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Prison Guard, Part 02

Prison Guard

The Nightstick, Part 02

Max caressed Mike’s firm, “bowling ball” butt then wiped his thick moist semi-hard cock on it. He gave Mike a slap on the ass and motioned for him to go back to his quarters. I headed back to the lockers to pick up my clothes and get ready for the next shift, while Max headed out the other door toward the shower area. His cock was still dripping juices from his recent fuck as he walked down the short hallway to the showers. He passed me as I sat on the bench next to the lockers and playfully punched me on my shoulder.

Whoopee ! ! I’ve been looking forward to fucking that pup since I spotted him outside the warden’s office. I’m glad I got to him before some of those ass holes in lock-up stretched his man pussy. Hey, Brian, you’ve got a good size hunk of meat there. I know he will enjoy your stud cock up his sweet hole. Whoopee ! !” Max called out once again as he turned on the showers.

I had to laugh at his ranting. Max seemed like a pretty decent guard, and I just assumed that he messed around, but it took me by surprise that he was so open about it. He was the last person I’d expected to find fucking a guy. I knew he was married and had a couple of kids, but I guess you can’t always assume because a man is married that he doesn’t like a good piece of young male ass now and then. I think this job is going to have its rewards after all. I felt like I could now relax more around Max and be more open about my sexual desires. Hopefully, sometime Max and I would have a more intimate sexual contact.

The night went smoothly in the control room where we gathered after making our rounds. The room was above the cell blocks where we could keep watch on the prisoners during lock-up. After ‘lights out’ the place quieted down, and there were only a few moans and suggestive calls before everyone fell asleep. You could see a few men moving around in their cells, either using the ‘shitter’, reading with a small flash light or joining their cell buddy for a satisfying fuck, blow job, or jack off session. Everyone knew what was going on but we looked the other way, as long as there wasn’t any real danger developing. The men needed to relieve their tension and this was a good way as any to do it.

Max had made arrangements for our new punk boy, Mike, to have a private cell close to our area. Mike had a job in the prison office so the idea of him having this cell was not even questioned. Most of the other guards knew what Max was arranging, but didn’t know I was being included as well. I was just getting horny thinking about it and thought I would check on Mike right after I got off my shift tonight. I was looking forward to fucking his young hot ass.

I was about to take another quick check around the cell block before I got off, when I saw Larry, one of the other guards, on one of the TV monitors as I left the control room. I think he was heading for the prison hospital, and since I was heading the same way, I would check him out and get acquainted.

Larry was one of the newer guards, hired just a few weeks before I came aboard. He was a well-built man, who appeared to be about 30. I hadn’t had much personal contact with him because we always seemed to be working different hours. We had worked out at the gym together and although I hadn’t yet seen him naked, I had already checked out his firm ass and the large package beneath his workouts. He had a nice face with a square jaws, semi-wavy blond streaked hair, deep brown eyes, and a straight set of pearly whites. I never saw him smile much and he always presented himself as a serious man who was in control.

I took my time checking out each door on the way toward the hospital wing when I passed by the doctor’s office. I was surprised at what I saw. Leaning over one of the steel operating tables was Larry, with his uniform pants down past his buttocks and one of the other guards was pounding the hell out of his ass. He was showing no mercy to Larry as he shoved his cock in him. I couldn’t tell right away if the guard fucking him had a large cock or not. Larry was grimacing as he held onto the opposite side of the steel table. Whether it was hurting him or he was just enjoying it he was taking it like a man. The other guard plunged in hard pulling his cock almost all the way out then ramming it back in. He would slap Larry’s ass cheeks repeatedly until they were rosy red.

My cock quickly got hard watching the action-taking place before me. I had placed myself close enough to see them, yet they could not see me. A wall mirror gave me a good view of the other side of the action. I didn’t want to interrupt them, nor did I want to embarrass Larry, so I remained quietly in the hallway. My balls ached with excitement, and I could not resist pulling my cock out of my uniform to masturbate. I was so engrossed in watching the hot man sex that I was unaware of being observed by someone in the shadows. He quietly entered the hallway and reached for my hard cock. I nearly jumped out of my skin and instinctively reached for my club.
What the fuck?” I thought, as this man quickly dropped to his knees with his hand circling my cock.

Then he quietly said to me. “Don’t panic! Don’t panic! I am just going to help you out here Sir.”

He went down on my cock, causing me to gasps with sudden pleasure.
I grabbed his head so he would not get away but gave him enough room to manipulate my cock and continued giving me a great blow job. I hadn’t had a chance to see his face but at this point I didn’t even care who he was. He was a great cocksucker and I was horny so I could care less. I immediately started to fuck his face. He had managed to release my big hairy balls from my uniform pants and was holding them in one hand as his hot mouth was servicing my juicy cock.

I turned once more to give my attention to the action in the office as my unknown cocksucker was pleasing me. I was still so hot watching Larry get his firm muscular ass fucked. By this time Larry’s ass fucker had pulled his cock out of him and was jacking himself off. He had a good size cock and I knew why Larry was making such a face as he was getting fucked.

The guard had taken Larry’s nightstick from his holder and was rubbing it up and down Larry’s butt crack. After a few swipes up and down his ass, he proceeded to place the end of the stick into Larry’s mouth forcing him to suck on it. The guard then slowly started to put the nightstick into Larry’s ass, forcing him to take it until several inches disappeared up his hole. Larry remained on the table cringing as if in pain. Tears began to roll down his face. I could not understand why Larry put up with this. He was a big strong man and could surely have knocked the hell out of the other guard. I was about to burst open the door and stop the onslaught but Larry gasped with pleasure then started to back into it. He was obviously enjoying the abuse the man was inflicting on him. Once the other guard had the stick in Larry, he started to move it in and out as he continued to jack himself off.

Larry continued to let his ass be used and the expressions of pain turned into pleasure. The other guard was ready to shoot his load as his stroking became faster. He threw his head back and his cock shot load after load of cum on Larry’s back. As his orgasm subsided, he slowly pulled his nightstick out of Larry’s ass. He wiped the soiled nightstick on Larry’s butt, and then wiped the remaining juices from his semi-hard cock on Larry as well. He quickly put his cock back into his pants and slapped Larry one more time on the butt, muttered some obscene words then left the room.

I had become so excited at the exhibit of the ‘man fucking’, that I shot one of the biggest loads of the day into my unknown cock sucker's mouth. I gasped and held his head down on me until he was gagging and gasping for air. I released him as he eagerly took my juices gulping down as much as he could. Not one drop hit his face or the floor. He slurped down my cock and licked some remaining cum from the pubic hair at the base of my cock. He continued to clean my remaining juices and milk down the last drops of sweet cum. He wiped my balls dry with a cloth and quietly left my dick hanging out of my uniform. I was so engrossed with the fucking of Larry and his guard friend, that I hadn’t bothered to see who had just drained the cum from my cock. My unknown friend slipped out of the hall and back into a room just as quietly as he had approached me, took control of my hard cock, to drain me dry, and satisfy my passion.

I looked back into the room to see how Larry was managing his rough ‘man fuck’. Larry was now standing beside the steel table and was pulling up his pants. I saw several clear white puddles of cum on the table where Larry had shot off during the time he had been fucked by his friend. I quickly put my cock back into my pants and placed my nightstick into its halter. I quietly left the area and headed back to the control room to check in before I went back to my bunk. Now I knew more what to expect from Larry and to avoid his guard friend. I wasn’t about to be fucked by a nightstick.

I arrived back to the control room, signed out, and headed back to my area to shower and rest before my next shift. I considered using my new punk boy, Mike, but when I walked by his cell he was fast asleep. Like many of the men, he slept nude. He was on his stomach and his hot round butt was spread out before me just asking for a good fucking. Somehow, I still felt horny. Maybe after a quick shower I would be ready to at least eat some ass hole. Maybe Mike still had some of Max’s cum remaining deep in that sweet ass hole. If so I could get a nice taste of Max as well as some boy juices.

Word count. 1,937 ,- 10/20/2005

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