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Prison Guard, Part 04


Part 4, 

More to come.
I had been so engrossed watching Joe enjoy his first boy fuck, that I hadn’t noticed one of the men from the night crew standing quietly inside the cell, cock in hand, and obviously ready for some action.
Joe withdrew his cock, sat back and rubbed Mike’s ass once more, before he got off the cot. It wasn’t until then that he noticed the other guard standing by. Joe picked his towel up off the floor, looked over at me, sheepishly nodded and left the cell.

The guard was an older man about 45 years old, toting a big thick cock and an extremely large set of low hanging balls. I was getting hard again, as I gazed at his thick cock. He told Mike to turn over on his back. The guard lifted Mike’s firm legs and slowly put the tulip shaped head of his cock into his hole. This cock was thicker than either Joe’s or mine, and it took a bit of manoeuvring until it started to slide in. Even though Mike was filled with lubricating cum, he had to take him slowly. Finally the huge cock eased into Mike’s fuck hole. I had to get closer to watch.

The cum juices were oozing out from around the big cock. I could not resist putting my face right at the base of his ass where the cock was sliding in and out. I started licking the tasty juices of 3 loads of cum. I licked his big hairy balls savouring all the juices and body sweat. He started pumping faster and faster. He started cumming and more cum juices were oozing out of Mike’s hole like a leaky faucet.

Mike moaned as he starting shooting his cum between their bodies. There were the sounds of heavy breathing and passionate kissing between the guard and Mike. I got excited while jacking my cock and squirted my cum on the guard’s back. It streamed down his back to mingle with his own cum around Mike’s ass hole.

After a brief pause and a deep breathing from both, the guard slowly withdrew his monstrous cock from Mike’s love canal. I reached for my nearby towel to wipe some of the cum and sweat from their bodies. The guard got up from the cot, kissed Mike on his forehead and headed for the showers. I took another look as the guard’s thick uncut cock as he was about to pass me. He squeezed out some of his remaining cum from his cock, rubbed his wet member on my face, winked and left the cell.

I crawled up next to Mike on the cot as he curled up next to me. I kissed him on the cheek as he drew me closer to his lips for a soft sweet kiss. 

Thank you for bringing your friends over. I love to get fucked and never seem to get tired of men plowing my ass. That last guy reminded me of one of my uncles, and the fuck sessions we use to have together. What a fantastic thick cock. I loved the hairy chest and the feel of his big balls as they hit my ass. I hope you can arrange for him to come back again.”
You’re a damn good fucker, too. I love the feel of your cock in my body. You know when you were fucking me I came without touching myself. Your cock hits my prostate just in the right places and causes me to come. I hope we can do this more often. Man, you’re a hot dude. I want more of you and Max,” Mike said, smiling contentedly.

I was tempted to stay curled up next to Mike and go to sleep, but knew I would be in deep shit if I were found in bed with an inmate. I reluctantly put on my shorts and headed back to the showers. Mike had fallen asleep and looked so great laying there in the nude. I knew I’d be back for more of that ass later.

I had to get ready for my shift. Max had gone home for the night, but would be back later for the day shift. Joe had finished showering and was in his uniform making some coffee in the lounge. He looked as hot in his uniform as he did out of it. Well, maybe not quite, but he did look sexy. When he saw me, he nodded as though nothing had happened.

As I sat in the locker room putting on my uniform I overheard a couple of the men talking about some special session that was planned this next week. Apparently like the Warden was going for a trip and the Assistant Warden would be taking charge while he was away. I understood there was to be a special drill in one section of the jail, and only a few inmates and guards would be participating. The guards didn’t appear to know anyone else was in the locker room, and they were speaking in hushed tones. I couldn’t hear all that they were saying but it must have been something really special. I would have to remember to ask Max about it when I saw him this morning.

I finished dressing and was having some breakfast in the guard’s mess when I saw Max coming into the room. He went through the breakfast line and came over to my table to join me.

Hey, Partner. Ready to knock a few heads today or shall we just take it easy and spend some quality time in the storage room?” Max quietly said, watching for my response.

What ever you say. You’re the boss, but the quality time sounds pretty good. Who did you have in mind? By the way, I went to visit Mike during the night. He’s a damn good fuck. Sorry your weren’t there.”

Yeah, isn’t he though? So, you like that little dude huh? Well there’s more where that one came from. We’ll have to try a few more as the new ones arrive. I have scheduled us to check in some of the new arrivals this week, so we can get us some fresh boys before they get ruined by some of these fucken bruisers in here. I like to make them bend over so I can check out some of their virgin ass holes, but some of the used ones aren’t too bad either. It’s good to humiliate some of the smart-ass punks when they first arrive. I can be a real bastard at times,” Max grinned.

We sat in the mess hall and sipped our coffee before taking our run for the day. Max wasn’t hard to get along with and was very open about his sexual desires. He liked to pretend that he was a bastard but that was all an act. I liked Max. He was as considerate as he was hot. I was not usually one to get my ass fucked but if Max told me to bend over, I wouldn’t hesitate for a minute.

I asked Max what was brewing this week while the warden was out of town. He looked at me in surprise, and asked how I knew about that. I told him about the conversation I overheard, but that I didn’t understand everything they were talking about. He looked at me very seriously and said I was not to speak of it to anyone and he would let me in on what was happening later on.  We finished our coffee and headed out to work our assigned duties.

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Story By Dick Clinton
10/24/2005.  Word Count 1,272

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