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Nothing better than a guy who understands your needs and just eases off sucking you as you cum, so you can just relax and enjoy unloading into his mouth until you’re done feeding him your load.

                                                             AWESOME FUCK


Peter North Getting Fucked
 by one of his students.

Deep throating a nice size cock.

Watch this guys face. 
 He is really enjoying a good blow job.
Sorry the picture isn't better.

Straight Guy Jacking Off on the train.

Nice body and cock. 
Too posed, but he does have a nice cock.
 How'd you like to take them one up the hole?
This is a gif and it goes on and on, but hot.
Get that ass hole ready for your dick.
This is very sexy.
 This cock sucker really knows how to suck cock.
Wish more gays could suck like this one.
 Good movie but not very long. I wish there was more to this.
Like to go camping with these two.
Good GH Gif.
He looks like he is afraid the guy might bite him.
This looks like Father and son. 
Pool boy? Kind of skinny.

Must be the other side of the GH.
Hunky body.
Now he looks like he likes to suck cock.
Big nice cock. 
 Hope the guy does him well.

Beg for it. If you want my cum, beg for it.

O.M.G. look what I found. 
Get down on your knees and worship.

was so sexually energized at this instant, that I reverently positioned myself on my knees before him. I slightly tugged at his boxer short and gently slid them over his hard muscular hips, over his buttocks, and to the floor.

His masculine structure stood towering over me as I gazed at his naked body for the first time. His cock had to be at least 12 to 13 inches long and bigger around than my wrist. How could I make love to such a gigantic male organ? I was mesmerized at the magnificence of such a perfect cock. I was awed at the presents of my mentor and master. My body trembled. I leaned forward just to inhale his musky body aroma, and then kissed his awesome manhood. I gently cupped his low hanging hairy balls in my hand and kissed them with reverence. His cock began to harden and rise. I took his large cock in both hands and directed it to the tip of my tongue to savor the sweet pearly-white communion he presented to me. I licked around the tulip formed cock head and then searched for the presents of smegma under his protective foreskin. He sighed with pleasure and I was pleased.

I continued my cock worshiping rituals as he sat on the nearby sofa chair enjoying my lovemaking. His cock stiffened even more as I swirled my tongue underneath his foreskin. Soon the cock head projected itself for more pleasure from my cock sucking. I gripped his penis with one hand and guided it into my mouth, sucking it down as far as I could manage. I feared I would not get him to climax with my cock sucking., no matter how good I was. I had to find another way to please him, but I wondered if I could take his cock into my small orifice. I had to try. I wanted to please Jack, no matter what I had to do. I moistened his cock the best I could then I straddled his hips and positioned my ass over his cock. He opened his eyes for the first time and looked at me.

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