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Prison Guard, Part 03


Part 03, Sharing
Another guard happened to be showering at the same time I was. We briefly spoke, and then I dried myself off, went to my locker, and put on a pair of boxer shorts. I headed to the TV room where I had planned to watch a bit of television before taking a nap, when the same dude that shared the shower with me earlier came into the room. He only had a towel around his waist, as he sat next to me on the couch in the back of the room.

Hey, my name is Brian. I’m training with Max.” I said as I offered my hand to him.

Yeah. Nice to meet yea. The name’s Joe. I’m usually on the day shift, but I’m filling in for one of the graveyard shift bulls while he’s on vacation. It’s my first time on this shift and I thought it might be a good chance for me to get more experience. I think there’s more going on in the daytime, so this will probably be a rest for me. 

I just split with my girl last week after I caught her screwing another dude. The bitch was getting boring anyway.” Then Joe laughed and scratched his crotch.

She’ll miss my 8 inch cock after a while. I felt like shoving it right up his ass, but he might have enjoyed it too much.” Then we both laughed.

He might have. Nothing like a good tight ass even if it is a dude.” I said without thinking.

Joe laughed and scratched his nuts again. We sat quietly for a brief moment then Joe said.

Never fucked a man’s ass before. Heard some of the guys talking about it in the locker room one day, but never actually tried it. Have you ever done it?”

Wow! I thought to myself”, this seemed almost too easy. Joe was really a hot, macho-looking guy, probably about 26 or 27. He had a great tan, and his body was well developed with solid looking abs. His hair was a dark blond and had sparkling greenish blue eyes. His tan made his white teeth really show up. I had noticed his larger-than-normal uncut cock and his firm hairy balls when we were in the shower. He rubbed his cock again through the white towel wrapped snugly around his 32-inch waist. I thought I could see a slight movement from the mound at his crotch.

Yeah,” I finally replied. “I fucked my younger brother’s ass when I was a teenager. It was pretty good too. Came in handy when I couldn’t get any pussy.”
You actually fucked your brother’s ass? Shit that would come in handy. How old were you?”

Oh, it started when I was just a fucking horny teenager. I got stoned one night during a party, and when I came home he was fast asleep on the bed. It was a warm night and he was sleeping naked. His sweet bare ass was looking so good that my dick automatically sprung into action. He looked better than the chick I had been fucking at the time. I lay down next to him, and began rubbing his soft round buns. He awoke, but didn’t push me away. I quickly stripped down and mounted his pretty little ass, and fucked the hell out of him. Whoopee! It was so good that we did it regularly after that. I don’t know how many times we’ve done it over the years, but we still get together when he comes home from college. He’s a hot little piece of ass, I tell yea.”

Fucken hot, man. I have to admit I have seen some hot looking young men in the cell blocks that I wouldn’t mind plugging.” He laughed nervously as he readjusted his obviously growing dick.

Looks like we both could use some ass tonight from the looks of that hard cock.” I said as I freed my erect cock from the confines of my boxer shorts.

Joe’s eyes quickly darted from my eyes to my cock and back to my eyes again.

I reached over and gave his hard cock a squeeze. He didn’t seem to mind, or at least he didn’t push my hand away.

You know what Joe? I think I know a way we might be able to take care of both our problems tonight.

I think there might be some hot ass we could both enjoy. That is, if you’re willing to have some fun so we can get our ‘nut’. What do you say? Want to come along with me and check something out?” I said as I slowly stood up, trying not to scare him off with my cock sticking out practically in his face.

Come on Joe. Let’s have some fun. I know where we can get some action, and not have to worry about anyone knowing. Follow me!”

I headed down the hall towards Mike’s cell, as Joe slowly got up from the couch and sheepishly followed me. When we got to Mike’s cell, there lay this beautiful blond boy on the cot just as I had seen him earlier. His round firm buttocks were so inviting. The soft light beamed across his perfect young body making him look almost angelic. My mouth started to water as I thought of sticking my tongue into his boyish ass hole to taste some of Max’s remaining cum, but I decided to go slow before I became too kinky in front of Joe. I knew once he got over his fear of this being a ‘queer thing,’ he was going to get some of the best pleasure of his straight life.

Joe looked at Mike’s desirable young body and then backs at me.

I don’t know about this,” he whispered. “Do you really think it’s ok? He might yell out.”
No, it’s ok. He is my partner’s boy toy. Max said I could use him any time I wanted and tonight, I want to.” I said as I quietly opened the cell door. Joe followed me in.

I reached my hand down to touch Mike on the shoulder so not to frighten him from his sleep. Mike turned quickly at my touch, but when he recognized me, he looked around and smiled and then he looked over at Joe and nodded.

Hi Mike. I’ve brought along a friend.

Joe stood by the bed. His towel had fallen from his waist to the floor, and his 8-inch cock stood straight out. I sat on the bed and motioned for Joe to come closer. First he nervously placed his hand on Mike’s back and then moved down to his round firm buttocks. His eyes hungrily explored Mike’s firm body. Joe’s strong hands gently stroked Mike’s buttocks then his finger went for Mike’s butt crack.

I put my hands on Mike’s buttocks and gently parted his ass cheeks. Mike moved his legs farther apart. I wet my fingers and moved them farther down the crevice, until one finger eased into the tight brown anus. Mike moaned slightly. Joe was trembling with excitement as he placed his finger to Mike’s butt hole next to mine.

Oh my god,” Joe whispered. “This is so hot. Man my cock is hard as a rock. Shit. I hope I don’t cum too quickly. What do we do now? Are you going to stick that big cock of yours into that tight little hole? Fuck man. He’ll never be able to take this cock,” he said as he surprisingly took hold of my cock. I leaned forward to kiss Mike’s ass and licked his butt crack. Joe watched carefully as my tongue slowly licked up and down the butt crack then deeper into the fuck hole.

Mike spread his legs further and sighed softly. Then I went for it, and buried my face right into Mike’s waiting ass. I was hoping to find some of Max’s cum he had deposited in Mike’s ass earlier tonight when he fucked him in the storage room. There it was. I pushed my face and tongue in as deep as I could, then sucked a small bit of the juices from Mike. It was warm and sweet. 

Oh yeah.” Mike softy moaned out. “Eat my ass. Get it nice and wet so you can fuck me. I need your cock up my ass, Daddy. Eat my ass. Ummm. That’s so good.” Mike continued to enjoy my tongue fucking as Joe watched me rimming this hot young man.

Joe was so hot now that he was wildly pounding away at his dick. One hand was rubbing Mike’s buttock as I tongue fucked the sweet ass hole. I pulled my face from Mike’s sweet tasting hole to crawl between his legs and positioned my cock at the entrance to Mike’s moist wanting ass hole. Joe reached over and grasped my hard cock.

I need more lube, Joe. Wet me down.” I said as I pulled Joe’s head closer to my cock. Joe resisted as I forced his head to my cock. I rubbed my dick head to his lips until he finally gave in. Joe wrapped his soft moist lips on the head of my cock and went down on me, wetting and sucking on my cock. He pulled my moistened cock from his mouth and guided it to Mike’s ass crack.

He guided my cock close to the moist ass hole and slowly placed my cock head into Mike. It was still so warm and moist, making it easier for me to slide right into him. Mike sighed with pleasure as I buried my cock all the way to my balls on the first try. Joe moved around behind me for a better view, and caressed my balls while my cock plunged in and out of Mike’s hole.
I spread my legs so that Joe had a perfect view of my cock sliding in and out of Mike’s ass. His hands held onto my balls as he cautiously placed his finger along side my cock and slid it into Mike’s ass hole along with my cock. This made me even hotter knowing Joe was enjoying his first man-to-man encounter.

Mike’s body moved in rhythm with mine. I felt my balls tighten with pleasure, and I released an incredible load. It made it even more exciting knowing Joe was watching me empty my cum into Mike’s sweet ass. I gasped a few times with pleasure then leaned into Mike to gush out my last few squirts of cum. Joe was going crazy beating his cock. He moved closer, ready to use Mike’s ass for his own pleasure. I slowly pulled my wet cum slick cock out of Mike to give Joe room. He immediately mounted his butt and put his cock deep into Mike and moaned with pleasure.

Ohhhhh fuck. This is so fucking hot. I can feel your warm sperm gushing around my cock. It feels so good. Man, you shot a big load. I can feel it oozing out onto my balls.” Joe said as he frantically pumped away.

Oh fuck. I think I’m going to cum. Oh fuck! Fuck! Take that cock baby; take my hot fucking load, Oh fuck! This is the best. Ohhhh Yeah.”

Joe continued to rough fuck at Mike’s ass. Each time he would pull all the way out, then ram it all the way in with deep hard plunges. Mike was backing into his cock just as hard. This wild plunging kept up for a few minutes until Joe had emptied his load into Mike. Then he leaned over the boy almost falling on him. He placed his head near Mike’s face and gasped for air.

Story by  Dick Clinton at
Edited by Dale M. 10/24/2005, Word Count, 1,975.

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