savored and eagerly swallowed the cum from the used condom.

Just more pictures for you to enjoy.
You can fuck me right now, but hurry before our other brother comes home. So nice to have such horny brothers.  Boy. if Dad only knew, or does he?

I was taking a short cut through the alley, when I was attack by this hot man.  Damn.  He fucked me last week too and told me to stay out of his territory.  I guess I'll never learn. (He.He.) 

The Kiss.

Won't you join us Sir?
We were just trying out some new moves.

Are you sure this is what we were supposed to do at a
Tail Gate Party, and why are those guys lining up behind me?They are some of my buddies that are going to fuck your ass full of stud cum.

I'm horny for some hot ass.

I like to fuck young boys ass on the back of a truck.

I'll teach this young cadet a thing or two.
 Just line up for your turn.

When you said you were class instructor I didn't know I was to get fucked every day.  But you know what, Sir?  I love this class better than most.

We won't need any lube, Sir.
 I still have some cum left in my hole from my other instructor. 

I don't think my date will put out for me,
so I'll fuck you before I go.

Oh daddy, Fuck my ass. 

Here is a tasty fresh load for you. 

Yummy.  Your ass is so sweet.
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BJ at GH, Fireman returns to get sucked again.

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